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Any Male Subs?

FetishWearLvr​(sub male){ }
2 years ago • Feb 22, 2022
Absolutely a male sub over here. It’s consumes my mind on a daily basis. It’s Quite the distraction in my day to day to be honest. I really need to find a Domina out there that I can trust and after that’s been established, I’d love to serve her on a monthly basis if possible. An added plus to that would be being filmed during the sessions!

GagFan​(sub male)
2 years ago • Feb 22, 2022
GagFan​(sub male) • Feb 22, 2022
I am a sub to men but a switch with women.
2 years ago • Feb 23, 2022
AidenS • Feb 23, 2022
Present sir!
2 years ago • Feb 25, 2022
Notely • Feb 25, 2022
I have seen many some I will say are pan sexual but shy many are coming out being embraced.