True Dominance

5 hours ago. Wed 20 Sep 2017 01:09:14 AM IDT

Everyone take no notice now this goes out to the individual who found me on another site.

Fuck you whoever you are I was feeling a slight bit down until your message show your ugly fucking mug on that profile.

Now I'm just pissed the things you said well look in a mirror you horrible piece of shit.

Fuck you again.




To everyone else the friendly people I'm sorry for my out burst but it was warranted.

I've just had to close an account somewhere else because I got an alert of a message I read it and the person responsible for it has hidden themselves from view.

But they commented on my blog here and that's why.

Now I'm going to be pissed off all night.

You whoever you are eat shit.

PS.. My family can see that site and its posts that's why I'm pissed not what was said.

6 hours ago. Wed 20 Sep 2017 12:15:16 AM IDT

Just talk a random thought I'd like to say I'm OK not to worry but we are who we are shit mounts up the same.

Solitude is wonderful for the peace and quiet!
Loneliness is a curse because of the peace and quiet!
Both mean the same but both impact us differently.
Why I'm faced with chills I'll not know.
I'm surrounded by family, friends even good natured people.
I feel low, I feel defeated, I search, I hunt but I don't find.
There in an unreachable distance I see my own kind.
I wave, they wave, I shout, they shout but no sound travels in that wilderness.
I seek companionship, I seek trust, I seek like minded for my lust.
So far away I have no one to play the games that we'd enjoy.
I feel low, I feel defeated, why do I bother getting up anymore.
No one rings, no one texts, no one email's, no one comes to my door.
So why, so why, so why do I try to be so hopeful.
My needs, my wants, my desire where are you.
I hope and pray to powers far beyond my understanding to bring me what I dream.
My life is strange, my life is unusual, my life is what some would say crazy.
I'm not completely bad, I'm not mad, not even unwilling to change, I'm not lazy.
But my mind is like an onion its locked within eye watering layers.
I'll post, I'll text, I'll send an email, I'll even make flyers.
But still nothing tangible, no wants, no needs, no desire.
I feel low, I feel defeated I'm bested, I'm tested, so far from rested.
When will it be my time, when will my happiness come.

Sometimes even the strongest will's can feel this I hide this side the best with fake smiles unenthusiastic nods unnoticed laughs I blend and no one see's this.
No one see's because no one wants to.
Men as dominant as me we don't share our toy's and for a lot that goes for feelings to.
I had to evolve beyond myself my emotional side wasn't a myth but how I used to lock things inside well that was legend.
Insight helps me grow as a person, as a Dom.
I hope you understand why I've wrote this and not question why.
I'm safe, I'm secure I'll endure.
Some days just get you down.
Play safe.

17 hours ago. Tue 19 Sep 2017 01:17:58 PM IDT

I think that we are its a pondering thought you only have to look and there it is.

A slave to work, a slave to life.

We're enslaved to each other in a way that's hard to comprehend we need that connection I'm a highly dominant male which can make me hard to live with.

I should really say that I'm more animal than human because I'm territorial.

So anyone who meets my needs I'm enslaved to them and them to me.

Slaves to society we need money to live we need jobs to get money.

Its a never ending cycle it will go on and on and then repeat itself.

So my point is if we're already all slaves to something and everything then our role play is a slave driving a slave?

Please if anyone wishes to comment further then reply I like to think things through and would like your opinions.

Play safe.


1 day ago. Tue 19 Sep 2017 03:05:08 AM IDT

Thank you for your positive words I know with each of the true believers that what I speak sings a cord.

I hope my insight helps.

I write so others can learn of me my mistakes and try not to repeat them.

My failure's are mine but by me sharing someone else may not make the same mistake.

We all fall into traps, scams, cons its catching them, their are people on this site that I've caught at whatever gratification their hunting at our expense. Its sick to use us and even sicker that the picture they use as their own isn't them.

What kind of reject would use another persons photos not only is it wrong but disgusting.

I can deal with the inexperienced, the newbies, the uneducated, the insecure what I can't deal with is the corruption of those sick individuals they poison the well leaving only disease in their wake they spoil the future of d/s, m/s, r/p and all the other acronym's.

Because of these individuals we gain the bad reputation its not us that's off its them.

This was just supposed to be a quick one but its turned more of a rant, its just that these people piss me off. 

This site is by design a meet possibly a greet we discuss ourselves our kinks we learn the rules we play and we keep safe.

When invaders come on here after whatever gratification our safety has become compromised our information that's private to our community is used and misused.

I wont go on any more my pillows are calling.

Be honest, have respect, play safely.

Thanks to all.

1 day ago. Mon 18 Sep 2017 03:11:07 PM IDT

Right as above states.

