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Experiences and observations from a Sir.
2 years ago. November 2, 2021 at 6:12 AM

This is an odd post.  Pull up a seat to the bar.  I've had the pleasure of a few submissives over the years. Some just ended because of work or life in general.  This one is different or so I thought . When you find an intelligent sub that you connect,  you get attached even though that may not have been your intention.  While in a D/s relationship with me, a submissive expressed that she would be pursuing a relationship outside of the D/s realm with another, but still wants the D/s play with me. Have you run into this scenario?  I wish I could say the scenario doesn't bother me at all, but there's that small hint of irritation. This new scenario makes me want to try to view the D/s play as an arrangement that exists soley to satisfy our D/s needs.  The worst part is when you are told by the submissive, the suitor or lady suitor has heard about our D/s play and has started reading up on the subject. Unlike the sub, I immediately think once the suitor finishes reading, they will want to try out their new knowledge.  A newbie, an inexperienced Dom will want to copycat the play with the submissive and I think, all the training I have given will probably go straight to hell. Thoughts?  LOL

The ideal scenario of course is to find that one who has a desire to enjoy D/s and one day maybe would like to be exclusive or even collared. The sites are full of people with fakes or robots after your financial info.   I've dated and cautiously approached the D/s subject. Surely, it would be easy to find a person with a desire and need for D/s, but in certain rural areas of the country, its just not that easy to find. Usually you get a strange look of disbelief of the topic if you bring it up while watching a movie or show that mentions the subject. My favorite is when you playfully spank her ass during sex and you either get stunned silence........, immediate stoppage of sex or you hear "don't ever do that again" followed by laughter and  "no really, don't ever do that again".  I wonder on a rare occasion, is my D/s desire, want and need important enough to me to pass up a nice, sweet person who has zero interest in the D/s. Can you extinguished the Dom burning inside of you? 


Satindragon{N/A} - From my prospective neither a Dom nor submissive can smother their inner desires. You are on the money about small town USA. Try asking a man to swat your ass. Some might do it once, but they aren’t going to make it red. Then they get all guilty for leaving a red mark.

I can certainly understand your feelings. Just don’t give up. There is someone out there who seeks what you crave.
2 years ago
ButterfliesAndCuffs​(sub female){Caught} - I’ve never been in the situation you’re in, but I’d probably feel the same way you do. Was this always a relationship where monogamy wasn’t expected? Is the relationship with your submissive only sexual? I mean is she looking for a dating type relationship with the D/s and you haven’t been interested in that so she’s pursuing it with someone else?
In previous discussions with potential doms (that never worked out), I’ve had them be open to me dating other men BUT no other doms. That’s not really for me anyway but made sense.
2 years ago
ThatsSirTou​(dom male) - The monogamy wasn't expected to a point. The fact that others would not include D/s was expected.
2 years ago

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