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Priest of Sanguine

Tales of what helped create me, out of order, and no animals were hurt in the creating of this blog!
Most Tales are based on my real life with Fantasy and/or Fiction included to protect identities as well as enjoyment for
those reading. Names like "Bunny, Rabbit, Squirrel" or variation thereof, are not referencing actual Cage member names.
Its how I view my Prey from the stand point of a Primal and Hunter.
If Cage member names are use: 1) it's with their consent. 2) will have ^ before & after the name.

All Stories told are unique and your comments are greatly enjoyed so please do comment.

For those who play Skyrim: Priest of Sanguine is not a reference to the game its a reference to my life style choice ^,..,^
Go grab a drink, maybe a snack, sit back and enjoy the Tales that I delight in telling... even the hard ones.
4 years ago. February 22, 2020 at 3:21 PM

I've dated various types of women (dom/switch, sub, slave, brat, etc) and a few have told me I PC game way too much.  It can be hard to become something to someone when you don't share common interests that are core to you and for me the game has been there when nobody was. It's been there through a failed marriage of 17yrs, 4 imps (3 of whom game with me still today), several relationship and I've made some wonderful on-line friends. I've been told I've wasted my life gaming & should focus on what's real.  To that I say, you've never been in a zero. Real life I respond to emergencies with decisiveness and direction. Head off problems before they become one or something let the problem happen just to shut up those who say I'm too full of myself. It's not my fault I'm usually right. Though admitadmit I've been wrong, major bombed, and in a couple instances even bled for my mistake.  I own that.  When shit goes down, I'm the one they look to. The gamer. Waster of time.  Things I've learned from gaming (MMORP) Is far more than real life will ever train you for.  In game, I have my own guild of on-line family, real family, on-line & real friends.  Sometimes I command & sometimes I encourage someone else who I see their ability but they haven't the confidence to stand up.  I'm supported by officers who sometimes don't get along or even agree with me, but on the field of battle would smash any wall, take on outnumbered situations and win or lose stand proud with me.  Real life I'm in management and make that kind of team that gaming has help me recognize.  I can't do everything.  Somethings I have no talent for at all but I can see you do & I'll place you beside me, rally behind and praise you for publicly.  My Success depends on my team. Every member counts.  My family works as a team, everyone pulls their share & compensates for when another is unable. We do this in game, unbidden.  I teach this in life to those willing to learn.  In the game, running in a zerg (15-20 people) means you must communicate! You must be able to read the map. You must be able to listen to your people and sometimes... drive them on with such fortitude and confidence (that you really don't have facing the odds) that all of you believe it.  In real life I was degraded almost every day. In real life, I've dealt with serious heart break. Nobody taught me how to be confident or how to deal with really shitty situations. I was left to figure it out.. It was gaming that taught me if a partner can't join me in game, they most likely won't ever be a real partner in life either.  In game you learn to stay on tag (commander), work for benifet of the whole for individual success. You learn how to defend one another, read each others movements, trust each other ability, and deal with insurmountable situations together.  If you can do it second nature IN game, Real life ain't got shit on you.  The best real life relationships I've had are with those who game with me & still do as friends. Hell, I built their units! (Rewards from me are nice 😉 You depressed, get in game with me. Upset, get in game with me. Bored, get in game with me.  Horny, get in bed and we'll play another game lol.  Guess the point of this is... if you don't have game, don't hate on us who do.  It's not a waste of time, it's a training ground. 

Little moon​(sub female){Not lookin} - I would simply say everyone dies and by default anything could be deemed a waste of time and therefore what's the point 😂🤔. No one will ever be able to take the gamer out of me just like they'd never break the wild child away from me or pry my books out of my hands once I pass. To each their own and just because they had a crappy experience or situation with gaming doesn't mean they can reign down on your game! That being said I don't even have the specs to play my games right now😂😭😭😭but in time it will be so! 😁🤩 Till then maybe you can game enough for the both of us 😋😉
4 years ago
Pup Kit Kato{BratJack} - I believe yourr post 100% because i am a gamer too and it really helps so much in many ways to help others, show them how to figure things out or even learn more about what you can do by pushing your own limits to test yourself. Gaming is a great stress outlet, place to go to kill and destroy stuff when mad and build awesome creations from scratch (I play Minecraft) it lets you be free and playing with your SO or close relations can show show a lit about them
4 years ago
HGB​(sub female){Scottish M} - I like your conviction. You know what you want. Never been a gamer never will be it's just not me. Here we can be who we are. Hope you find what your looking for.
4 years ago

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