Waking up to who i really am, one step at a time
9 months ago. Thu 14 Sep 2017 06:19:55 AM IDT

I just read somebodies blog post on here it dissapeared as fast as it came up, But it got me to thinking about how i deal with things in this lifestyle.


First and foremost i set out a given set of basic rules that any sub i am in a relationship must follow. And i put these out there pretty quickly into said relationship. One of which is that if you are upset about something you give me your safeword and we talk about it, we switch off from out Dom/Sub relationship and we talk as human beings.


In all the years i have been in this lifestyle i have never once had an argument with my sub, Of all the subs i have had not one of them ended because of an argument or a breakdown of the trust that we built up.


I don`t know how it is with other Dom`s/Domme`s wether you use rules but i do believe putting these rules in place straight away makes a hell of a difference.


Of course if my trust was broken the relationship would be over, this whole lifestyle lives and dies with trust if it`s broken or not their at all then it will never work for either a Dom or a Sub to break this trust and air their problems in public or to others is a no-no, You should always talk to your significant other first no exceptions, Talking is essential everything can be worked out by just talking especially if you have the safeword rule in play. 


I don`t know if i have truly made a point here as such but rules do work if you use them correctly and it works online or off trust in one another and you will always get to the correct solution even if that solution isn`t always the one you want.

9 months ago. Tue 05 Sep 2017 02:51:17 AM IDT

Sat in here earlier and popped into the chatroom and got talking to a few really cool people(If you read this thank you was fun and i hope you know who you are)

And it was there that they said my name, And it got me thinking this is the first time in my 20+ years of having an online presence that i actually used my real name. I usually use my nickname or a handle never my actual name. 

So i have to admit it felt good to just be myself and even though i wasn`t in there for long i work nights and it was getting late it still felt great.

So my point is dont be afraid to be yourself its not as bad as you think it might be, In fact it feels pretty damn good :D


P.S Yes i plan on always finishing my blogs with something cheesy lol Im alergic to the real stuff so have to get it in somehow lol

9 months ago. Sat 02 Sep 2017 03:53:05 AM IDT

So i have been out of the lifestyle for a while, I thought i could go back to vanilla and it`s been the hardest 2 years of my life. It`s just not who i am. Yes i played the field a little but nothing serious i was just bored and for the life of me i couldn`t work out why yes i no stupid :D

I have been a dom for a lot of years had a few subs under my wing as it were, my last 2 were from the states and being from the UK as you can imagine a lot of that was online to begin with and im cool with that im nothing if not patient. I actually spoke to someone tonight who made me think damn why can i not get someone local. Working nights probably has a lot to do with it :D (and yes i use way too many emoticons and lols, blame my neices i do :D)

But anyways here i am embracing my life to the fullest, taking it one day at a time,

I guess in a way i`m looking for someone new to the lifestyle someone who i can teach aswell as enforce in myself who i truly am.

I don`t know how many if any will read this, but it`s nice to just talk about this even if its just to myself like putting pen to paper as they say.

Recently read an amazing Graphic Novel by Stjepan Šejić called Sunstone and in a way it kind of reminded me of who i am and what i want out of life.

So yes here i am Im a DOM and i am proud of that