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Forced tongue worship

gramm​(sub male)
1 year ago • Jan 22, 2023

Forced tongue worship

gramm​(sub male) • Jan 22, 2023
As submissive male I have a burning desire to be whipped into submission by a strict Mistress and then forced by her whip to kiss her feet lick her pussy and her ass, not as a sexual act but as act to show my total submission to my Mistress, so I just wanted to know if this is something that a lot of Mistresses like to indulge in
because i see a lot of ads with Mistresses saying no sex, but I don't see it as sex only the ultimate show of submission, I wonder what others think about it on here especially Mistresses and if they like to force their male slaves to lick them, I am asking because I am too shy and embarrassed to visit a Mistress and ask her for that but if I knew it was more common activity I might actually pluck up the courage.
gillesderais​(sub male)
1 year ago • Jan 23, 2023
gillesderais​(sub male) • Jan 23, 2023
Good question. I think a lot of mistresses say no nudity, and that means none of the cunnilingus and analingus that you describe. However, I would expect many mistresses would accept foot worship. Perhaps it would depend how well you knew them?
I think it's a totally hot desire to have. I share it and I expect a lot of other subs feel the same.
Byrdie​(switch female){rl only}
1 year ago • Mar 8, 2023
I've seen a lot of dommes voice annoyance with the idea of pretending to "force" a submissive to do something they actually want to do.

No matter what your opinion is of it, no matter what headspace it puts you into, cunnilingus and rimming are considered sexual acts by the majority. If a dominant says "no sex," it's almost certainly going to cover anything involving genital or anal contact.

What you're likely looking for is a domme who is interested in "body worship," "oral service," or similar euphemisms.
MissBonnie​(dom female){oz}
1 year ago • Mar 9, 2023
Byrdie had some great points in the idea of pretending to "force" I personally have a little trouble with this as then I become a prop to your play. I dislike feeling like I am needed, so you can give yourself personal permission to do the act (almost like it washes away your guilt). Honestly get a grip on what you are doing. if you need me to "force" you into doing so, so can feel alright doing so..I'm not your Domme (I'm also not alone in this). There is no shame in doing BDSM. It is healthy. I'm not going to "force" you, so you can tell yourself you didn't want too and she made me do it. I'll VERY happily seduce your consent to an act all already want to do...but I'm not forcing nothing! SSC. Own what you do (end rant LOL) There is no shame in submission guys!

You also might find some "Dommes" that "advertise" (or the profile reads more like such) the no sex (or PIV or happy ending<not self directed>) are ProDomme or 'Prostitutes' that use some BDSM activities. A lot of countries and regions the "act" of BDSM is allowed but the sexual act makes its solicitation and a criminal offence. By removing the promise of PIV from the first contact, the criminal aspect lessens dramicaly to almost zero even with cash/tribute exchange. It also often screams that no relationship is sort *winks*

I also know a lot of ..Hmm how to word this without needing to don dragon proof underwear....a lot of let say more serious, hard wired lifestyler Dommes use "no PIV" as way to weed out what some Dommes call sensation junkies and leave the more serious lifestyle subs that "are" submissive 24/7 proactively and it's not just a thing they do until the joyjuice has worn off or from reactive play (in other words hes a happy camper and compliant while your doing things to him or his penis, then "submission" stops when you do or he cums). There is HUGE difference to being "of service" and "being serviced" or "offering service" but that is a whole other post.

Of course nothing is wrong with waiting play for plays sakes or just being "submissive" in scene or until you "cum" but unfortunately most label themselves as "slave" or "submissive" when the majority only, actually offer "bottoming" I'm told most do so to appear more appealing due to the shortage of Dominant females. i'm also told males are wired to be competitive and always appear the big, bigger, biggest (bottom, kinkster,submissive, slave) None are better than the other gents. What is better is self labeling truthfully., being truthful to her and also yourself. In the long term the truth always shows.
...some Ladies want more and want dare I say <i>real</> submission and <i>real</>service, nothing wrong with that either.

As being online becomes more and more popular and the actions are easier than ever before, the language used has also evolved. ...but unfortunately many have not grown with it and think its all interchangeable lingo and choose the word that they assume means the big, bigger or the biggest meaning when in reality just "big" is what they wanted. It may all be interchangeable to you but not to another and we often forget this. Getting on the same page as each other, can take conversation after conversation...some times, some people use well written and constructed profiles to shorten this process.

For Example if a Domme is serious in her craft and she states she want a true fetishist...then she wants a person with REAL Fetish in the true meaning of the word etc...etc If she seeks a maso, she wants a maso not some one that likes pain pla etc ect

If she states no PIV then chances are she doesnt want that (if she isn't cheating site rules of no solicitation) (or is cutting the wheat from the chaff as I said earlier) and her reasons and motivation for play are not centered on YOUR genitals as she wants HER needs met in the truest sense of the word "Femdom" and doesn't want to ..sorry to use the use word "just" but I've already wrote a novel....she doesn't just want to be the Female Dominant in charge. She wants Femdom in its truest meaning and form, where his reward is being submissive in nature and action and needs nothing more (as in cumming or sensation to make him happy. serving HER is the joy. This form of submissive is VERY VERY VERY rare)
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gramm​(sub male)
1 year ago • Mar 27, 2023
gramm​(sub male) • Mar 27, 2023
Just on that point that tongue worship is not something that is really forced as it is part of the play that the sub actually wants, well I can disagree to that slightly as I have had a different experience , I was once in the company of a very strict Mistress who had me naked on my knees and she then pushed her bottom into my face and commanded me to lick her bottom and as it was something I had never done before and i was very hesitant and only lightly licked her cheeks on the outside, well she gave me half a dozen heavy lashes with her whip and shouted at me to get my tongue right in there and work it which I then obeyed immediately otherwise it would be another half dozen lashes and it was then that I realised this was something she enjoyed and wanted, which then excited me no end
1 year ago • Apr 25, 2023
Jakesub • Apr 25, 2023
I love to 👅
MstressWhipplash​(dom female)
11 months ago • Jun 24, 2023
It's more a male fantasy. In reality it isn't a Dominant Woman's interest most of the time. Why?

Because in my personal experience I prefer to be in a long term relationship before anything happens.

A guy focusing on body parts of any woman is objectifying her.

The forced part is a no thank you because he actually wants it so should acknowledge he wants to, rather have Her do all the work while he lies there like a chunk of wood.

I prefer an active partner focused on mutual pleasure rather than kinking up sex.
Mistress Kassandra​(dom female)
11 months ago • Jun 25, 2023
Kissing or licking her feet may or may not be a sexual act. Worshipping her ass and pussy definitely is a sexual act.

Being "forced" to do what you want is just a role play session.

You are attempting to redefine these things to justify your wants of the wants of the Domme it seems