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Sharing Your Sub

5 years ago • Jan 7, 2019

Sharing Your Sub

Lagniappe42 • Jan 7, 2019
Please indulge us with thoughts on sharing your female sub. Introducing her to high sensory input sessions and expanding her boundaries. We would appreciate comments from dons and subs. Thank you
5 years ago • Jan 7, 2019
Bunnie • Jan 7, 2019
In some circles I move amongst, slaves being shared is not uncommon or considered unusual. Subs perhaps not so common. For myself personally I’ve not experienced it, however I wouldn’t be with someone I didn’t trust completely... so if it came up that my Sir/Master wanted to share me, I would try my best to represent him with grace and honour. I would hope that he would have my safety and well being in mind.
Something also to consider is what the sub/slave is being used for. Oftentimes service subs are shared out for domestic duties, or help with projects, or help with functions... basically cheap (free) labour. Sex or play sessions aren’t necessarily the only reason a sub/slave might be shared. Sometimes it may also even be just for company. There can be many different reasons and variables.
Allie Kat​(sub trans woman){DarkFox}
5 years ago • Jan 7, 2019
So i think it has to do entirely with /your/ relationship. What is right for some, is not for others, but that doesn't mean everyone has to be the same. Some people are monogymous and happy, some are open and happy, some are poly and happy. As long as the sub (which doesn't only have to be female) is happy and the Dom/Domme is happy, and they aren't hurting anyone, then great.

As far as expanding boundaries, i explain it like this. BDSM is like a bell curve. Im going to use the X and Y axis of "pain" and "pleasure". Both pain and pleasure can be defined in different ways depending on the situation. So it doesn't always have to be physical, but it is the easiest to describe. So, there is a point where you reach the maximum amount of pain "stress" which produces the maximum amount of pleasure. This place is different for everyone. BDSM's goal, is to find that exact point, in order to unlock the maximum pleasure. So, in my opinion, this is done incrementally, slowly, purposefully, consensually and safely. You start at the "limit" and after the session, you ask "was that alright? How do you feel? Next time i will try to take you a little bit further." And you keep going until you get the answer "it was still good, but it was a little too much, it wasn't as good as last time." Then you rock the meter back and forth gently to pin down exactly where it's at its highest.
Shiro​(sub female)
5 years ago • Jan 7, 2019
Shiro​(sub female) • Jan 7, 2019
My Alpha has shared me. However the Dom was 43, and shared his wife with my Alpha. It was more about sex than anything. The secondary Dom expressed not having as much stamina, I feel that he felt he was inadequate. I assured him this is not the case, that I have an unfair appetite when it comes to sex and hold no expectations. So if you plan on sharing your sub be prepared for comparisons...they will happen, even if you don't discuss it with your sub afterwards.

I took my Alpha's virginity, so I was eager for him to explore another, to have a comparison to me(I have bragged and gloated about my sexual skills but couldn't find another way to prove it anyhow) and I found that it was a huge confidence booster.

If your sub is confident and not prone to jealousy I would say you can explore with other subs.
If you are considering sharing your submissive with another Dom/me, ensure that your envy/confidence is healthy.

I have learned another thing the past few days, dealing with infidelity encompassed inside polyamory: COMMUNI-fucking-CATE. If you don't, your subconscious can possibly get the best of you.

And finally, honesty.
If you or your sub(both of you) have a solid foundation of trust, and you want to explore, DO IT. Just be honest. Don't withhold information, give your lover the satisfaction of knowing what makes their loins burn with lust. Trust me, it may not seem like it, but it will bring you closer.
5 years ago • Jan 7, 2019
Low{BLK OWND} • Jan 7, 2019
He would never share
Although he has shared pictures of me with his brother
But we have trust enough that if he wanted me to I would because I know he wouldn't put me in a bad situation
SirHanz​(dom male){Minx}
5 years ago • Jan 7, 2019
SirHanz​(dom male){Minx} • Jan 7, 2019
It makes me squeamish to loan someone my jigsaw. A sub? Nope. The sun will turn red giant and engulf the earth in fiery hell before I share that.
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Kitty21​(sub female)
5 years ago • Jan 7, 2019
Kitty21​(sub female) • Jan 7, 2019
I personally, would not allow myself to be shared, and if my Dom wanted to share me, I would question his thought process.
No shade towards anyone who does it, I don't judge, and encourage everyone to explore every book and cranny of this wild ride we call life.

Different strokes for different folks! icon_wink.gif