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New dom looking for someone to be my guinea pig
Hi, I am new so I may make some mistakes along the way and wanting someone that is also new or experienced. I am into sissy and or pet play. I would love just to watch you perform all types of tasks and things for me. Also I am fine doing spanking some bondage ,sexual teasing , role play. Any other interests we can talk about. I’m really looking for someone that is fun to be with and is comfortable to be themselves. That is looking to have a long term relationship and I prefer someone that is in the age range of 20-30 and is in the area of NY , NY. Also I am a strait woman that speaks English.Overall have fun being together.
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Mommy looking for a cute little boy
I am an 18 year old mommy interested in little boys from 18 to 23 years old (might consider older if we click). Dm me if interested. :)
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WHAT I’M SEEKING Part 1 or 2 :
This aspect of my profile, is so crucial to be read and very much understood. I want the slaves/subs who read this to be clear that they’re capable of embodying what it is I’m seeking. If you are unsure, or know you can’t fulfill my needs, please refrain from wasting my time as I don’t appreciate games. If you’re a serious candidate, and you feel you are exactly what I want then feel free to forward me a message. You’ll be expected to do the following when writing to myself.
1.) You’ll greet me by referring to myself as Ms. Carmen in the initial first message. All other messages/correspondences you may refer to me as Maam, Miss, Ms, Mistress. Always emphasize the M as a form of respect for your Dominant.
2.) You’ll attach a clear face photo, nothing nude unless requested by myself.
3.) You’ll send a detailed message, explaining who you are, why you feel you’d be a great candidate, and what your goals to appease me, limits ect.

WHAT I’M SEEKING Part 2 of 2 :
The following is the set requirements you’d need to fulfill prior to messaging me.
1.) Canada/U.S MEN ONLY
2.) 20-45 Years Old ( On the rarest of occasions I will accept an older slave )
3.) Caucasian Only
4.) Must speak fluent English
1.) Cum Swallowing
2.) Piss Drinking
3.) Orgasm Denial ( Denial Journal will be also included via email daily )
4.) Edging
5.) Essays/Tasks ( depending on what I’m in the mood for )
6.) Must be willing to either own toys or purchase toys such as dildo/anal beads
Anything else I require will be brought up within correspondences.
YOU MUST OWN A WEBCAM/MIC as you’ll be required to perform tasks either in video or picture format. You will willingly offer DAILY to complete any requests.
I’m currently using KIK/Hangouts and I will be establishing an email address for slaves to submit to me email correspondences/tasks ect.
Thank You for taking time to read my profile, I hope to hear from you, if not all the best with finding your Dominant counterpart.
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Creative, slave/sub needed for different Mistress
Male only, I loathe women including sissies. He should be Self sufficient, bisexual, pansexual, gay or willing to learn. He will play with the other slaves and subs. I love to peg so I will also play with him, but he should never plan on having me. He needs domestic skills, eager to please, understands his place, sarcastic, creative is nice, intelligence, quick wit, sense of humor, would be nice.

Dark and twisted, with a love for all things horror would yield bonus points. An accent (especially British) would give him massive bonus points.

no brats, no online only, don't waste my time if you aren't serious about relocating yourself. I don't mind a little crazy. Norman Bates might be ok, his mother is not.

We will talk on here and then advance further.

I don't mind training newcomers.

I am not a typical mistress, as I have different views and methods of punishment. I promise, if you mess up, it will be only once.

