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What kind of Dom or sub are you?

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Miki​(masochist female)
1 year ago • 02/14/2019 3:59 am

Re: What kind of Dom or sub are you?

Miki​(masochist female) • 02/14/2019 3:59 am
EnforcedBliss wrote:
I've been tooling around various websites looking at "types" to see what sorts of categories there are and which would seem to fit my nature. I know that types and labels are arbitrary ad only apply very broadly, if at all. But they can still be fun. So what kind of Dom or sub are you? In what way does whatever category apply to you? In what ways do you differ from it.

Labels and definitions from here - <---- I make no claims as to the usefulness of this site.

Gentlemen and Ladies - Dominants who behave in chivalrous, and honorable ways towards their submissives and often any who surround them. They showcase respect and good manners in all things. This would be tied for top for me. I like courtesy and civility and take it very seriously. I absolutely hate to give unintentional offense and generally go out of my way to demonstrate respect. I am also very sensitive to purposeful discourtesy and I am savage in my response to it.

Sadists - are those who gain sexual pleasure from causing pain to others. This can be physical or mental.
Laughing Sadists are those who will be very Joker-esque in their play, often laughing or cackling as they perform impact play or hurt their consenting submissive in some other way.
Sensual Sadists will couple pain with sensuality and pleasure. This would be the other number one. I like inflicting pain because that means I am in control. I like the look on her face and the sounds that pain elicits. I like seeing the after effects. Yup, I am a gentleman sadist.

Caring Dominants - Focus on taking care of their submissives, not in the sense of servicing them, but in the sense of caring for them physically, mentally, and emotionally. Not only do I not want to do no harm, I want to actively do good. I want her to feel uplifted and good about herself and the whole of her abilities. I enjoy being supportive through trials as much as celebrating triumphs. To me that is an inherent part of any relationship.

So please allow me to introduce myself, I am EnforcedBliss the Caring Gentleman Sadist icon_biggrin.gif It is a pleasure to meet you all.

eta: if you don't mind, please post links to where you draw your information from. Thanks icon_smile.gif

The best part. "Please allow me to introduce myself..." So bet you're appreciative of sympathy and taste too..

Some quarters would confuse you with Ol' Scratch.

So, the header asks what sort of dom or sub be the reader... You listed a pleasant range of doms but you left out the subs.

I'm a masochist.. A tiny little division of Subland. But I'm in it for the sex, preferably accentuated with pain and humiliation. I get off by being put in my place. I'm a feminist's nightmare--- but we all gotta do our thing, a finer definition of "liberation".

For the record, as a masochist who makes no commitments, I'm not really qualified to say but if I change my approach.. "settle down" and all that crap, the sensual sadist is my bag.

That having been said, sadists are a tricky lot. Hard to tell the ones who exact punishment for their sexual pleasure, meaning it's a mutual good time in my book-- and the freaks of which there are more than we'd like to think about-- who torture others to sate some deep-seated need that goes beyond sexuality. The creeps who we see on the news every now and then. Psychos.

Trouble is, nut cases are more than capable of affecting a likable comportment.


***The above, verbose reply is brought to you by Bang-Bang, makers of the sweetest little automatic in the world.***
JohnBond​(dom male){Kitten}
1 year ago • 02/15/2019 4:11 am
JohnBond​(dom male){Kitten} • 02/15/2019 4:11 am
I would fall into the Gentlemen Category. I like to have control but I am very fond of the of chivalry. I will also go on rants about the current state of pop-culture. I think I fit into this category pretty well.
AKittenforSir​(sub female){JohnBond}
1 year ago • 02/15/2019 5:12 am
I don’t think I could put myself into any one category. I’m a masochist, pain and pleasure go hand in hand for me if doled out properly. I have “little” tendencies; a flare for the dramatic and always needy for Sir’s attention and direction. I have a kitten personality; playful, mischievous, and yet independent when I’m in a mood. I’m a rope bunny. And I also enjoy taking on a slave role during playtime, but not outside of the bedroom.

All in all, my kink is pleasing. If Sir is happy, Kitten is happy.
Livetoplease​(sub male){Available}
1 year ago • 02/15/2019 8:28 pm
Livetoplease​(sub male){Available} • 02/15/2019 8:28 pm
I took a test, although I already knew. Sub/slave

I am a widowed man and I have been alone for many years now. I am normally used for domestic duties (cooking, cleaning, laundry), office (writing, editing, etc.) and bedroom use.
Lord Nickolaidas​(dom male)
1 year ago • 02/15/2019 9:34 pm
Lord Nickolaidas​(dom male) • 02/15/2019 9:34 pm
I like to sweet talk my submissive. I don't like swearing except for naming body parts with a vulgar way.

"What a naughty little pet that you are ... did I say your pink little pussy could cum?"
"I'm sorry, my Lord," she huffed as the spasms of her orgasm ceased.
"Looks like we've got a long, hard training ahead of us, Lilianne ... stand up, hands behind your head."

I also love to stroke her hair gently as she rests her head on my chest, talking to her in a low voice as we quietly talk about anything but BDSM and sex.

So I think Caring Dominant suits me just fine.

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Lord Nickolaidas​(dom male)
1 year ago • 02/15/2019 9:35 pm
Lord Nickolaidas​(dom male) • 02/15/2019 9:35 pm
JohnBond wrote:
I would fall into the Gentlemen Category. I like to have control but I am very fond of the of chivalry. I will also go on rants about the current state of pop-culture. I think I fit into this category pretty well.

What bothers you in the current pop culture, if I may ask? Sincerely curious.
eclecticslut​(switch female)
1 year ago • 02/16/2019 7:38 pm
eclecticslut​(switch female) • 02/16/2019 7:38 pm
I am eclectic. What I am depends on who I'm playing with and out mood. i can be a party slut, a bondage whore, a baby girl, a brat. One of the reasons I prefer Daddy Doms is because what Daddy wants, Daddy gets, which opens the door to all of the above. One thing I'm not is a masochist. My switch side is somewhat the same, in that I have an affinity towards littles and brats.
1 year ago • 02/19/2019 12:10 am
Dlsta50 • 02/19/2019 12:10 am
I only have two rules.

1) My sub is to call me Sir only when she is happy, this way I know if she is getting what she needs in the dynamic or not.

2) I own her orgasms.

Everything else always falls into place for us.
1 year ago • 02/19/2019 1:36 am
LordofPain56 • 02/19/2019 1:36 am
Sadist more than anything else, but neither the laughing, nor the sensual type (by your definition). I get off on her willingness to be helplessly and vulnerably restrained and submit to my sadistic whim. Otherwise, I am also a caring, nurturing gentleman.
cocknhose​(sub gender queer)
1 year ago • 02/25/2019 5:46 am

When dressed up sexy in my fem attire very sub

cocknhose​(sub gender queer) • 02/25/2019 5:46 am
In the real world I'm quite masculine and all male but since I've been dressed up sexy in my fem attire I have become a total cock whore wanting to be used as needed being ordered to service others sucking cock and pounded in my ass pussy long and hard I only play with men when dressed in my fem attire and then enjoy playing the fem role to pleasure men something just comes over me to strut around in a nice tight dress high heels and lingerie wanting cock cuming in my mouth and ass pussy im getting more courage to go to a bookstore dressed up for a first time and work the glory holes or passed ar ound in the theater soon i hope just to nervous going solo so id love another cd to join me or a dom type to escort me in then made to pleasure others for their enjoyment one way or another I'm going to fulfill my desires thanks and I'll be posting the event when it happens I'll video tape to share with others