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Master from boston seeks sissy to to train
Hello i am from the Boston mass area. I am seeking a sissy for training. What i am seeking from my sub is obedience, i require my sub to arrive at where i am dressed up for example knee length skirt, blouse with lacy bra and thong panties.

You my sub should be able to travel to my location.
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master for servant
master for live in servant willing to learn how to serve
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New here seeking
Trans BDSM LIVE IN slave only need apply relocation posible for right situations. No cds. And please be real.
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Look for a daddy/dom or mistress to transform me into perfect sissy girl
I’m 29. Male for now.... very willing to coroperate with most parameters. I want to be submissive and transform in to a house sissy and a sissy slut to be used. Only limits are extreme pain/violence and scat. Everything else fine and you can train me to be a good girl and to please master daddy. My only want is to be feminized, shave my body head to toe, Slim me down and mold my body to be more of a women’s, maybe hormones so I can grow breast. Grow my hair and color and straighten it to your liking, Learn the art of makeup and dressing the way daddy likes, Sexy and slutty clothes, dresses. Bras and panties. Anything daddy wants. I want served daddy in the bed room as his filthy fuck toy. Then in the house as a obident wife that cooks and cleans and waits on her master. Here is a fun porn Let’s talk more if you would like. See what happens?
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Versatile vixen nympho
I need some hot sex for my 1st 3 way
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NTY Dominant seeking submissive and passable
Ny dominant into bd ds sm with emphasis on bondage and SM seeking an honest open minded loyal cd/ts/tv who is passable for extended bd ds sm session,
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Aim to please
I'm a Tguy ftm and I'm looking to sub for a Dom. Aim To Please and love rough aggressiveness and how ever you want it.
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NYC/ NNJ Dominant Looking for an ultra feminine partner
Looking...for one, you know who you are. I am more of a Daddy D type with certain tendencies..., looking for one to guide, mentor, cherish and watch grow. Open to all ages, but ideally, 30 and over, however there are always exceptions...)very feminine and yes passable as i will be seen with you within a public settings.
Do not contact me unless you are in the NYC/ North Jersey area. I am tat Dom who does enjoy the thin line between pleasure and pain. I enjoy the art of MENTAL SENSUALITYwhich a true submissive so truly desires. I can be in your face verbal with commands, or display a romantic deeply sensual side. I can laugh at myself, and enjoy making others laugh. I can be demanding and strict, but always towards a worthy goal. This Lifestyle is not about sex...... but sex is one of the many tools a skilled Master has at his disposal. Its is mental of course, and no one enjoys a good Mind Fuck more then I.
I have a strong mind and body, am safe, sane and consensual and have a strong need to dominate and use you in endless ways. It's not just about kinky sex, but about the blend of sex, control, submission and emotional need ALONG with hyper sex and incredible passion.
So if you are a very successful professional, direct and honest, passionateWoman - who loves life and living to the fullest. I have trained and owned slaves in the past and am a skilled and patient teacher of newbies as well as those who are seasoned. I ask that you be real, not a poser, with the intention of learning about, and progressing in this beautiful lifestyle.

