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A man who entered the lifestyle during the changing of the guard. From the old guard to whatever the hell we have now.. A 30 something Dominat Polyamours Male build a community in Berks County PA ---The House of Souls
3 months ago. Tue 13 Aug 2019 05:22:33 PM IDT

Wow.. This is an old one from years...years ago. Thought some of you may enjoy it


I feel I am different from others. Training for me is not about sex. It is about growth about seeing the person learn about themselves. To see then look up at you in tears and drool with the look on their face of "Yes sir... Again" they can tell they are learning something if they can get and keep me hard with or without contact. The feeling of seeing her blossom into her full potential is such a blessing. I love the act of training of helping someone separate from the social norms that are destroying our society. Of having then kissed the belt before it strikes them for failure to follow directions. Then to see the glow in their face when thru the drool and tears, the hugs and compliments come. Telling a girl, "This is what you did to earn the punishment, and this is everything you have done right and proper". To test them in a vanilla setting against the social grain of society to see them obey in an environment where they would be socially acceptable not to listen. For the drink filled without being prompted. To laugh, to dance, to obey, to care, to train.

8 months ago. Wed 20 Mar 2019 07:08:09 AM IST

Perhaps its just this site, or perhaps there are not alot of people here hosting events in Eastern PA.

Regardless I am going to start posting my events. If your interested let me know and I will tell you where the munch meets

1. Happy Hour (Weekly) Near Reading\Kutztown - Sunday Nights

2. Coffee Munch (Monthly) Kutztown\Fleetwood 2nd Thursday of the month

3. GraveYard - Third Thursday of the month, at night, Fleetwood area.

4. Reading MAsT  - Given once vetted

5. Berks-Mont Munch - Third Wednesday of the month in the evening - Birdsboro/Reading

These are just a few, So as you can see there are plenty of was to get involved in the local community..



9 months ago. Wed 06 Mar 2019 09:30:21 PM IST

This can be a very difficult task.

People (myself included) tend to find someone they get along with and rush to see into a relationship.  I have learned to constantly test the relationships as we grow together... And I do not hide this from submissives that entertain playing with me. 


Many start off in dominate or submissive roles then discover they are kinksters. There is nothing wrong with this.


However this doesn't hurt the lessen the pain of the severance of a partner . Particularly one you spent two years helping them to explore their path as a submissive with.. only to find that three years in they discover the want to go a different course. 

I wish her well, saw it coming, but still a little sad to see her go...

9 months ago. Fri 22 Feb 2019 03:22:53 PM IST

I'm so excited for MsG this year.. is anyone else going to any of the East coast Master and slave events? MsC, MsG?

9 months ago. Fri 22 Feb 2019 03:20:33 PM IST

Conflict is inherent in our society and in our nature. However it seems it has gotten so bad that you can't voice your own opinion without offending someone.


When I first got involved in the public side of training slaves I had a new shiny approach..I was so excited that I finally found a place where people wouldn't judge me.


After all why would people judge you for helping people discover who they are.. helped one girl go back and save her marriage, another one discover they were into dollification and encouraged her to pursue the girl she loved in school..


But then the new shiny began to wear off.. some older people began to talked about how fast I was going through partners.. then the judgment came in the form of people at public dungeons not wanting to interact with me.. because they perceived me to be too scary..


The point is judgment exists no matter where you live, no matter what culture you exist in... And with judgement comes conflict..


My latest conflict is a man who is unreasonably jealous that I would want to take his girl.. because he thinks him and I "play the same way"... This came as a shocker to me.. I truly had no interest in his girl and even if I did I would talk to him as she belongs to him due to the nature of that relationship.. it's a matter of respect.


Needless say this is fracturing one of my local groups we have, I've tried to mend it as much as I could on our end... With no success.


Judgement exists everywhere.

Conflict is inherent to humanity.

Help evolution.. be the better person. Avoid trivial conversation our community is small we need to band together not be divided..



1 year ago. Thu 18 Oct 2018 01:00:23 AM IDT

Just venting...


I have noticed that it is difficult for people to think beyond the masses..


The majority of people here in the US.. seem to limit the belief in power exchange to the return of the soliders from WW2... 


I do not mean to under at the involement of the gay leather community in today's Master and slave community... 


But the irony of the American mindset influencing what we believe to be the birth of power exchange... 


Well it worries me... Power exchange has been around since the cavemen.. if you want spread the gospel of M/s why limit it to the last 80 years....



1 year ago. Fri 24 Aug 2018 06:31:37 PM IDT

Is a lot closer to home than most people realize.. a not so foreign.


I hear all the time how a Master and slave Dynamic is too extreme, too far out for them. 


The truth is it's just a matter of respect and love for each other.


The terms themselves are more scarier then they dynamic.


Approach it like you should approach any relationship... 


With communication, sincerity and frankness.

1 year ago. Fri 03 Aug 2018 06:59:38 AM IDT

I am very frustrated. Apparently the connotations behind the word Master and slave.. stop people from exploring the lifestyle.

I have hearding budding Masters say I am not too you're level.. wait! Stop judging my dynamic give it a chance! This is real life...not fantasy.. I am not some guy walking around with a cat of nine tails all day...

1 year ago. Fri 26 Jan 2018 09:32:09 PM IST

By now any of those of you that know me, know that I'm a strong advocator for being cautious and safe. Particularly when dealing with new people in the lifestyle. By no means am I saying not to meet new people. Just the opposite. I'm a strong advocator of bringing new people in to our community.. but there is a need for using caution and simple boundaries..
Do not reveal personal information to quickly.. a name yes but a full name?
Someone wants to meet you.. meet at a public place.. preferably a munch with your friends you have in the community.. they can talk to the person and give you there feelings about the person afterwards...

I get it I'm preaching to the choir for most of you but a lot of you don't think of these things I've spent 15 years working in security and investigation... The stuff we do is dangerous yes fun kinky as all hell but we can do it safely there's no need to rush.

If you want to know more come out to one of our happy hour munchs, or message us and we will thru a munch Together for you so we can help you out...

If you need farther evidence read this news story... But don't read it for it's content read it for how they wrote it.. look at the spin they put on the "double life" and as far as I have read she wasn't even doing bdsm... imagine if she had been... They dont understand our desires.. and I don't blame them.. all the more reason to have a strong local community...check out the munchs in your area...please and be safe.. don't rush..

There are links to the news story out there.. you can find them if you so desire...

1 year ago. Fri 26 Jan 2018 08:02:57 PM IST

There's an unspoken connection between sadist and masochist... 


We think differently. Yes most of us know we are fucked up.. but not all of us know that we need that balance in our life..


Well I might want a relationship where I can change a masochistu upin the basement for hours upon a Time... 


Sometimes not everything we want is good for us... Just sometimes we need someone that can teach us how to love... And provide that balance for us..


When we find that person it takes work for us to put the energy into loving like people and not just play things.