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Your Privacy & THE CAGE

By Villanelle​(staff)     10/10/2017 2124
One of our users recently posted about privacy and THE CAGE's searchability on Google and other search engines. Some of you may also wonder about the privacy of your profiles and content you post on THE CAGE. Here's where we stand:

THE CAGE's default setting is to be open and transparent, creating what we believe is a friendly and inviting community. We are BDSM/kink/sex/fetish positive and hope that our openness will not only encourage self acceptance, but acceptance of BDSM generally in the greater society.

That being said, we understand not everyone wants to or is able to be completely open. We will be offering more tools as we go along that will help to control your privacy, including options to limit viewing of blog posts and your profile to registered users, friends, or to go completely private.

We have more general info about privacy in our Community Standards, which everyone should read. You can find it at the bottom of each page or just click the link below.