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Hello! I am a happily married woman who in no way has interest in hooking up. Please do not contact me about play, becoming partners, ect.

Seriously. DO NOT MESSAGE ME ABOUT BEING YOUR DOMME/MISTRESS! I'm getting very tired of being disrespected. Don't do it. I want my husband, and my husband alone. Respect that. 

I'm kind of shy and nervous when it comes to this forum as I'm still very new to this community and have had bad experiences with sites like this before (Not in the BDSM lifestyle, but other communities), so it has me a bit apprehensive. But, in trying to learn about myself and grow, my husband (Wolfy13) told me about his experience here and suggested I take a look. I'm hoping to be able to grow and learn more about the lifestyle and myself as I try to break down barriers that I've built up to protect myself, and open up the way I want to.
BDSM and me
I'm very new to the community. My husband introduced me 5 years ago when we met and were still just friends, and I had been trying to learn and find my place since then. I unfortunately didnt put in too much effort until more recently, but now I'm pulling out the gloves and digging in deep to everything I can get my paws on to try and learn everything I can. Especially since my husband is submissive, I want to make sure that, if I am a dominant-leaning switch, which I do believe, I dont want to make the wrong moves, or unintentionally become an abusive dom... The last thing I want is my inexperience to hurt him. So I'm trying my best to grow and learn as quickly as i can without harming anyone or ruining anything.
Anything that induces physical harm, bathroom play, things I cannot take seriously (Baby play, as a personal one for example), degradation.
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