I am an addict that's what we say in meetings.

I am an alcoholic that's what we say in meetings.

I am clean I am sober have been since 2009 its hard only some of the time but I'm such a fucking control freak that I can't go to oblivion and beyond anymore.

My personality won't allow it.

I've been to prison I've done my time for a crime I don't claim innocent I was guilty and that's the plea I entered don't ask for I'll not tell unless we either become Master & Sub/s then its full disclosure or we become friends.

My life was upside down from well since I was a child that what happened made me, me.

Again as above won't explain.

My nature is dark, my nature is light my mind is a mixture of both I may be thinking of pleasing thoughts but my smile will be wicked.

I finally sorted myself out I'm at a good place a great place in life.

I'll not take shit from anyone no matter what, I'll stand up for anyone also unless you fuck me off then your on your own.

I'll answer any question unless I state not yet but eventually I give account to it.

I'll give only what I can I'll not make promises that I can't keep.

If you find my blog as an eye opener then I have achieved what I set out to do.

This is me take it, leave it, I don't mind either.

I'm real, I'm honest, I don't need to be anything but me.

This my life, my choice, my way of thinking those that will not can not accept that well I don't have to talk to you, you don't have to read this and if you have why!!

My interest in this is my reasons everyone has them maybe not as deeply dark rooted as me or maybe darker but just the same.

Anyway that's me.

Play safe.

6 days ago. Wed 13 Sep 2017 11:35:07 AM IDT

Again thanks to all for the positive feedback.

I've read some more blogs and I have to say there is a very diverse setting a bit not my thing but if that's you then cool you know you, you like, love what it is that does it for you.

Others well we learn from failure its what helps us do it right the next time.

The goal I find worth achieving everyday is communication thats not a criticism on anyone we are what we are faults, warts, six toes and all.

We live, we breathe, we play, we learn we're not perfect we're just try to get to the other side of the road without being run over by life.

Anyway people thanks again.

Play safe.


1 week ago. Tue 12 Sep 2017 10:10:25 PM IDT

I have hopes, I have dreams, I love to hear my sub's screams.

I chase them, I catch them, I chain them, I'll not release them.

At my feet pleading eyes begging me with unheard words please... Please....please.....

They say.

Master I'm yours.

A smile is my only reply.

I lead them, I tease them, I whip them, they cry.

Now I see hunger I bring them to heel, I'll not give them release and they know why.

I am Master I own you, your heart, your body, your mind, your very soul.

Now she speaks one word YES that's it, a whisper on quivering lips I've achieved my goal!!!

Hope you like it everyone.

Play safe.


1 week ago. Tue 12 Sep 2017 01:30:53 AM IDT

Just when you think I'm happy right now life reminds you its a bitch.

I'll tell you sometimes no news is fucking grand.

I wish today was one of them days.


1 week ago. Mon 11 Sep 2017 06:26:30 PM IDT

I'll start with this isn't a put down to anyone!!!

I've been reading some blogs from Dom's/Sub's/Switches and others.

I have to say there are a lot of people not knowing what they want or not getting what they want.

And then there's the ones that frankly I'll say it YOUR ON THE WRONG SITE!!!!!

But back to the wants that's all people. I'm not going to pity anyone of you because that's belittling you and that's wrong.

I do hope the Dom's that are good people find their sub's you deserve to be happy so toe dippers don't apply to them.

Also the Sub's vet your potential Dom don't do shit for them unless their willing to meet your needs too. No internet, no phone calls, no nothing its a two way relationship.

Also I feel I have to put this in you others the trans and such believe me I'm not being disrespectful here I just don't know the terms. Don't put up with the shit you've been getting and those that were giving it I'll say this fuck you.

Each of us is a person each of us has suffered each of us wants what we want so it takes time and sometimes its not a week or a month its years.

Don't settle if its not right I've done vanilla that shit don't work you are always looking for more than they can give you just end up with broken hearts.

Find him or her or whatever as long as its lawful who out there should care. You shouldn't let anyone say your a deviant and if they do just tell them to fuck off. 

You are what you are love it because no matter if your straight/bi/gay/Dom/sub/switch/trans or whatever else is out there you deserve respect your hearts are pure and you shine with beauty.

All the jerks that contact you asking this or that but not giving in return are just jerking off at your expense. That shit isn't right be proud stand up straight and give the Ill fitter's the big old finger.

Only whip when you have!

Only submit when you have!

Only obey when you have! 

Only control when you have!

The right person for you.

Play safe.


1 week ago. Sun 10 Sep 2017 03:57:08 PM IDT

I wish to say to all that if anyone has questions or their new or just want to talk then message me.

I'm happy to help anyone a good community helps each other.

Play safe.