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What's In Your Bed?

Sweet Escape​(sub female)
1 month ago • Apr 20, 2024

What's In Your Bed?

Sweet Escape​(sub female) • Apr 20, 2024
Yup Im back with the nonsense questions but......lets go!

On a normal night, what's in your bed? A partner? A pet? Maybe a teddy bear? A vibrator? 22 pillows? A gun under the pillow? A snack?

I looove pillows. I usually sleep in a small corner of my king-size bed so I like filling the space with pillows and sometimes stuffed animals too, mostly llamas. Usually my tiny dog is in bed with me somewheres too.
Innocent Me​(sub female){Protected}
1 month ago • Apr 20, 2024
I usually have a bunch of pillows, gotta have a huge thick comforter and my special stuffie. My best friend bought me a giant Squishmallow I cuddle most nights. And my phone, I always toss it aside and then fall asleep. lol
vv V vv​(dom male)
1 month ago • Apr 20, 2024
vv V vv​(dom male) • Apr 20, 2024
I woke up and there was some guy in my bed, he was quite grumpy and handsome.

I have two pillows in my bed no guns under either of them, guns are not that comfortable to lay your head on, and also a comfy flannel comforter. Occasionally there is a pups in there but he snores and kicks in his sleep. Yes only 2 pillows!
1 month ago • Apr 20, 2024
lambsone • Apr 20, 2024
I've been missing your nonsense questions. Hope all is well.

I usually just have dreams of a nice D/s relationship in my bed. All the stuffed animals are pushed to the side and my cat refuses to sleep with me, although she parades all around me several times during the night and I have to pet her as she passes by.
MissBonnie​(dom female){oz}
1 month ago • Apr 21, 2024
two pillows, no stuffies and sometimes a sub that often sleeps on the floor but is a FIFO worker so sometimes gets replaced for short periods of time by the cat
1 month ago • Apr 21, 2024
Ingénue{VK} • Apr 21, 2024
Me, myself and regrettably, I.
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1 month ago • Apr 21, 2024
bdsamworld • Apr 21, 2024
My husband, 1 of 2 dogs, and so many blankets.
slaveMikayla​(sub female){MstrJ }
1 month ago • Apr 25, 2024
6 pillows, a book, my cellphone in my hand to feel when He gets home and messages me... most importantly His blanket that I "stole" when I flew back this time. One other thing which only He knows ^_^ it's how He's be able to tell if anyone tried to lie and say they "know" me. icon_wink.gif

In His bed are 4 pillows, a pair of pyjama pants hung on the bedpost, a t-shirt and comfy pants on the other one... potentially a set of restraints... and my VERY old stuffed plushie dog named "Sissy". She is my placeholder until I get home again.