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Seeking a Sissy Slut or a Sub
I am Seeking a Sissy slut or a Sub i am looking also for a slave as well. I am a hardcore mistress. I give tasks i expect them to be done. I tell you what to wear when we are going to talk. i want attention alot of the time. I expect my sub or slave to listen and abide my my rules. if you are ok with this email me.
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Seeking a relationship that is serious about entering a life long lifestyle of volunteer servitude that seeks subjugation with a responsible, mature sensitive, nurturing female. The responsibility of this relationship lies with both Mistress and submissive which is negotiated and agreed to by each party in a written relationship BDSM agreement form which is reviewed and updated on a yearly basis. Mistress gathers information, giving the relationship direction, overseeing intimacy, and makes final decisions. Surrender one's purpose is not to please himself but to focus on serving and pleasing Ma'am. I would like to take a moment to express my appreciation in allowing the woman to make final decisions with input from the subjugation on most executive decisions. This Mistress is seeking demographics of:
Being a gentleman prefer from USA
Single Caucasian
50 plus (may consider younger)
Citizenship or Naturalization
Speaks fluent English
Financially stable
Understands and accepts the enjoyment of being collared and Chasity
Must be willing to relocate

Disciplines include:
Handyman / Contractor a must!
Enjoys being sent out on an assignment(s)
Computer and software skills
Writing and editing skills
Domestic and shopping services
Preparing meals and grilling (Keto a plus)
Landscaping and maintaining the yard
Assist with input for executive decision making
Chivalry and intimacy services
Personal attendant
Enjoys serving, laughter, and enjoys private conversation
Etiquette appreciated

Let's begin sharing information by sending me a paragraph or two about yourself. Also please send a clear face photo and a full length photo in a suit or professional casual. When I feel comfortable I will ask for your e-mail and do a test send and receive. Thank you for taking the time to read this ad, best wishes....

Soaring Eagle
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Mistress, 31, Amsterdam searching for cuckolding relationship with a slave
I am looking for my forever slave. I like videogames, horror, books, I like learning, I like politics - you can say I'm extreme leftist, I like horror and metal and I like to dance - I've taken classes of bellydance, rock and roll and lindy hop and want to get back to all of them. I love old music - specially 50's and 60's and I love gothic music and folk rock/metal. I love comedy and stand up but not the traditional, type more like Jim Jefferies kind of thing hehe
I am looking for love, to build a life together, being best friends and support each other.
Limits: Right-wingers, smokers
Any contact from profiles that don't contain a clear face picture or that don't have a face picture attached or on a link with the picture will be ignored. I also require a video of your face as soon as we start talking.
Know that it would be a FLR what we would have and ideally a TPE one.
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Looking for a submissive male slave
Must be submissive in all aspects of life! Must do as told and understand that there are boundaries he must follow. This is for online and real life .
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WHAT I’M SEEKING Part 1 or 2 :
This aspect of my profile, is so crucial to be read and very much understood. I want the slaves/subs who read this to be clear that they’re capable of embodying what it is I’m seeking. If you are unsure, or know you can’t fulfill my needs, please refrain from wasting my time as I don’t appreciate games. If you’re a serious candidate, and you feel you are exactly what I want then feel free to forward me a message. You’ll be expected to do the following when writing to myself.
1.) You’ll greet me by referring to myself as Ms. Carmen in the initial first message. All other messages/correspondences you may refer to me as Maam, Miss, Ms, Mistress. Always emphasize the M as a form of respect for your Dominant.
2.) You’ll attach a clear face photo, nothing nude unless requested by myself.
3.) You’ll send a detailed message, explaining who you are, why you feel you’d be a great candidate, and what your goals to appease me, limits ect.

WHAT I’M SEEKING Part 2 of 2 :
The following is the set requirements you’d need to fulfill prior to messaging me.
1.) Canada/U.S MEN ONLY
2.) 20-45 Years Old ( On the rarest of occasions I will accept an older slave )
3.) Caucasian Only
4.) Must speak fluent English
1.) Cum Swallowing
2.) Piss Drinking
3.) Orgasm Denial ( Denial Journal will be also included via email daily )
4.) Edging
5.) Essays/Tasks ( depending on what I’m in the mood for )
6.) Must be willing to either own toys or purchase toys such as dildo/anal beads
Anything else I require will be brought up within correspondences.
YOU MUST OWN A WEBCAM/MIC as you’ll be required to perform tasks either in video or picture format. You will willingly offer DAILY to complete any requests.
I’m currently using KIK/Hangouts and I will be establishing an email address for slaves to submit to me email correspondences/tasks ect.
Thank You for taking time to read my profile, I hope to hear from you, if not all the best with finding your Dominant counterpart.
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Sadist seeking TINY maso
REPOST- weeding out people who dont match. Dont match the physical requirements? Dont bother.

