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Turn offs in new conversations

PrincessLove​(sub female)
1 week ago • Jan 23, 2023
PrincessLove​(sub female) • Jan 23, 2023
"What are things that make you want to continue a conversation?"

I like when someone's initial message to me is thoughtful and reflects that they have read my profile.

A sense of a humor is a must for me to want to continue a conversation. I like when someone is witty and clever enough to make me laugh out loud. If I keep smiling thoughout the conversation, then that is a good thing!

I like when people reveal a calm confidence because they know who they are and what they want.

I highly appreciate it when people express their intentions regarding what they want from me or with me.

I prefer video chatting as soon as I possible with someone because I can learn so much more through that interaction than through voice or text. It also shows they aren't a catfish or hiding from me.

I 100% appreciate honesty from the start. Good communication and transparency are both essential aspects for a healthy relationship.

I will continue a conversation if I feel like we have compatibility and chemistry.

After the initial conversation, I value consistency and continued contact at regular intervals where we share time together to learn more about each other.
chattel​(sub female)
1 week ago • Jan 24, 2023
chattel​(sub female) • Jan 24, 2023
Obvious cut and paste messages sent from the same person 47 minutes apart. Doesn't have to 47 minutes, that what I had today, just long enough apart that it isn't a double click
22 hours ago • Feb 1, 2023
Miki • Feb 1, 2023
I posted on the first page and I started out a bit long-winded beforecutting to the chase:

Yet there's something so basic I forgot to toss it in. I didn't take the time to read the other pages that were written in the interim so maybe it's covered already but bears repeating...

So: Turn-offs in new conversations with people I see in real life--

Scenario that has happened: I step out for coffee or something with an acquaintence --- and the potentially well intentioned but ill mannered fuck rips a potent fart in my presence, knowing I can't hear the damned thing and laughs is odiferous ass off when the noxious fumes get to my nose.

....and of course other asshats in the place staring and laughing.

Definitely cause for "Don't call (text) me, I'll call you." The bastards were lucky I didn't throw the ice water in their faces.
1crazygirl​(sub female){Unowned}
19 hours ago • Feb 1, 2023
Huge turn off for me is asking my tit size. I'd say 8 out of 10 times I'm asked within 3-5 minutes of chat, "how big are they really!!??!!". In turn my interest, respect and desire to continue conversation further declines as immensely as they are...which is plentiful lol lol!!!

Another turn off is someone who is obviously multitasking, busy or just doesn't seem to know how to socially interact. Please don't reach out if you're not gonna be able to communicate.

Big big turnoff is sending or asking for nakie pictures.