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Attraction and profile pictures

White Knight​(dom male){Not seekin}
1 year ago • Aug 24, 2020
I have no issue in putting a pic , approx location , some details on my profile, why , because I have nothing to hide it’s all there !
Like or dislike me is your choice not mine ! But what’s the point in hiding ! We are all grownups ( allegedly) all here of our own free will!
One experience I had was meeting a sub that was 140 pounds heavier and 20 years older than she had lead me to believe ! Neither of which would have been an issue .......had she been truthful!
Did she think I wouldn’t notice !!
Own yourself be what you are it will save disappointment in the end !!
Oh and those that hide behind masquerade masks ? What else are you hiding ?? A pic doesn’t have to be a face pic, a location doesn’t need to be accurate, just close enough that people can reasonably expect a real meet ! Descriptions should be accurate, no good claiming to be 6’5”and slim if you are 5’1 and overweight!
Honesty pays off in the end , there is someone for everyone !!!
DomJayy​(dom male)
1 year ago • Aug 24, 2020
DomJayy​(dom male) • Aug 24, 2020
I agree with peoples comments on here ! I would say that if they don’t have a picture h then it could just be a privacy situation but if they won’t send a verification photo or video chat then they aren’t to be trusted simple

Same goes for subs profiles as well
JulesZero​(dom male)
1 year ago • Aug 26, 2020

Re: Attraction and profile pictures

JulesZero​(dom male) • Aug 26, 2020
Miki wrote:

Post that you're a Sub Female and available -- and your inbox will explode.

I knew it was skewed, but "inbox explosion"...

And I am so very selective as to whom I contact and what I write.
When it gratuitously skewed, it just makes me think I have better things to do.
I think I'll need to find someone another way.
JulesZero​(dom male)
1 year ago • Aug 26, 2020
JulesZero​(dom male) • Aug 26, 2020
DrKrall wrote:
The first time I went online to find someone I had a long thought about this.
I figured I'm not very good looking so if someone takes an interest in me and then see my face the rejection will be to painful.
So I had a picture of my face so those who find me to unattractive can stay away and those who get interested knows before they contact me.

Dude - you're too hard on yourself.
Your're rocking that pic right now.
MrHandsomeDomUK​(dom male)
1 year ago • Aug 26, 2020
MrHandsomeDomUK​(dom male) • Aug 26, 2020
Personally my kink is a private part of my life that is secret and only known to myself. I like it that way.

I don’t post a photo for that reason. Though once I get chatting to someone and I deem them to be genuine and they request pics. I have no problem showing them for, I hope, their eyes only. I greatly enjoy seeing pics and so appreciate others may too.
AlissaMarie​(sub female)
1 year ago • Sep 3, 2020
AlissaMarie​(sub female) • Sep 3, 2020
This is something I can actually answer!

So for me, I’m a visual person.
I like the way people look, and here’s the thing.
If I’m not attracted to you, I’m not gonna sleep with you.
I mean, we can have great conversations and get along great, but if I don’t have a physical attraction to you, and then I decide I don’t wanna sleep with you, I tend to look like a vain bitch. And I’m not. I’m just not attracted to you.

And there is a difference between acknowledging that someone so attractive and finding them attractive.
I can say that women are beautiful and the female form is amazing, but I’m not sexually attracted to women.

And on the flip side, you might be the most attractive person on the face of the planet, but if you can’t hold a conversation I wanna him myself with a rock.

People need someone who can stimulate them both mentally and physically.
vBatGirlv​(sub female)
1 year ago • Sep 3, 2020
vBatGirlv​(sub female) • Sep 3, 2020
Being new on this site and really world, I have to agree about the physical attraction. Personally for me there needs to be multiple levels of chemistry met. I also understand respect for privacy and security. I don’t mind sharing a photo once we talk for a little bit, but I would also like one in return. I can describe exactly what I look like, but my photo still may not fit what you are looking for. It would be much more enjoyable to fantasize about a Dom or sub if you had an actual picture and not a description. As a bratty sub it would make me be more willing to be obedient especially as beginning an online relationship.
True to It​(dom male)
1 year ago • Oct 11, 2020
True to It​(dom male) • Oct 11, 2020
I have to be physically attracted to them as well. I could not be physical with anyone that did not turn me on. I have a strong mind, but not strong enough to fake attraction.
Zhivago​(dom male)
1 year ago • Oct 11, 2020
Zhivago​(dom male) • Oct 11, 2020
It goes both ways.
If that's what you are looking for/wanting, then you should be the same.
Post some pics of yourself.
tallslenderguy​(other male)
1 year ago • Oct 11, 2020
JulesZero wrote:
I noticed that too - that many dom's had no profile pic.
I assumed it went along with the mysterious theme.
I've toyed with the idea of editing a masquerade mask onto mine for that purpose - plus I quite like masquerades.

It seems to me a Dom should take care of himself and be proud of who he is.
Only then can his Sub feel the same.

How does the saying go "You are responsible for yourself and everyone around you". It's a tough call for sure, but worthy of effort.

That said - I am new to this, I would welcome counter-point to educate me.

Offered as "a counter-point to educate...."

To me, your profile pics are drop dead gorgeous (which may be more than you wanna hear from a gay guy lol) but that's all there is. There is little to no info in your profile to give you identity? You mention in another post that you dropped the "Dom" and replaced it with "Other" because you didn't want to be associated with sadist, but i had to search for that to get a sense of you. There isn't even basic info. Are you straight, Bi, gay, Dom, sub, ad infinitum. No clue as to what you seek?

With (essentially) just a picture on your profile, you are a man passing on the street. One may notice your appearance or not, but it's mostly visual on your part, nothing proffered to engage the mind or feelings other than your looks. Little to nothing (other than having three sons) that tells what you want or who you are.

When i see a profile like yours, i assume the person doesn't want to be contacted, that they either are just observing or they want to initiate any contact, because pretty much the only thing to respond to is your picture. In my experience, the only people who respond to just pictures are not usually the kind of people who are looking for relationship, or depth.