Im extremely picky, but Im hoping to find someone who matches what Im looking for. 1st off Im looking for someone near me (EC WI USA) Im ok with LDR (still in WI), but prefer someone I can touch. Must be able to handle light humiliation, light degradation. Physical pain including but not limited to: flogging, crop, beltings, bare handed spankings, uncomfortable positions, hair pulling, face slapping, biting, clawing, etc. Must be ok with receiving: 24/7 castity, anal play (pegging, rimming, fingering, plugs, etc) orgasm control and denial, asphyxiation, water sports,... I want to be in complete control of what you wear, your scheduling, behavior, eating, controlled restroom privileges, habits, hygiene and grooming etc.

Check-ins are vary important. I want to know where you are, who your with, what you doing. Confirmation may be required in the form of pictures, phone calls, vid chats, etc. (Im a control freak not, sorry, not sorry) Things Im not ok with doing: Scat play, ball busting, electrocution, permanent scarring, needle play and extreme bodily harm.

As if that wasnt picky enough I want someone: 20+ years old 5'6-5'9, Slim/tiny build, Light skin tone, Curly light colored hair, Light eye color, Well kept little to no facial and body hair, Strong jaw line Tattoos/piercings ok. Younger looking the better.
Im a book nerd/leisurely gamer and prefer someone like minded. 420 friendly and prefered. This is getting rather long so Ill stop here. If your interested or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. -Neon
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Orlando Mistress seeking bi slave/sub
I'm a Dom looking for a bi slave/sub once a week to come and do my bidding. I enjoy taking my frustrations out on my slave/sub, teach them how to serve and please me. Now I also will sometimes let my husband use my slave/sub if he is in need. I'm a cury woman I'm 5'3 and 200lbs if that offends you then click out of this ad. I have basic rules to follow message me if serious.

Mistress Lotus
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Looking for a sub
Hello I am Miss Kelsey,
I have learned about the dom/sub relationship for some time from both sides but am now a full time online (Skype) Domme, mommy, and Miss.
I am very old fashioned, a strong woman, it is not about me sending pictures of my self naked. (That won’t happen) but I am loving, expressive, and controlling. I do have high expectations and require full loyalty and honesty .
Hoping to hear from you soon.
Miss Kelsey
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Need a good sub
I’m looking for a good sub thats around my age, I’ve had two other subs and recently ended those relationships. We just didn’t click that much, I hope I can find the perfect sub for me. Message me and we’ll go from there.
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Looking for my cuck hubby
Title says all, take a peek at my profile and let's go from there! I prefer white men, no older than 35, no children, respectful, has life together, and 5'10 & up as I am 5'8.
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Mistress seeking sub LTR
I'm the Lady Sasori. Lifestyle Mistress as was My Great-grandmother, Grandmother and Mother, I've lived this lifestyle all My life. I live this lifestyle 24/7/365, it is not a game but My way of life. I'm seeking a slave(s), live-in positions, to be filled immediately. Seeking 1 household alpha and 1 personal. I do have a head alpha, if you can't handle following orders of a head alpha do not apply. I am married, he does not live the lifestyle, but enjoys Me being Me. Must be able to learn, follow and obey a High Protocol household. Domestic household duties, cleaning, laundry, cooking, etc... Just to name a few things. I will NOT train anyone online, phone or in any other way but in person. I will NOT send you Money or gifts, so don't go there. Things that will get you ignored: One-three liners (your an adult act like one), Pictures of your genitals (not interested), If I'll have sex with you, what I'll do to you if your bad or good (only those who are serving Me in person will ever know).
I will accept reasonable hard limits, of course. All seeking positions, must provide their own way to Me, chastity device, and restraints.
If you made it this far and still interested, let Me know
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Seeking my little goth bat
I am looking gently for a pet who adores the goth subculture. I have 17 years of experience. I do not expect the same however, honesty and good communication is paramount! I prefer local but willing to do online.

Please read my profile before responding

☠Miss Aya☠
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Seeking male sub
Looking for a submissive male to see several times a month, or as I call on him.
NOT looking for any live-in situations that would overtake either of our lives. If you’re married even better.
NOT looking for a switch.
Open to a male between the ages of 30-50. Must be in-shape (to pick up a thick piece like me) attractive, intelligent, and have a stable career.
You don’t need to be experienced but you at least must be smart, intuitive, and easily teachable.
Prefer someone who can be playful.
I would like us to chat (for a reasonable amount of time, NOT indefinitely) and develop an initial degree of respect and trust before meeting. To be clear, our first meeting will not be a sexual encounter. This will give us a chance to decide if there is chemistry.
You must live in the Los Angeles area so that it would be convenient for us to see each other at least a few times per month.
Please be courteous in your first message. Any introduction that starts with “Hey” will be automatically deleted. Do not send me nude photos unless I request them.
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Black BBW Domme in Seattle seeks submissive James Evans
I’m looking for a steady submissive Seattle man who is ideally between 42 and 56 years old, who enjoys tease and denial - ideally chastity, being of domestic and body service, sensual and sexual domination; has a masochistic streak, and a car. More information on my specific kink interests are in my profile.

