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Rice Pudding

critthatch​(sub female)
2 years ago • Sep 15, 2021

Rice Pudding

critthatch​(sub female) • Sep 15, 2021
Hi everyone

For those who may not know, Rice Pudding is a sweet dessert made with rice, milk and sugar.

If you had to put something unorthodox with it, which would you choose out of the following?


I may, or may not, have to eat this 😂
simplylaura​(sub female){djinni}
2 years ago • Sep 15, 2021
If I had to eat it, chicken because it seems like the most benign option. However, I've found the old adage that submissives and bottoms are far more sadistic than dominants and tops true, so for someone else I'd recommend thick cut pepperoni.
SageFlame​(sub female)
2 years ago • Sep 16, 2021
SageFlame​(sub female) • Sep 16, 2021

But I'm thinking some diced, ripe juicy peach would be good.

Unorthodox for me would be adding cardamom and turmeric.
2 years ago • Sep 16, 2021
undtaxis • Sep 16, 2021
I can’t stand rice pudding or bread pudding or pudding! LOL. Seems odd because I enjoy cheese cake but RP- I am headed to the hills! Okay, I will say…tuna (maybe I can pretend it’s a tuna sandwich).
cherilynn​(sub female)
2 years ago • Sep 16, 2021
cherilynn​(sub female) • Sep 16, 2021
My sweet side says chicken but my sadistic side says ham but not just any ham. I'm thinking warm fatback ( the thick salty kind) but then I'm evil.

Good luck!