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Looking for a Goddess to worship and be trained nd owned by
I am looking for a Goddess to worship.i am new to this but need to be owned and controlled and this need comes from deep with in my inner most being.i am looking for full time servitude and to be a live in house pet with kenal and all .I am 40 years old technically separated and this is the new life I want to start.i am not looking for a part time mistress I am looking to be owned and to become property to the full extent as a slave is defined.i am not just looking to get off I can do that without a mistress to domanate me altho Sex is desired it is not the soul agenda.right now I live in ukiah and work full time but I will relocate and die to this life I live now and be born aging into the new life my new mistress offers me.i hope to find a mistress that is willing to train me as she sees fit and be proud to let me her slave be branded by her mark.i will serve and worship in regards to all matters in life domestecly as well as sexualy.i am not able nor looking for a online mistress I am looking for the real deal because I am a real slave at heart though I must confess when I say I'm new I mean I'm a complete and utter Virgin to this how do I know that I truly am a slave if I have never lived my life as a slave it is simple by the fact when I started looking in to this life and doing my research it's not a new thing I was stumbling into rather it was the means to which I could identify what's been already inside me all my life only never could describe or explain.i am a musician meaning I play classical music on the piano and I am a personal attendant by professional so just my natural submissive Ness has found its way into my life in some forms or another but I need a real mistress to break me down and remold me into the image she has decided for me to be and become everything that is wanted by a slave I am seeking a live in situation.and no I'm not homeless but I will leave what I do have to serve you if you will have me my hard blood no extreme pain but I do want breath play I feel if I become dependent on you for even the air I breath I will become a better slave a lot quicker but that is only the opinion of a humble slave that lives for your service and with out you to serve life is the same as death own me please
bemymistress707​(sub male)09/20/2017

Young, Intelligent, Masculine Submissive Seeking a Domme
I'm a 20 year old man currently attending college, who has been fascinated by the BDSM lifestyle for years. I'm looking for an outgoing, confident woman who would either like to explore with me, or who has the experience to show me the ropes. I am caring and passionate, always looking to put your happiness first. My profile is sparse right now, but I would be happy to answer any questions you have in a private message. Thank you for your consideration, I look forward to the chance to worship you.
Sal​(switch male)09/19/2017

searching for a patient mistress
im new to the lifestyle and looking for a misstres thats looking for an online sub and who is willing to teach me more about the lifestyle my hard limits are listed on my profile
gmachine​(sub male){dont have }09/16/2017

male sub looking for dominant woman of transgender for LTR
my name is maurice i am a submissive italian male. i am looking for a dominant woman or transgender to serve in a LTR. my interest are bondage, discipline, ankle and wrist cuffs, body, foot, boot and shoe worship, anal worship, oral worship, strapon play, suspension, rope chain and unescapable bondage, forced feminization which i really would like to happen.
i live in Oakland california and i am able to relocate.
my limits are no, blood no scat, no fire or knife play, no children and no animals.
sincerely maurice
Moeice63​(sub male){No}09/16/2017

Looking for 24/7 live in female slave
Looking for painslut,into rough usage and being shared..will train to suit my needs and expectations

Stranger looking for an Adventure!
for more info check my profile

Watch here!
Hey, I am a very curious young slave who really would like a mistress! I hve only one limit and that is vomit! Try me
Jonathan sub​(sub male)09/13/2017

23 year old from New York seeing Domme
Hey, so I'm searching for a woman who loves being dominant in every aspect of the relationship. I love orgasm control, bondage, impact play, water works, choking, etc. Would like to start online but this has potential to move to real life. Please message me if you're interested!

Sub male
I'm 54 single loyal obedient lookingbto serve online at 1st then hopefully real time . I live in a wonderful beautiful place next to a beautiful Lake. I want to share my life with a loving strict woman who enjoys receving oral from a kinky open minded adventurous loyal obedient sub . I can't relocate ad I can't afford to cover the cost of your relocation but I can provide a nice life I own my home and I have a decent job . its a good life but I'm alone .

Looking for LTR
Looking for the longterm D/s relationship. I'm eger to please and very obedient. I follow orders willingly and without hesitation. I Pay close attention to detail. I'm into being used and abused, humiliated, tortured,interrogation,puppy play. Will do any task no matter how ridiculous. Willing to relocate. If this sounds what you want or are looking for please message me. Am eger to be owned and to please
xxCHOKEPOINTxx​(sub male)09/03/2017

yourfacepet would enjoy being your sub
I think femme domme is great although I'm inexperienced. Maybe I'll find my domme in THE CAGE
yourfacepet​(sub male){None}09/03/2017

Searching for a Mistress
Hi, I'm a normal guy living in Tampa hoping to find a caring and patience Mistress, kinda New at this to
Dane Hecate​(sub male)08/31/2017

need insertion tasks
bdsm, huge insertions, locking you name it. need to be punished ;)

Lil aching sissy
Greetings Miss,
im allison, a lil dirty sissy from the styx of iowa. Have been working on and practicing her discipline all in hope.. In hope of being collared and finding a long term relationship with a Miss. Am a very open and giving lil sissy that wants only to adore and worship. And until a sissy is blessed with a Miss seeking to learn all she can to be a better lil fem sissy. Muah!
lil_dirtysugar​(sub gender fluid)08/29/2017

single and seeking a real Goddess. I am seeking long term Domme/sub relationship and etc.
..I live in Belleview Florida , if you are looking for a true submissive please message me, I am single and have been for 2 and a half years, also i am 52 and in good shape. message me anytime.
JayBo1215​(sub male)08/29/2017

Young Asian Male Seeking an Online Mistress
I am only 22 and I am new to this but deep down, I know I am a filthy slave who needs to be owned and trained. I need an authoritative mistress to control me and abuse me online. Although I am not rich and can't financially invest in this, I do own 3 dildos and ropes of different size which can be used on my mistress' order. My arse is also well trained to adapt to different objects.

There are things that I am not yet ready to do, including showing my face, waxing, shaving, any kind of activities that may hurt my body permanently or to do with blood. I can't show you myself outside my bedroom or my bathroom either. However, light BDSM is okay.

Send me a message if you are interested. Mistresses of any age, body type or race are welcomed.

Sub male 47 vancouver Island
Submissive male 47 years old looking for someone to grow with. Live on vancouver island in canada. If local great if not online would be ok as well.

sub/slave male seeks Domme owner
Female Supremacy,M/s,O/p TPE. lowly,inferior,beta male, emotional masochist,inadequate to the normal sexual/romantic charms of intelligent, attractive Women; seeks his only right and proper place as reduced/diminished slave/servant to my Superior Mistress. Hope to find enslavement/ownership to emotion sadist Domme , in Her occurrence that shame,humiliation, degradation are the only deserved slave experience as the price I must pay for the honor and privilege of interacting/serving Mistress's pleasures.
I am single,uninvolved and totally free and at liberty for such a relationship. Prefer to developed to 24/7 live-in.

Seeking 24/7
Seeking Mistress for 24/7 and toilet game...

New sub looking learn about the lifestyle.
Hello im seeking a mistress whom can teach and guide me through the lifestyle. I would be more than willing to learn and obey
Matthew F8​(sub male)08/19/2017