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Roses are red, Bruises are blue

My journey of love and depravity.
10 months ago. Nov 11, 2019, 4:31 AM

Even the most loving and committed relationships have moments of friction. Sir and I have a wonderful and beautiful dynamic. We both approach our roles with the other person’s needs and wants in mind. We love aggressively, we’re passionate and generous towards each other, we’re both willing to compromise and we make sure that never a day goes by that we haven’t made sure to express our adoration and appreciation of the other. His type of Dominance fulfills each of my needs and my type of submission is what fulfills his. We’ve worked really really hard and intentionally to build a solid D/s dynamic that honors power exchange and servitude but doesn’t compromise our ability to love and be romantic, and we continue to put in that effort each day.

Because we’re human and we aren’t mind readers and we have a ton of responsibilities and outside stresses, there are the occasional moments of friction. Being so in tune with each other, these moments are especially difficult because we both desperately want the other person to feel content and appreciated and secure all of the time. When one of us tenses up, pulls away, or starts to get caught in their own head, we each feel it - and we struggle to try and fix it. So any tiny blip in our typical bubble of bliss hits us each pretty hard.

But at the end of the hard days, I go to bed feeling closer to him than ever. I feel his ownership and the promise of forever more intensely when we’ve had a bumpy day than I normally do on the “perfect” days. It’s easy to believe in forever when everything is blissful and much harder when there’s tension. There is no better feeling than being so secure in your relationship that you know with absolute certainty that whatever happens, whatever has been said or left unsaid that day, changes nothing in regards to our love and commitment. When we wake up in the morning, we’ll still be madly in love, I’ll still belong to him, and neither of us will harvest any bad feelings. That’s the foundation that we’ve built together. The structure is so stable and strong that not even a hurricane could blow it over.


“Life sure can try to put love thought it

But we built this right

So nothing’s ever gonna move it


When the bones are good,

The rest don’t matter.

Yeah the paint could peel, the glass could shatter.

Let it rain, cause you and I remain the same.


When there ain’t a crack in the foundation,

Baby I know any storm we’re facing

Will blow right over while we stay good.

The house don’t fall when my bones are good.”




Bleiz​(sub female) - Love that song ❤️
10 months ago
JohnBond​(dom male){Kitten} - It was a bumpy and beautiful weekend kitten. You suffered perfectly for me and it was truly amazing to have you endure for me in that way.

As for the bumps, you have nailed it, these bones are good. We are going to have a few rough days but we will always work through it.

I love you, and I am a lucky man.
10 months ago
AKittenforSir​(sub female){JohnBond} - Your cruelty is a beautiful thing sometimes Sir. I’m always proud to be able to endure for you.
10 months ago

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