If you are looking for strict regimen and traditional D/s roles, move along. If you seek something different, unique, little twisted, and permanent, (collar, tattoo, live in) then you have my permission to reach out to me.
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ISO Sub Male in S. Cali
Looking for a submissive male to see several times a month,, or as I beckon him.
NOT looking for any live-in situations that would overtake either of our lives.
NOT looking for a switch.
Open to a male between the ages of 22 - 50. Must be fit/in-shape, attractive, intelligent, and have a stable career/life.
You need not be experienced but you at least must be smart, intuitive, and easily teachable.
I would like us to chat (for a reasonable amount of time, NOT indefinitely) and develop an initial degree of respect and trust before meeting. To be clear, our first meeting will not be a sexual encounter. This will give us a chance to decide if there is chemistry.
You must live in either San Diego or Los Angeles area so that it would be convenient for us to see each other at least a few times per month.
Please be courteous in your first message. Any introduction that starts with “Hey” will be automatically deleted. Do not send me nude photos unless I request them.
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Dom mistress seeks little in NE PA
Mommy Dom Looking for a little. In the stroudsburg area
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The Search Begins Anew
I’m a 63 yo dominant woman in the Pittsburgh PA area ISO someone who has a grasp of the D/s dynamic and the English language. You are respectful, obedient, mature, patient, d/d free, financially responsible, and prepared to do whatever it takes to build my trust (including but not limited to a rigorous background check). No games, no switches, no dick pics, no bullshit. Don’t waste my time if this is all about kink for you. If you need tpe as much as you need the air that you breathe, I’m open to discussion.
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Dominant Woman
Enjoy having submissive men too take care of my every need. Your purpose is to please and satisfy what ever need I may have. I am your master!!!
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Black BBW Domme in Seattle seeks submissive James Evans
I’m looking for a steady submissive Seattle man who is ideally between 42 and 56 years old, who enjoys tease and denial - ideally chastity, being of domestic and body service, sensual and sexual domination; has a masochistic streak, and a car. More information on my specific kink interests are in my profile.

I'm willing to consider men slightly younger than 42. Ultimately I would like a female led relationship with particularly compatible candidates. Race, height, and weight not an issue: respect and attitude is.

In return, I can offer cuddles, doting, sex play (if not release), a fair number of toys to taunt you with, and free or reduced-price entry into many CSPC events during dates - hence the need for a car.
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Seeking a relationship that is serious about entering a lifelong lifestyle of volunteer servitude that seeks subjugation with a responsible, mature, sensitive, nurturing female. The responsibility of this kind of relationship lies with both the Mistress and the submissive, which is negotiated and agreed to by each party in a written relationship BDSM agreement form, which is reviewed and updated on a yearly basis. Mistress responsibilities are making final decisions, gathering information, giving the home direction, and overseeing intimacy. The volunteer servant’s purpose is not to please himself but to focus on serving and pleasing Her.

I would like to take a moment here to express my appreciation and acknowledgement of the courage it takes for a male to enter a lifestyle such as this, in allowing the woman to make final decisions with input from the subjugation on most executive decisions.

Mistress is seeking demographics of:
Gentleman from USA
Age 50 and older
Citizenship or Naturalization
Speaks fluent English
LTR-TPE Contract
Financially stable
Understands and accepts the enjoyment of being Collared and Chasity Belted
Must be able to relocate

Disciplines include:
Handyman / Contractor a must!
Enjoys being sent out on an assignment(s)
Computer and software skills
Writing and editing skills
Domestic and shopping services
Preparing meals and grilling
Landscaping and maintaining yard
Assist with input for executive decision making
Intimacy services
Personal attendant
Enjoys serving, laughter, and enjoys private conversation

Etiquette accepted and beginning of sharing information
Please address me as Ma’am
Attach two photos: 1) a clear face photo and 2) a full length photo in a suit or professional casual
Send me a paragraph or two about yourself
I will send my information to you after I send you my email with a request to do a test send

