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Violent and taboo fantasies causing guilt trips + is it totally legal to fantasize?

LoneWolf​(masochist gender queer)
6 days ago • Aug 4, 2022
Steellover wrote:
Be careful on Literotica, though. That site is not as kink-friendly as this one is, especially when it comes to male-sub/female domme dynamics, or anything involving willful cuckolding and/or sissification. Some of their forums are full of Russian bots and far-right white nationalist types, which is...lets just say, not my thing either.

There's a lot of "racial domination" fetish there. Everything from "black power", black owned wives... to white nationalists banging their plantation slaves. Racial play is actually a fetish that many people are into. I'm surprised that it's not listed here on the BDSM Checklist. Personally, I refrain from that sort of fetish simply because there's enough hate and bullshit in the world. But, I'm not going to "kink shame" anyone who enjoys it either.