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Boldily Physique

2 years ago • Apr 1, 2022

Re: Boldily Physique

Zelia • Apr 1, 2022
Little Vixie wrote:
I have a question and would like to hear some of yalls stories too.

So im looking to lose weight and get back into the shape. I went from light workouts to intense 6 days a week, 2 hours a day working out. I've been getting messages from doms and other people in my life just chatting with them. It seems like anytime I mention wanting to lose the weight, their (male typically) reaction is to tell me: "you don't need to do that. You'll lose your boobs and I love them." Or "but your breast look nice. Why would you want to reduce them at all".
It's personally odd that people I have never met before are upset that I want to get back into shape and I may drop a size (I'm a 34DD). I'll still have alot left up top, but I am wrong for being weirded out that rather than saying that working out is good, they would rather I not workout and not lose my breast size?

I think what’s wrong is being bothered what a random person thinks. If they’re so bold as to comment without context such as, ‘It’s great that you want to improve your physical health, I sure do love your boobs as they are though,’ then they don’t really deserve to be listened to. I find it weird that a random person would comment on your breasts anyway, unless they’re close to you, you’ve played and they’ve enjoyed them in person or pictorial form.

If someone owns a sub and it’s not a limit then that a different, then they can impose their likes and wants, if they’re a slave even more so. If someone isn’t into that level of power exchange, limits are awfully helpful.
2 years ago • Apr 2, 2022
HurtSoGood • Apr 2, 2022
Without even reading thru the 3 pages worth of responses....girl, do you! Do what makes you happy and healthy and what makes sense to you. Anyone else's opinion is just that, an opinion....and irrelevant. They don't lay down with you at night and they don't carry you thru your days. You do what makes you feel best. Period.

Anyone that is for you and wants what's best will be nothing but supportive.....tit size is irrelevant, too.
Noire{Owned (NH)}
2 years ago • Apr 3, 2022
Noire{Owned (NH)} • Apr 3, 2022

Let me start off with saying. THATS YOUR GOD DAMN BODY! *Ahem..*

No, you have every right to feel uncomfortable when someone talks about your body. As if they know the struggles of what it’s like to have big knockers dangling from their chest.🙄

Lastly, your journey with losing weight and what your body goals are. Are yours and yours alone. Let people have opinions. But your decision is yours when it comes to how you want to view your outer shell. There’s nothing wrong with improvement until you are satisfied with your hard work.

I know this all to well because I myself went on a very long and tiering weight loss journey. I am a bustier woman myself and I also hoped to lose some pounds in my chest. Unfortunately for me that was the one place that didn’t go down in size. I’ve also been told “No! Keep your breasts!” “Don’t lose any more weight!” “Your getting too small!”

Those comments are unnecessary and I’ve decided that people cannot police my body. What matters is that I am comfortable. I also hope you can feel the same about your body and your goals.

Much love! ❤️😘
2 years ago • Jun 13, 2022
I'mME • Jun 13, 2022
Brandallofu wrote:
Yeah... .candid guys are weird. You should be weirded out. As far as your work out routine, are you still needing to lose or have you gotten to where you want to be? Killer work out regimen. RTFO.
You go.

Candid, that is a word that has been used to describe me, among others.
However I noticed that it seems more acceptable for a male to be this way than a female.
While I may be straight forward, aka, I do not beat around the bush, a prospective Dom should not be commenting about a prospective sub's tits. This is not candor but rather a lack of self-control. When you are on a deeper level.
2 years ago • Jun 13, 2022
I'mME • Jun 13, 2022
Steellover wrote:
tallslenderguy wrote:

This is a topic of particular interest to me as a healthcare professional with specialized certification in reversing disease through diet. As a critical care nurse, i'd say easily 85% of the people i care for in the hospital are there for diet related diseases. Truncal adiposity (i.e., fat around the middle) has long been known in healthcare as a marker for metabolic syndrome (conditions that increase risk of diabetes, heart disease and stroke).

Society is kinda missing the point, it's not about appearance, it's about our health. To much fat in our arteries and on our organs causes dementia, heart disease, stroke, erectile dysfunction, type two diabetes, reflux disease... and the list goes on.

Exercise and diet are important for our health, yay you for attending to yourself.

I've highlighted the portions of your post I think are key: Keeping a healthy body weight should be more about maintaining good health and an active lifestyle, than simply "Looking good in a speedo/bikini" or whatever. There are far more potentially serious consequences to being overweight than simply being less attractive to the opposite sex- and I think more people should focus on those consequences when it comes to motivating themselves to lose weight.

And as for "Fat shaming..." Dont. It's just counter-productive. Unless you are a doctor and they are your patient.

[Blank] shaming is not on a doctor to do either, they can get their point across and keep it to the health/unhealthy side.
Some topics are sensitive in nature, but if you keep to the health points of it, then shaming should not be a factor.
2 years ago • Jun 13, 2022
Notely • Jun 13, 2022
If you do anything do for yourself it’s your body your temple only you have power over you. Take it slow no rush body need to recover take time take breaks. Anyone one wants to be part you they should be glad to even be part of it.
Sensualgent​(dom male)
2 years ago • Jun 15, 2022
Sensualgent​(dom male) • Jun 15, 2022
Hello Little Vixie,

Congratulations on your hard work and tenacity. It takes real strength of character to make the decision to work on yourself so hard and stick to it.

The thing is, if you started this for yourself then that's great. It's your body, your life, your choice.

It does seem a bit weird that friends and acquaintances, esp those you haven't met make comments but they may be for differing reasons. Perhaps they feel threatened or they are trying to compliment you. Of course we all have our own tastes for various reasons but no ones taste should interfere with what's best for you. If someone is giving you bad advice for their own good then remember, because it my not be the last.

If you feel "weirded out" that's entirely reasonable. All feelings have validity.

In any case none of that matters as long as you do what is best for you.
Be who YOU are, strive for what makes YOU happy.
I wish you love and success.

1 year ago • Sep 9, 2022
I'mME • Sep 9, 2022
Little Vixie wrote:
I'm slowly getting to where I want to be. It makes me feel good being to hit certain goals. I just think it's weird that people immediately, without knowing me, tell me that I shouldn't do it because I'll be losing my breast size.

''Little Vixie''

Make this concept your own.
You should not worry about WHAT size my tits are, bc I would never be interested in someone who only sees a pair of tits.
1 year ago • Sep 9, 2022
testosteroneandtacos • Sep 9, 2022
Everyone is going to have their own preferences and attractions. I personally prefer a woman who keeps fit. A gym rat is great. But that's my lifestyle and value system. Some guys just love the biggest tits and the rest doesn't matter. Seems as though you just happen to have a lot of attention from boob guys over gym guys, and if you spend enough time with the fitness, you'll find yourself moreso with community which prefers that.
Irish123​(dom male)
1 year ago • Sep 9, 2022
Irish123​(dom male) • Sep 9, 2022
If you want to workout go for it! Screw what other negative people say.