In closing: Thank you for taking the time to read this ad, best wishes in finding a Mistress.
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New to this but knows what I want
I am new to the scene but I know I want someone to just do what I want when I want it. I would like someone close to me so I can demand things here, like bring me food.
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Searching for a male slave or submissive.
I am searching for a male to serve me. He must be healthy and fit, able to cook and clean. Must be great with his hands and tongue.
I do not wish a male that has a lot of limits. I will always agree to no scat children or blood. You must be able to follow instructions and take whatever I give you. Be it pain perhaps a chance to lay at my feet .. to be used as a footstool or even a chair. or maybe even one day to be allowed to be my pillow.
we will see as time goes on. If you are this male I look forward to hearing from you.
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Dominant woman seeking willing, uncomplicated Submissive man
Hello! my name is Miss Diamond. I am 37 years old. I joined this site looking for a submissive man. I want a submissive who enjoys being a slut for his mistress. I enjoy a submissive who loves to be pegged/have anal play, I love a submissive who makes sure his mistress daily needs are taking care of. Who follows the rules. A submissive who will give himself to me whole heartedly. If you never been pegged before but always dreamed of it. I will guide you into the light. If you've never been put on a allowance, I don't care if you did work for it, we will have to adjust. I will expect you to do cam2cam with me everyday. You have to be orally fun. And you have to have good knees, because when we cam2cam that's where I always expect you to be. Must eat healthy and accept my critiques to do better in your everyday life. I want us to have a meaningful relationship. Online we will start, but eventually I will want you here by my side and at your knees. Even if it is a monthly, weekly visit that you have to make time for. Be open to toys, and we will start a savings to add on more and more to our collection. Chastity cages are a must. Message me, Don't waste my time and I won't waste yours. And before you contact me. The one word that should be removed from your vocabulary for me is "No"!
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Seeking a submissive for a private online relationships, play , fantasies and more.
Dear Gentleman,

I’m a Soft Dominatrix looking to start an online relationship as I find myself far away from home and frustrated.

I like my servants/toys to be imaginative, open with there wants , needed and fantasies.
I enjoy playing with, indulging and sometimes spoiling my good boys but they must never forget I’m the one in control. I will never hesitate to Bring a bad boy back into line and can be very creative with my punishments.

If you are a good obedient boy message me with a detailed description of your fantasies, likes and limits.

If I find you interesting and worth my time I will be in touch shortly,

Your Goddess xx
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Bisexual Crossdresser for Service
I'm a Bisexual CD seeking, Doms, Dommes or Dom Couples to serve and BDSM
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What I say goes!
Sub male
- 25 and up
- Race doesn’t matter
Dm for more!
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Dominant Woman looking for Submissive.
Hello there.

I’m a young dominant woman looking for a submissive or slave to call my own, to please my needs and be rewarded if they were good, if they displeased me - they will be punished, no exceptions.

I’m a firm domme, you follow my rules and orders and I will reward you. You disobey me and you will be punished.

A bit about me as a domme:

- I don’t care what gender or sexuality you are, if we have a connection that doesn’t matter to me.
- I might be firm with my rules and orders, but I am still understanding. If you are my submissive I will care for you, listen to your troubles and be there for you.
- I strive to never be unfair or unjust towards my submissives and my decisions regarding them.
- I will do everything in my power as your Domme to put you at ease and to help you be the best version of yourself.

I love denying my submissives orgasms, tying them up and marking them. (not permanently, mostly hickeys— I love showing everyone what is mine.) I love to overstimulate my submissives sometimes. I love using gags, restraints, blindfolds and toys on my submissives. — of course, i love doing much more than just this, this is only to name a few.

I love impact play and sensual play— and many more.

I’m currently just looking for an online/LDR submissive or slave, as I’m a busy woman. But with the potential of meeting up when we both feel comfortable and feel a connection.

There is more to say, but the rest I’ll leave for those truly interested in getting to know me.
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True Lifestyle Mistress ISO slave LTR masos welcome.. FLORIDA
I am a vetted Attractive Domme in the lifestyle for 27 years in Florida
I am offering a collar, training, scene time. time out at clubs. with My rope family. you Will start off i your own apartment( you rent it yourself no free rides) after you are trained sufficiently.. and can prove to Me that you are worthy of the collar and tag given to you... then I may let you live in...
Since I am engaged you Will not have intercourse with Me. or anyone. consider yourself in chastity or on a regime there of chastity cage and milking..
Please refer to my profile or ask Questions to clarify anything that you wish to know..
I enjoy impact play and rope.. although i am vetted in most aspects of BDSM heavy on the S/M :>
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Looking for a hot fully bi male for...
We're looking for a very hot bi male single preferred looking for a Primal Dominant couple
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Be my bitch
I’m looking for a submissive man to come worship me, I joy mind control and pegging until he’s learned his lesson.
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