I'm willing to consider men slightly younger than 42. Ultimately I would like a female led relationship with particularly compatible candidates. Race, height, and weight not an issue: respect and attitude is.

In return, I can offer cuddles, doting, sex play (if not release), a fair number of toys to taunt you with, and free or reduced-price entry into many CSPC events during dates - hence the need for a car.
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Teasing Mistress seeking loyal slave for a long term relationship! Online to start, and eventually real life hopefully!
My potential slave:

To put it simply, I want a man I can mold into the ideal version that I can see in him.

First, I’d like him to be between 20-30 years old. He needs to either be in post-secondary education or have a stable job after graduating. I’m not looking for a freeloader. Personality wise, I’d like him to be gentle, kind, loving, mature, and loyal. He needs to be accepting of my analytical nature. I’m okay with him being more emotional, but I just need him to know I will be approaching matters with a more logical mindset. I want him to be expressive and extremely eager to please.

Physical characteristics I prefer are tall (around 6’0”+), slim or broad (but at a healthy weight), shaved face, short hair, and minimal body hair. Sorry, I’m not into super femme boys. If it helps at all to make it simple, I keep falling for the “gentle giants” in anime like Makoto Tachibana from Free! or just other general soft boys like Naruse Kakeru from Orange.

Also, he must be free of street drugs, non-smoking, and he must be a responsible drinker. I know too many alcoholics, dude.

He needs to be service oriented and willing to hand over control 24/7 regarding his diet, exercise habits, clothing, hygiene habits, and sexual desires. Yes, service oriented includes domestic tasks if we meet up in real life. I’ll hear no complaints, understood? If rules are broken, there will be consequences. If I want to watch him squirm and hear him whimper purely for my own amusement, he’ll gratefully accept any torment from his Owner. I don’t tolerate brats either.

For obvious reasons, the dynamic doesn’t extend to the professional life. I’d rather us NOT get fired from our jobs. Of course, I’m not gonna try to isolate him either. He can still have a healthy social life. He just has to remember who owns him.

I have all the information about myself in my profile.

Moving Forward:

When messaging me, please don't address me with honorifics off the bat. We're not in a dynamic yet, so there's no need. Just be respectful. Please don't send me low effort messages. Put some thought into them. Tell me where we click, where there might be conflict, etc.

Again, I’m looking for a long term relationship. Even though it’s starting online, I’d want it to move eventually to real life. Yeah, I know it’s difficult, but I’ve seen it done. As I said up above, I'm looking to move to Europe eventually, so finding someone there would be great! I’m not open to finding anyone outside of Europe since I’ll be moving out of the USA hopefully soon. I don’t want to leave someone behind. It’d just be harder for both of us, and nobody needs that.

If you finished reading all this, write your favorite quote as the first line of your message.

Thanks for reading, and have a good one!
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ISO Sub Male in S. Cali
Looking for a submissive male to see several times a month,, or as I beckon him.
NOT looking for any live-in situations that would overtake either of our lives.
NOT looking for a switch.
Open to a male between the ages of 22 - 50. Must be fit/in-shape, attractive, intelligent, and have a stable career/life.
You need not be experienced but you at least must be smart, intuitive, and easily teachable.
I would like us to chat (for a reasonable amount of time, NOT indefinitely) and develop an initial degree of respect and trust before meeting. To be clear, our first meeting will not be a sexual encounter. This will give us a chance to decide if there is chemistry.
You must live in either San Diego or Los Angeles area so that it would be convenient for us to see each other at least a few times per month.
Please be courteous in your first message. Any introduction that starts with “Hey” will be automatically deleted. Do not send me nude photos unless I request them.
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Dom mistress seeks little in NE PA
Mommy Dom Looking for a little. In the stroudsburg area
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The Search Begins Anew
I’m a 63 yo dominant woman in the Pittsburgh PA area ISO someone who has a grasp of the D/s dynamic and the English language. You are respectful, obedient, mature, patient, d/d free, financially responsible, and prepared to do whatever it takes to build my trust (including but not limited to a rigorous background check). No games, no switches, no dick pics, no bullshit. Don’t waste my time if this is all about kink for you. If you need tpe as much as you need the air that you breathe, I’m open to discussion.
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Dominant Woman
Enjoy having submissive men too take care of my every need. Your purpose is to please and satisfy what ever need I may have. I am your master!!!
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New to this but knows what I want
I am new to the scene but I know I want someone to just do what I want when I want it. I would like someone close to me so I can demand things here, like bring me food.
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