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Soon 2023 will be gone

Another year is about to end. What are the plans for 2024? Mine are to slow down just live from day to day and worry less about the things that I can not change but change those issues that I can do something about. I know that I can not physically live forever in my body. But I will spiritually alive.
4 months ago. February 29, 2024 at 9:13 PM

I am strongly debating on whether I should just give up on my quest for the potential submissive or slave girl or give out on the search at times I feel like my age has a lot to do with not finding a special lady to spend my life with. 

Spanks hard​(dom male){Looking } - DollMaker sadly where I am now there are not loads of munches or bdsm clubs close to my location not to mention that I am no longer able to drive due to a physical issue which prevents my ability to drive so by choice of my own I stopped driving to prevent serious injuries to others or myself. I made the right decision and I do not regret it.
4 months ago
Spanks hard​(dom male){Looking } - It certainly has made things difficult however I thought of the safety of other people both on foot or driving. :)
4 months ago
Max Heathen​(other male) - I stopped by your profile after reading this blog and these are only suggestions that may help, do with it as you will: Have one or two pictures of a smiling friendly nature where they can see your eyes clearly. Your profile reads pretty straight forward but you have a couple of places to re-evaluate. In one spot you say that age doesn't matter, then a couple sentences later you say ages 30 - 64 only. You then narrow your scope to only females that have never been married or divorced... Your reality is a bit askew in what you are desiring. If a woman makes it to age 30 without being married, they usually tend to be more dominant, career-oriented, ladies... not slaves. You may want to either reconsider your age group or open up to the idea that another person's loss can be your gain. In just those two areas of criteria, You have limited your options to something extremely scarce in today's society.
4 months ago
Spanks hard​(dom male){Looking } - Max it is not easy taking a selfie of my face which bugs me to no end I suppose taking one outside may help also thanks for the tip.
4 months ago
Spanks hard​(dom male){Looking } - I guess it is wrong to know what I am looking for as well.
4 months ago
Spanks hard​(dom male){Looking } - Again thank you Max I have also considered ladies who are widowed I in no way wish to exclude them as possibilities for the one that I seek.
4 months ago
Jack in the box -
Age schmage 😏
Not too long ago I had a 21yo propose to me.
Sorry for your inability to drive, that has to suck - depending on why, that can play a part in a potential dynamic.
You can still get younger women
(and when you croak they get all your stuff 😁)
Age is in your head, ask Steven Tyler - 75 and still kick'n ass.
I agree with Max, spruce up your profile a bit 👍
4 months ago
Spanks hard​(dom male){Looking } - I have never been good at writing anything about myself my profile page is bland and nothing note worthy plain and simple .
4 months ago
Spanks hard​(dom male){Looking } - I see now that I am wrong for excluding devored ladies as a potential submissive or slave girl to own that being said I will only drop in to keep in touch with friends that I have made but nothing more.
4 months ago
flitter'fly​(sub female) - I disagree with you not ever being able to find omeone here on thecage.
I have found a former Dom here and my current Dom and wife here on thecage. And they are all very good decent loving people.
Pluse I have found more than a handful of people whim I converses with, from thecage whom are if good humans.
And I can, could, would, and do, hang with out side of thecage.
Key is realizing we are all human beings.
With real life differences.
Finding the quality you need and have to have. And being capable of letting more mundane things to not stop you on finding a careing sub who only wants to be happy and make you happy as well.
Just my thoughts.
4 months ago

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