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Devot masochistic Men
....seeks consequential Femdom Lady ...
allover World !
Age 40 to 55
Ready for triel Time up to .... and fluent take over if you decide....
Relocate if needed, capable and financial self sufficient!
Ready for a real Relationship !

Virgin sub male looking for training
Looking for some one to teach me how to please women and break me to her desires my pleasure means nothing keep me for your self or help train me for my future mistress.
Samuelft1​(sub male)06/20/2018

Any domme females that are near colorado springs
HI I am a submissive bottom boy and I need a strict dominate female to train me own me sissfy me see I am obedient and I love bondage blindfolds spankings toys use anything and fuck me even strapon and I will wear anything you give me to wear and I really want to be fisted I am a good boy and know my place I am in my 40s white average body average looks 176pds good health

New slave
Im a new slave and need a dominant female to teach me and i will obay everything and i will be a good sissy slave
Adam 699​(sub male)06/20/2018

Manchester 31 Male looking for Mistress
Hi I'm David, a 31 year old white British male and I'm looking for a dominant woman to please.

I'm a very honest and caring person. I try to always put others before myself and help when I feel I can.

I'm looking for a Domme to train me and help me understand my submissive side better. I've been attracted to dominant and strong minded women since I was a teenager and am looking for that special somebody to serve.

I understand my role as a sub completely, I'm very polite and always use the manners i was raised with.

I've been on here for a while and am still trying to find the right Mistress to serve.

Thanks for taking the time to read this,

David Bradshaw​(sub male)06/20/2018

looking for an online mistress
Hi girls
Im male 21 and looking for a mistress. Im not looking for anything real or lasting just a mistress who would like to play sometimes. Im thinking of sessions maybe a couple hours long on skype or something. You can tell me what to do and i will obey. Only rules are no exposure to others, no messy stuff like drinking pee or something like that (cum is okey) and no lasting visible marks like writing on my face. Im new in this so pls be patient with me. Maybe if it works out we could move to more domination inbetween sessions. Im looking for a girl between 18 and 28. Pls msg me and we can work out the details.

Seeking a relationship with a mistress

I am a 30 year old sub male looking for a mistress to use and control me. I would live to find someone local but am also interested in an online relationship. I am into chastity, spanking, humiliation and much more. Please message me and I will be happy to answer any of your questions.
Sub Mike​(sub male)06/19/2018

Looking for a mistress
25 Asian sub male looking for a mistress. I am living in Seattle area. Asian mistress is preferred but not limited.

Looking to get to know a female dom.
Because how else will someone care enough to engage with me? I'll try to make a long story short. I got bark and bite but if you handle me right then controlling me isn't that difficult. As long as you're not afraid to hurt/punish me and know it's a good thing for me and not a bad one. We all have our own ways of being handled. Mine's pretty simple. Direct, harsh, firm but fair. But also needing a caring approach at times as well. An even mix of both really. I'm not one to shy away from punishment or/and pain/fear. The reasons why these can be put to constructive and positive use will be apparent once someone starts talking to me about why (suffice to say I know the bad which is how I know how to make it good). You of course will have your own reasons about things and I will want to listen if we take an interest in each other.

Beyond that I want to get to know someone online first. With conversation and "actions". There's two types of roleplay. There's the IC only type which I rarely do (because I'm more then "just a character", as are you) and the more personal type where the typed actions are taken on a more personal level. This is something that can be talked about as well (Though keep in mind I only do 3rd person. Taramafor does X action for example. Not I/you). I do more then roleplay and like to spend time simply talking as well. There should be at least a "chat application" (Discord/Skype for example). I also spend my time on Second Life, F-chat and Furcadia (completely optional with those). If things go well online then naturally we can take things further. I'm looking to be a lifestyle sub. That obviously involves a lot of caring and trust which isn't going to be present until knowing each other so I'll leave it at that until someone take an interest and talks to be about it. The combination of conversation and "actions" is what contributes to making the time for me. Which gives me incentive to express more of an interest in the person doing that and make more of an effort to be there for them.

