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My first spanking (true story)

By spankedbrat​(sub male)     11/17/2021 329
My first spanking.

Like most spankos, I’ve had a spanking obsession since I can remember.
I read stories, looked at pictures and watched videos.
I fantasized for years, and self spanked occasionally.
Finally, in my mid 20s, I got on fetlife and started exploring the possibility of getting a real life spanking.

As a straight guy, I was looking for a female spanker, but it quickly became evident that female spankers (who aren’t professionals) are next to impossible to find.
I decided to put an ad on Craigslist.
I can’t remember now what the text was, but the accompanying picture was me in drop seat longjohns with the flap open and my bare bottom on display.

The picture got a lot of attention, but mostly from guys.
I enjoyed the attention but couldn’t bring myself to submit to a man.

I got one message that said “I like your picture. Would you be ok with a dad spanking you?”

At first I said no. But it nagged at me for days.
Then finally I messaged him back.
He was not looking for sex- just a bottom to paddle and I thought “I guess a spanking is a spanking”.

We set a time and he sent me the location.
I planned to go to the gym afterward, so I dressed in sweatpants and a hoodie.
My heart was in my throat the entire trip.
It was an overcast, cold day.
I’ve never been so nervous in my life, and I was shivering.
I pulled up to his house and knocked on the door.
He invited me in and introduced himself as Brian.
He was tall, 6’2” at least and around 50 with salt and pepper hair. He was in good shape, dressed in nice jeans, a plaid button up and cowboy boots.
When we shook hands I noticed that his hand was quite warm.
I remember thinking it would feel good on my backside.

He led me to the couch and instructed me to bend over.
I swallowed hard and obeyed, nervously.
The paddle impacted, aimed perfectly, landing on both cheeks evenly.
My sweat pants didn’t pad it as much as I expected them to.
“Wow.” I thought. “It’s really happening. I’m really getting spanked by a stranger”.

He gave me about 25 swats with the paddle, a miniature canoe paddle, before giving me a break.
He asked about my interest in spanking and explained who he got into it.
Then, after I had a chance to rub my tingling bottom, I bent over again.
Then I felt his thumbs hook in the waistband of my sweat pants and pull them down to below my knees.
I stood there presenting my bum in my soft white briefs, my face feeling hot.
Brian continued to spank me, taking breaks periodically to squeeze and stroke my cheeks over my underpants.
That made me feel weird, having never been touched by a man before, but the spanking was what I had needed for my entire life and I felt amazing, completely submitted to him.

“You’re looking pretty pink”, he told me, setting the paddle down.
He took hold of my underpants, paused for a second, and then pulled them down exposing my bare butt.
I would have been extremely embarrassed normally, but at this point I was in a mindset of a naughty boy. I knew I deserved to be punished.
Feeling his warm hands run over my hot bottom, I readied myself for the finale.

Brian picked up the paddle. My heart skipped a beat.
And then the paddle landed once again.
I had been quite stoic and quiet until this point but the first stroke with the paddle on my naked backside made me jump and Yelp.
The second swat brought tears to my eyes.
After 4 or 5 I was sobbing, tears flowing freely.
I tried to stand up, but he put a hand on my hip and another on my upper back, pushing me back down.
“You need this young man” he told me.
“Yes sir” I nodded, sniffing.

The punishment continued for another few minutes. Then he set the paddle down and allowed me to stand up. I stood there allowing him to caress my bottom, making no move to pull my pants up.
I wiped away my tears and composed myself. Then I bent down and pulled up my briefs.
He lightly patted my butt and I pulled up my sweatpants.
“Thank you sir” I said quietly.
He smiled, we shook hands and I left, loving the heat and sting emanating from my well spanked bum.
Once I got to the gym, I entered the change room and inspected my cheeks in the mirror.
They were a beautiful collage of red and purple. I had a really difficult time focusing on my workout so I went home, took my pants off and took about 20 selfies of my sore bottom, daydreaming about the next time I could submit to a good spanking.

TagPDX​(sub male)
Thank you for sharing this. It’s inspiring.
11/17/2021 19:39
HurtSoGood​(sub female)
That was nicely articulated. Thank you for sharing!
11/23/2021 21:49
Sasa​(dom female)
Beautiful written. Love it
11/25/2021 00:26
FlitterFly​(sub female){Sir Don}
Oh My Lord Congratulations And well written I Applaud You
11/30/2021 18:13