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Nomada Picante

Weird stories from a freaky nomad
1 year ago. April 13, 2021 at 11:22 PM

Fuck this dating game, no one respects each other anymore. 

I'm giving up. Unless you come at me with straight up love letters and spontaneous expression, I don't want it.

The Kinky Poet - Old school romance,there's nothing wrong with that
Love and light
1 year ago
AdamDragon​(dom male) - The USPS is too slow nowadays. Just sayin. Respect Hope it all changes for you 🌹
1 year ago
SageFlame - Straight up! (your first four words)
Much fun to be had aside from dating!! What's the plan?
1 year ago
Kelpi - It is sad that over the years I have watched true romance go from dinner a movie then a kiss at her door and a promise to call. To "wow your hot wanna fuck". I do not know if it was the women who stopped wanting it or the men who just got lazy. I remember friends coming to me to help them write letters to a girl they thought they where in love with. It has been decades simce I have had to write one but thank you. You have inspired me to write again to remind myself not only that I can but I should.
1 year ago

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