I'll also add that I have two online doms. Which is just as real and solid as if they were in the same room. The idea of "sharing" a sub might be off putting to someone reading but it was also off putting to one of the doms at first too. I shall say it planely. We all have that fear of neglect because others are present and those others could as easily be things like games, TV, etc. I will not neglect someone that accepts this and doesn't avoid me because I care for others as well. I have the time to spend with another and I wouldn't be making this ad if I didn't think otherwise. There's more to it of course but that's a conversation for later.

I'm also an "adult" type of sub. I need the more mature things. Though I need more then just the act of sex itself as well. I have an F-list (basically a kink list) that might explain some things. Since it's technically contact information I'll leave it out of the ad.
Taramafor​(sub male)06/17/2018

Seeking a single Mistress
I'm seeking a mistress that is strict, caring, loving, understanding and reasonable Mistress/Femdom that wants a relationship. Not a Findom or a mistress that's looking for profit and money. I want a Mistress that monogamous, thats single, and do not have anyone. I am faithful, committed, loyal and passionated. Looking for an Long Lasting/Time Relationship. A Mistress that I can dedicate everything to and care for emotional, spiritual and mental. Distance does not matter. LDR or within driving distance I will prove my worth and hopefully we click and within due time I can be of your service 24/7 within your hands.
Cronaz​(sub male)06/17/2018

I need a Domme
I am a 50 year old white male seeking a Domme. I need to be trained and would enjoy being trained by an experienced Domme. If you are in my area and you are seeking a motivated Sub please contact me.
Roadman0911​(sub male)06/17/2018

Fresh slave boy
Hi I'm a new slave. Ready to own. Needing a home and master my life will be devoted to pleasing you. No limits I'm 20 slim 5'9
SUBboy20​(sub male){None}06/17/2018

My enslavement
Please use and abuse, humiliation . I have a deep desire to be a sissy slut slave. Destroy my manhood by whipping me and fucking me so many times it will be a privilege
Submaid​(sub male){I want a c}06/17/2018

Dear Master,
I am looking for a loving long-distance master up to age 35. I want to be your good little trans boy. I want rules, directions, video calls, and snapchats. Please message me, I am pansexual and open to polyamory.
Love, Staravia.
Staravia​(sub trans ftm){Looking~}06/17/2018

Sub male gay/bi looking for a couple who would like to dominate me
I have never tried this but I could imagine myself in a cuckhold situation. I would like be the cuck and getting to help clean up the Alphas. That said I'm wondering if there is a couple where one or both dominate me. I could participate more in the bedroom but my role would be sub pleasing them both. I might be like a toy they bring to bed.
JackieGirl​(sub trans mtf)06/17/2018

Seeking roleplay partner
Hello, i'm seeking a dominant woman roleplay partner, to play on a regular basis or one time is ok i guess as well.
I have certain fantasies that mostly involve forced cunnilingus / anilingus play, and we can add many other things to it that is interesting for you, just let me know what you would like to include.
If there ia any dom or switch ladies in the same kind of play, please contact me and let' meet.
Ronnierose88​(sub male)06/16/2018

Young 19 year old..
Located in Miami, FL. Young 19 year old stud. Who wants to be a sex slave to an older woman. Whenever she wants me she gets me.. Any fetish satisfied.. No disrespect and nothing disgusting or torturing. Purely sexual and humiliation is fine as long as it’s not overdone.. Contact me, i’m ready NOW.

Chastity cuckold slave for your needs
Lookin for a mean strong strict mistress to keep me in my place and have me pleasure You all the time

Sapiosexual submissive male seeks Dominant Woman or Female Nurse
I seek a dominant woman, or a female nurse, but would prefer a dominant woman that nurses. Stimulate the mind and the body will follow. Educated, former US Army man looking for an ANR or ABN relationship with a woman that isn't afraid to explore intellectually sexuality in a JVP (Joint Venture Partnership).

The greatest orgasms start between the ears, not between the legs, with foreplay and intimate contact touching, words that excite and entice. If you're a woman that knows what she wants from her submissive and are willing to take the next step and introduce yourself. Be respectful, please.
bigbabygentleman​(sub male)06/13/2018

Help misstress that has eyes only for me long term
I am Tim wanting a relationship with a Dom women to use me but also respect me I'll be your little bitch boy I work hard in the security feild I need a wAy to relax and get rid of the persures of my job which is being very dominant over over I might want a valina relationship at 1st