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“ This is uncanny regarding your description of fire-play. Has someone been a bad bad girl and looked at my notes? Because that is just too descriptive.... Very interesting.”


I’m never a b ...
Tue Jan 31, 2023 5:13 am • 7 Replies • 594 Views
I’ve done fire play a few times. Each time with a different Top and each one had their own way of doing it.

One would light her hand, then extinguish it by rubbing her hand across your back (or wh ...
Fri Jan 27, 2023 11:01 pm • 7 Replies • 594 Views

Aww come on! You can use it as soon as you wanna spring for a decent side of beef or pig carcass-- one like they show on (I think History channel) ---------- "Forged in Fire" where the Asian du ...
Wed Jan 25, 2023 11:17 pm • 9 Replies • 310 Views
If a woman doesn’t keep her feet nice and soft with a pedicure that tells a lot about her. Womens feet can be beautiful and well taken care of or they can look like claws. Pretty feet and toes are a m ...
Wed Jan 25, 2023 12:44 am • 46 Replies • 6795 Views
By happenstance, I happened to stumble on a way to soften any hyde... especially leather.

I have no leather restraints or nice black leather cuffs, chokers, etc... but for any leather I found that ...
Wed Jan 25, 2023 12:29 am • 9 Replies • 310 Views
I have always kept odd hours because my brain doesn't quit. Most of my homework as a teen was completed between 2-4AM in a fugue of last minute inspiration. Too often I fall asleep thinking about some ...
Tue Dec 06, 2022 9:04 pm • 10 Replies • 774 Views
For me, it's the use of "pet names" from the start.

"Sorry dude but I'm not your 'kitten', 'Darlin' ', 'Dearie', and DEFINITELY not your 'whore', 'slut', 'bitch', or 'toy'..I have a name. Use it.. ...
Sun Dec 04, 2022 1:25 pm • 53 Replies • 4407 Views
Pregnant women are beautiful. I don't try to explain it, something natural and beautiful.

Definitely sexy... maybe from a primal fertility recognition standpoint.

But I just enjoy seeing beauti ...
Sun Oct 09, 2022 3:04 am • 11 Replies • 1297 Views