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How did you get or pick your screen(or lifestyle) name?

Zerospace​(dom male){Amalthea}
2 years ago • Sep 11, 2020

Zero's Pace (the speed of nothing/potential)

Zero Space (empty)

Z(ed) Eros Pace (the end of love's speed)

Just a wonderful combination of letters.

And a damned good album by The Kidneythieves
J Low​(sub female)
2 years ago • Sep 12, 2020
J Low​(sub female) • Sep 12, 2020
Friends Nick named me. J for my first initial, and Low, because I'm so chill...
Max Heathen​(other male){AngelBunny}
2 years ago • Sep 12, 2020
My very first screen name (Back in the beginning of Chat rooms) was a nick name given to me by a female Chinese exchange student, after I bit her: Jiang Shi. However, many mistook me for being Asian and rarely spoke with me because they figured I didn't speak much English lol.

My screen name that I go by now is Max. It's simple, easy to remember and much like myself, bi-sexual. Max could be short for Maxine or Maxwell which is more inviting for correspondence and SOO much easier to remember how to spell as well as sound out. Heathen, is partially a pun on my spiritual proclamation and that I've been called a heathen by my mamma more times than I could count back when she walked in this realm. Then there is always the whole of it: Max Heathen... like, I can't be any worse a heathen than I am right now! (To that, I say... you lack imagination 😈)

Plus, it rolls off the tongue right. 😁😂
rosethorn​(sub female)
2 years ago • Sep 13, 2020
rosethorn​(sub female) • Sep 13, 2020
Im a pain in the backside because i dont take things lying down... im not a brat but i am stubborn and look after what mine and Masters.
Someone said thorny as a joking insult... i loved it, said thank you and am happy to be known as a thorny pain in the side lol.
2 years ago • Sep 18, 2020
Maxibon • Sep 18, 2020
I didn't feel like any of the dom/horror movie/goth type naming styles were a good fit for me at all, and was playing around with variations of Max (not my real name, but a name I've always wanted). Max Power, Maximum... whatever - they just sounded a bit forced and not clever.

Maxibon fits - its a type of ice cream and that's more my style. I try to craft comfort and familiarity. I get to know someone intimately before any BDSM play starts
2 years ago • Sep 18, 2020
MsDimples{Guarded} • Sep 18, 2020
I wanted to have something special, so I asked my husband and he told me to use Dimples 😊
body electric
2 years ago • Sep 20, 2020
body electric • Sep 20, 2020
My name came in thought about based on two reasons.. one, the twilight zone episode titled, I Sing The Body Electric, which also there is a Walt Whitman poem also sharing this title (not the reason I liked it). That episode is one of my faves... Seeing that I love the twilight zone.
two.. I love how it jus sounds.. body electric. Like, make my body electric, turn it on, push the buttons, turn the knobs, plug it in.. make my body sing.