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I'm a 47 year old naughty married man looking to be a sex slave to another women and do anything that will give her orgasms. The only things Slave not willing to do is Pain and Filth. I want to serve and give you countless orgasms. I'm in Bluffdale Utah for 10 more days then I go back to central texas.

Please use me until I'm useless
I'm a 6'2 goth boy in my twenties who wants to be owned and abused. Verbal degradation, and forcing me to do things for your pleasure are my favorite acts. I have always thought that women should own men. Men should be treated as objects for women to use however they want. In time if I developed a relationship with a Dom I would be completely game for findom.
Slade​(sub male)02/22/2018

Very new to all this
I am a submissive male looking for an online mistress to submit to.
Fuckface69​(sub male)02/22/2018

Manchester 31 Male looking for Mistress
Hi I'm David, a 31 year old white British male and I'm looking for a dominant woman to please.

I'm a very honest and caring person. I try to always put others before myself and help when I feel I can.

I'm looking for a Domme to train me and help me understand my submissive side better. I've been attracted to dominant and strong minded women since I was a teenager and am looking for that special somebody to serve.

I understand my role as a sub completely, I'm very polite and always use the manners i was raised with.

I've been on here for a while and am still trying to find the right Mistress to serve.

Thanks for taking the time to read this,

David Bradshaw​(sub male)02/22/2018

Young submissive male
Im 19 years old living in ohio looking for a mistress/keyholder. please message me if you are interested in this. i am 6ft 1in with brown hair and a toned body ( im a swimmer). does not need to be face to face but the closer the better.
Brad McAsly02/18/2018

Searching for a Mistress
Hi, I'm a normal guy living in Tampa hoping to find a caring and patience Mistress, kinda New at this to
Dane Hecate​(sub male)02/17/2018

Really searching for a woman to put me into chastity and feminize me and make me do humiliating things in front of them. I am married, but my wife is open to the idea. Message me to discuss things a little further.
jennathesub​(sub gender fluid)02/17/2018

Looking to get to know a female dom.
Because how else will someone care enough to engage with me? I'll try to make a long story short. I got bark and bite but if you handle me right then controlling me isn't that difficult. As long as you're not afraid to hurt/punish me and know it's a good thing for me and not a bad one. We all have our own ways of being handled. Mine's pretty simple. Direct, harsh, firm but fair. But also needing a caring approach at times as well. An even mix of both really. I'm not one to shy away from punishment or/and pain/fear. The reasons why these can be put to constructive and positive use will be apparent once someone starts talking to me about why (suffice to say I know the bad which is how I know how to make it good). You of course will have your own reasons about things and I will want to listen if we take an interest in each other.

Beyond that I want to get to know someone online first. With conversation and "actions". There's two types of roleplay. There's the IC only type which I rarely do (because I'm more then "just a character", as are you) and the more personal type where the typed actions are taken on a more personal level. This is something that can be talked about as well (Though keep in mind I only do 3rd person. Taramafor does X action for example. Not I/you). I do more then roleplay and like to spend time simply talking as well. There should be at least a "chat application" (Discord/Skype for example). I also spend my time on Second Life, F-chat and Furcadia (completely optional with those). If things go well online then naturally we can take things further. I'm looking to be a lifestyle sub. That obviously involves a lot of caring and trust which isn't going to be present until knowing each other so I'll leave it at that until someone take an interest and talks to be about it. The combination of conversation and "actions" is what contributes to making the time for me. Which gives me incentive to express more of an interest in the person doing that and make more of an effort to be there for them.

I'll also add that I have two online doms. Which is just as real and solid as if they were in the same room. The idea of "sharing" a sub might be off putting to someone reading but it was also off putting to one of the doms at first too. I shall say it planely. We all have that fear of neglect because others are present and those others could as easily be things like games, TV, etc. I will not neglect someone that accepts this and doesn't avoid me because I care for others as well. I have the time to spend with another and I wouldn't be making this ad if I didn't think otherwise. There's more to it of course but that's a conversation for later.

