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INFJ personality type. Bibliophile, Demi/Sapio/Noetisexual. Alpha with a strong mind and will, working towards and equally strong body and self discipline. Learning how to love and celebrate life again. Have a strong steak of Liddle in me, some smart ass, some bad ass and then some crazy wild and adventurous pieces too. Not into age play at all just have strong liddle tendencies and behaviours (tons of teddies and a tendency to love anything fluffy, fairy lights, blanket forts and pets~especially kitties!!) Give me outdoors/nature anytime, or a roaring fire and a good book to curl up into and get lost in. Never been in a dynamic although I have a strong masochistic streak since early on, have no experience with BDSM although I have been researching things as I go.
BDSM and me
Intelligence is a must, I need good conversation like others need wine, your mind and words can seduce me far greater than a body ever could. The whispers and understanding, the bond of mutual connection between mind and spirit will lead to a whole new world to be explored physically, mentally and emotionally together. Things will have to be long distance as we build a strong mental and emotional connection, my work has me traveling constantly with long hours know this in advance. Looking for IRL, long term commitment and I would do best with a combination of vanilla and BDSM dynamics blending into everyday life. I crave a partner, I do not want to be an object or possession, I have a strong mind and will always ask questions and seek to grow/ improve in every aspect of my life. I am happy doing hobbies and activities on my own or with my partner but would love a companion who can go on adventures with me and who I can explore new places and things with. Have a bit of a wild streak but it takes time to connect with that side of me.
Hard limits: No Bestiality Scat Minors Anything illegal.
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South African by birth, I travel for work and am currently in the UK for the better part of a year, possibly longer depending on how things work.
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Oct 15, 2023
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Jun 15, 2019
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