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Power exchange

By JeZZiKa​(sub female)     10/05/2021 191
That moment it really begins

The communication is exchanged

Back and forth

For so so long

You learn the details and intricacies of each other

Wants and needs

Over time

Trust builds and builds

Then it is enough to explore

Trusting one other

As trust is built the connection burns

That electricity

The thought of them sets your soul ablaze

Not just burning with lust

But respect


Cherishing Protection

Giving and taking of pleasure

Of pain

Most importantly consent

Exchanging of souls

Wrapping around each other

A look in their eyes during that moment

When you know surrender is complete and control is taken

Souls connect

The world stops

Time freezes

The moment nothing else exists

The connection of souls

A look of control and protection in one's eyes

A look of surrender and vulnerability in the others

That perfect moment

You feel it all around

It consumes you

No matter which side you are on

The first moment of complete and absolute power exchange

Complete ecstasy of mind, body, and soul

So much exploring to do

To reach heights you've never been

It will be a ride of lust and passion

Pleasure and pain

Intimacy and love

Just imagine what is in store for you both

It has only just begun...

slaveDraconica​(sub female){Not in SVC}
This is AMAZING.. TPE.. I crave that today
10/07/2021 05:52