I will dedicate to helping you become the best that you can be...both for you and ME.
My Ideal Person
In a sense people are like onions, they wrap themselves in layers to protect against the world so you when you peel away a surface layer theres another right below it. One must have patience and persistence to get to the core. In a sub I like to see the fear and the innocence that lies at the center. People really are just simple creatures for all their conceits of complexity, its merely an illusion caused by confusion of competing desires. In truth there are only two feelings, the need which compels us to seek what we desire, safety, security and a sense of belonging and fear which keeps us from achieving what we desire most. Sometimes both at the same time, the old approach avoidance trap where neither takes precedence and leaves you paralyzed.An authentic person, someone who is consistent in word and deed, someone who can let go of fear and embrace their desires.
Picture on request...
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slave slut wants to be used for your pleasure
I am not young but i am still able to take care of myself and i desire a t mistress to use me for her pleasure this includes spankings, bondage and most other things
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First time - Need Trans near midwest KY
Contact me - want to experience thisin threesome with womanbut will tak what i can get
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Seeking domme
Looking for someone dominant. I prefer to be submissive and interested in forced feminization and being disciplined
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Ftm Submissive looking for a dominant man
Into bondage, brat taming, fear, and the like. I like being ordered around, disciplined, and the like. I'm looking just for a chat relashonship. No real life stuff or video chats or pictures. Just chatting roleplay.
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Transgender Princess seeking her forever pet.
Hi, I'm a geeky redheaded transgender prissy princess, looking for a sub female, transfemale or transman to serve me. I can promise you affection, love, strict upbringing, firmness, romance. loyalty and honesty and you better provide a quarter of what I just said, you know which I mean. I am an artist. I work in my home painting miniatures, making keychains, pins, buttons and such with pearler beads or my buttone maker and I also create and paint landscapes for the miniatures. It's slow work but someone has to do it and besides, I love doing it. I also write books, none published yet. I'm into videogames, comics, manga, anime, cartoons, the MCU, catgirls and so on...But I suppose you want to hear the real deal, yeah? I'm into light bondage, namely, tying you up, i'm into roleplay and pet play, so be ready for looking like my perfect little kitty for me to pet. I'm into obedience from my sub, even if I have to spank it into them...HARD. I also expect you to do as I bid, even in public. Sometimes, I might get a wild hair up my ass to put a vibrator in you that can either be controlled by me or by a sound or timer, when i get one of course and being that we're in public, you best be on your best behavior. After all, you don't want to let people know you're pussy and/or ass are feeling too good, right? I will collar you, get you a tag for it, as well as cat ears, a tail plug and sometimes we will be going out in public for little fun. Hope we don't get caught. ;) I like to put stuff online and you will be expected to be put on display as well, pictures and video. You will also be keeping a job if you have one to help out and if you don't have one, you will be expected to get one. If you aren't making babies like a good kitten, then you are busy for 5-8 hours a day making money for your mistress, while she works at home. If none of this is understood, then you are indeed lacking fundemental training, which I will proudly give to you. What I am looking for...Well, I'm not shallow, so I won't say "oh, I want some hot bitch like on television", pssh, please, everyone knows cute is best and cute is in the eye of the beholder, which is me. All I ask is that you are feminine, willing to go along with what I have described and what I haven't, want kids, keep a smooth body, especially crotch, and probably be into geeky shit, like me. You also better not smoke or be willing to quit, be disease free as I am and be a non-light drinker because I don't drink. It helps me keep a clear head when I punish you. Oh and expect weird punishments. I can be imaginative. You should also be female, transfemale or transmale. Age is of no concern to me as long as you are old enough, and I expect you to prove it. To begin with, you will be coming to see me, spending the night, taking a shower with me, ect. In time when we have gotten to the point, you will likely move in with me and be mine on a permanent basis, but this plan can be changed based on how well we do together. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, then hit me up.
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Submissive Sissy looking for a Master or Mistress :)
Hi there! I'm Kristyyy, a submissive sissy slut from Hong Kong. Hoping to find a lovely master or mistress here on The Cage!

Much Love,
Kristy xoxo
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James f2m
Uh hello im james im a 18 year old transgender f2m im a sub and im kinda shy and dont really have and training
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Sissy looking for master
asian sissy 29yo, looking for master to enslaved n feminized me to become full trans, please see my profile if you interesting..
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Looking for a Mistress to server
Hi I am a 52 yo post-op (12 years) m2F looking for a dominant Woman to serve.
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Hello ladies
Anyone want to chat
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male to female submissive
lookin for dominant men london
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Looking for female owner
Hi I am a 59 year old MTF transgender looking for a dominant female to become her property. Someone to totally feminize me and take total control of me. No command will ever be refused. Waiting to totally serve you.
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