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Expression of my thoughts, feelings, and me growing to love my side I kept hidden.
8 months ago. Sep 9, 2019, 8:56 PM

Hands tied to the bed rails. Legs tied splayed open. A opaque scarf covering your eyes, blocking out all light. Ear plugs suppressing all sounds but the beat of your heart in your body. It is racing in anticipation while you are laying, waiting, unsure what is going to happen. Your skin is sensitive in its uncertain vulnerability. First you smell him, that spicy smell of his cologne. There is a brush of cold air across your thigh. You gasp at the sensation. A soft trailing tickle up the other thigh. You moan only able to feel. A tongue dips into your navel. You strain against your bonds. A cold air blows a straight line up your stomach to your chest. A icy wetness appears and trails over your naked breast. Water drips slowly down resting on your nipple. A warm wet tongue lazily licks it off. The coldness makes a path back down between your breasts...down your stomach...across your pubic bone, then stops, and is removed. You wait, wondering what is next. Ice cold fingers flick your clit. You pant and moan. Slow leisurely strokes drive you out of your mind. Then his fingers disappear. You can feel his breath in what you assume is a chuckle against your thigh. He enjoys teasing you. Not giving you what you crave. Knowing you are helpless and all you can do is feel. Then heated breath appears close to your clit, you wait, not daring to breath, wondering when his warm tongue will touch you. What does he plan to do to you? All you can do and lay there and be a slave to tactile sensations. Daddy is in complete control and you are subject to his every whim and desire. Are you willing to relinquish all power and just feel?





LILBRATTYASEVENX​(sub male){ProudBBW} - That was hott. Just like you said A++ for imagery
8 months ago

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