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Contemplative musings of a sub.

Honest gut feelings about real issues facing chatters here drawing from what i have been taught and from what i have personally learned.
4 years ago. August 1, 2018 at 8:37 PM



So this person enters my pm and states......i liked 50 shades..i really enjoyed it.


and i said.....oh yeah thats nice...but heres a secret....its fake...the books are fake...and so are the movies.....


and  the cartoon interactive coloring books will be fake.


and oh yes there will be an that you can play on your can yell OW OW OW every time the screen says.....SPANK.!!!!


Now thats  just what everyone be out in public  listening to ppl be fake spanked sitting right next to them.


Next time i get will be a whole lot more fun than that!!!!


50 SHADES ....THE GAME....cumming for your phone soon!!!!!   completely interactive version!!!! get your fingers ready for a workout!!!



rosethorn​(sub female) - crawls under the duvet and hides from the world until 50shades goes away, eating ice cream in the meantime watching secretary instead
4 years ago
Silver​(sub female){not intere} - lol
4 years ago
MissBonnie​(dom female){oz} - lets hope they spank the phone and break it! Smart phones for people to do dumb thing on!
4 years ago
Radiance​(dom female) - ^5

Loved it ,Love your mind .Xxx
4 years ago

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