I'm also an "adult" type of sub. I need the more mature things. Though I need more then just the act of sex itself as well. I have an F-list (basically a kink list) that might explain some things. Since it's technically contact information I'll leave it out of the ad.
Taramafor​(sub male)02/13/2018

Looking for a dominant older woman
I'm a 49 very submissive male looking for a dominant older BBW or older SSBBW woman. Looking for long term.
Paul Bressler​(sub male)02/13/2018

Submissive looking for his mistress
I am 55 submissive man with some experience looking to serve a true honest mistress . Online at 1st then if able my new mistress would be able to relocate to me . I would discuss that with my mistress

I need a Domme
I am a 50 year old white male seeking a Domme. I need to be trained and would enjoy being trained by an experienced Domme. If you are in my area and you are seeking a motivated Sub please contact me.

Black slave boy for white women
I live in New Orleans . If you are a White dominant goddess ,that would like to be worshiped by a obeient black BBC slave boy . Look no further, message me so that I can began serving you as soon as possible. I really really love to eat, lick ,rub my face is in and suck on pretty pink assholes. I also love worshipping, kissing, licking on and sucking on white queens feet. If they are sweaty, dirty or fresh out of the shoes that have been on your feet all day . Allow me to get on my knees remove your shoes and do my job Goddess. I'm waiting the 1st white mistress to lock me in , will be my new owner. And me her black slave boy.
Gudtouforsure​(sub male)02/03/2018

seeking my mistress
lm looking for my mistress l dont have any limits except extreme pain the only problem is l live in country nsw australia
jack williams​(sub male)02/02/2018

Foot Fetish Mistress Wanted
I'm a 20 year old newby looking for an online mistress who will make me do absolutely anything to see pictures of her feet.

All replies welcome

Danny x
SlaveDanny97​(sub male)01/27/2018

23 year old from New York seeing Domme
Hey, so I'm searching for a woman who loves being dominant in every aspect of the relationship. I love orgasm control, bondage, impact play, water works, choking, etc. Would like to start online but this has potential to move to real life. Please message me if you're interested!
jeborder​(switch male)01/27/2018

Mature man looking for a Mistress
Slave male 61 yrs old looking for
A Mistress
I am a slave that has a passion to serve a Mistress in reality he would enjoy real life however is als open to online and see where it goes
subman1956​(sub male)01/25/2018

New N.Y.C. Sub Seeking Domme for Casual Encounters or More
Hello! I am very much new to the scene and while I have extensive knowledge of the lifestyle, I have yet to really explore it at all. I am looking for someone in the N.Y.C. area that is open to a non-committal setting, who enjoys teaching and exploring with new submissives. I am young, single and open to more should I meet the right person. Always willing to chat, feel free to message me for more details.
Rick Sanchez​(sub male)01/25/2018

currently uncollared
Hey everyone I'm a currently uncollared submissive seeking Mistress I can completely surrender to. It's so frustrating trying to find someone real that'll train me to become her willing slut. My limits are no blood cutting permanent marks scaring feces animals or underage. Other than that I'm willing to explore and experiment with Mistress .
Amallurstouse​(sub male){I'm uncoll}01/24/2018

21 year old wants a gentle/mommy dom
Or any dom who's okay with owning a really needy and loving gym addict who's last dom compared him to a puppy. I'm really into older women but my age isn't fine too. I'm really not trying to list all about me but I'm into art and nature. If you really my dom I need you to be sweet and caring but stern and flex your power over me. big plus if your black or white, I can let my selfies speak for myself. I'm really eager and ready to invest and learn all about how to be the best sub I can be for you.

sub male seeking for Dom Mistress
Hello my name is samer , I'm from Jordan, 29 years , I seeking for strong mistress to control me and humiliate me .
samersn26​(sub male)01/22/2018