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Is addressing HER as Mistress Really Respectful ?

1 month ago • Feb 23, 2024
Ms MaryJane{NOT LOOKIN} • Feb 23, 2024
Mistress is a title. Not all Dommes go by that title or titles/honorificas at all. It is how they choose to be addressed that matters not a sub just calling all Dommes Mistresses. Addressing all Dommes as Mistress shows their lack of education in the lifestyle and shows they need to get their BDSM, kink education going if they want to go further in this lovely lifestyle....just my humble opinion anyway icon_surprised.gif)
Varangian​(dom male)
1 month ago • Feb 24, 2024
Varangian​(dom male) • Feb 24, 2024
Mastress is what my eyes see

Mattress is what my mind interprets because the eyes can’t be trusted.

Why it’s sounding like someone with a Boston accent saying it is beyond me.
sissy rosie
1 month ago • Feb 24, 2024
sissy rosie • Feb 24, 2024
Like most things in BDSM it's all highly individual.

To echo everyone else, it's best to ask what She wants to be called.