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Collars and your "dream" ceremony.

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ExuberantLioness​(dom female)
1 year ago • 04/24/2019 6:05 am

Collars and your "dream" ceremony.

ExuberantLioness​(dom female) • 04/24/2019 6:05 am
I understand the significance of the Collar to female submissives/slaves.
What I would like to hear is from the opposite side of the gender equation.
I am very interested in eventually collaring a submissive/slave one day. Either gender. Perhaps both.

Also, how would your "dream" collaring ceremony go? Whom would you invite? Who would be involved, if at all?
mnazby​(sub male)
1 year ago • 04/24/2019 2:26 pm
mnazby​(sub male) • 04/24/2019 2:26 pm
As a submissive male, being collared is just as significant to my submission as a female sub. A collar represents ownership, it’s a mark that mistress leaves on slave. Whenever you move your head, you hear the leather creak, feel the sensation around your neck, and know that you belong to Her.

As for a ceremony, I’d probably prefer
a private affair, with just my mistress. Intimacy is key in ownership. Feel free to show your collared slave off afterward though icon_wink.gif
Azzabackam​(other male){PawPawGirl}
1 year ago • 04/24/2019 3:06 pm
Azzabackam​(other male){PawPawGirl} • 04/24/2019 3:06 pm
From both sides of the whip, I have similar ideas for how I'd like it to go. Something private, with the submissive partner kneeling, head craned back a bit, and the dominant partner restating the tenants and rules of the relationship for the sub to agree to all over again. Once the verbal contracts are finished, the collar (a simple leather band. I'm not one for flashy jewelry) is fastened around the sub's neck.

Whether I'm the dominant or submissive partner, that's how I'd like it to go.
1 year ago • 04/25/2019 1:26 am
detached • 04/25/2019 1:26 am
I am seeking to be collar one day
SoaringFree​(sub female){MrRobbbee}
1 year ago • 04/25/2019 2:50 am
SoaringFree​(sub female){MrRobbbee} • 04/25/2019 2:50 am
I've been vanilla married twice and since I've been in the lifestyle, I've learned how much deeper a D/s relationship can be. The connection we feel with the right partner is beyond what I've ever experienced before.
I'm not sure of the exact details of what I think the perfect collar ceremony would entail, but I could see in attendance the two of us and any lifestyle friends. Me kneeling before my Sir looking up and saying words of love and commitment. Knowing this ceremony surpasses all others. Someday.... maybe.... I'll live this dream.
Soyokaze​(sub trans mtf)
1 year ago • 04/25/2019 3:52 am
Soyokaze​(sub trans mtf) • 04/25/2019 3:52 am
I like the idea of a collaring ceremony, but I'm the kind of boring person that thinks it should be up to the person I'm giving myself over to what the details should entail icon_sad.gif

I guess something relatively simple with an exchange of vows maybe with other close lifestyle friends as witnesses.
SubDraco​(sub male){Caged}
1 year ago • 04/25/2019 4:43 am
SubDraco​(sub male){Caged} • 04/25/2019 4:43 am
For me there was no ceremony or anything, we got the collar, I wear the collar. The only time I take it off is at work where I cant wear it.
MasterBear​(other butch)
1 year ago • 04/25/2019 5:50 am
MasterBear​(other butch) • 04/25/2019 5:50 am
Our collaring was Divine.

An old barn.
Surrounded by roses and orchids.
Our closest friends.
Respected members of our family.
Homemade jamacian food.
My love given away by my most prominent teacher.
My love danced.
Gifted double floggers
It ended with us alone as she was tied and flogged.
2 nights in a hotel

So many memories.

My love was so nervous about the whole thing. I had given her one job. To cut the invitations in half. Well... they were cut in half alright --- at a weird angle. It was so cute.
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