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Reflections in the dark mirror

Just my musings on 5 decades of the lifestyle
I am here when you are in need
I am here when your mind is freed
I am here if you want to walk
I am here if you want to talk
I cannot write more verse today
My mind like yours is far too frayed
All I can say to you is
I am here

Reginald Miles
1 year ago. January 1, 2023 at 7:26 AM

Whatever this year brings has to be better than the last one ! 

I hope we all recognise our desires and are brave enough to go for them ! 

Procrastination is just avoiding dealing with the things that matter ! 

Love, light and peace of mind to all 

Stew 💙


fluffypoppet​(sub female){Protected} - I hope you find this year better than the last.
1 year ago
Aquarius Dom​(dom male) - Thank you . You too 💙
1 year ago
Mama Bear JJ​(dom female){koa} - Happy New Year! We hope you find new adventures and beginnings this year 💕 - JJ & koa
1 year ago
Aquarius Dom​(dom male) - And may your year be joyous and fulfilling 💙
1 year ago

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