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At which age did you realize your submission or Dominance?

kajirasubm{On Hiatus }
2 years ago • Jul 27, 2020

At which age did you realize your submission or Dominance?

kajirasubm{On Hiatus } • Jul 27, 2020
I was asked this question once, and it gave me pause.
My submission was simply natural to me.
Yet I began thinking ...what a great question -
When was my defining moment?

In retrospect...
There was this one boy whom I had such a crush on.
He held himself differently from all the others.
And was a bit of a lone wolf.
Friendly with everyone, but held himself apart.
He was well respected though.
His eyes were icy green and my heart would skip beats whenever he was near.
Our lockers were in the same row.
He at one end. I at the other.
One day I was running a bit late for class and trying to get my locker open, put books in and take out the ones I needed.
He walked over and very calmly said " let me"
He opened the locker, took the books from my hands and asked which ones I needed.
Did I answer???
I couldn't even breathe, let alone speak!
He carried my books to the class , and was waiting outside when my class ended.
Carried my books to the locker.
Asked me to have lunch with him.
When we got to the lunchroom , I explained to him that I never eat lunch, but of course I wanted to sit with him.
He quietly looked at me, and went to buy his lunch.
Brought back a strawberry dannon yogurt for me.
One word " eat."
More words " you'll eat lunch everyday with me."
Walked me to all my classes and met me afterwards.
By the end of the day, as he walked me to my school bus - he said " something about you , makes me want to take care of you "
Now back then, 14 was still 14.
We were simply good friends.
In retrospect, I realized that was the defining moment for me, in terms of whom I responded to and, " the why."
I will add that was my first encounter with a Dominant.
Interestingly we were both naturally drawn to each other.

When did you come to the realization of your submission or Dominance ?
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acquiesced​(sub male)
2 years ago • Jul 27, 2020
acquiesced​(sub male) • Jul 27, 2020
About 11. At a girls birthday party, me and some other boys wanted to play a trick on her, drop a water balloon on her head from the roof. My job was to get her to stand by a tree in position. She would'nt stay in the right spot so I held her arms from behind the tree. I was aroused then and never looked back.
Sasa​(dom female)
2 years ago • Jul 31, 2020
Sasa​(dom female) • Jul 31, 2020
20 yo. I was in the canteen eating with my boyfriend. His idiotic, unfriendly and stoneold colleague sat down again and ignored me as always. My friend went to the restroom and the idiot just said that he'd like to put me in ropes in his basement until I can't lift a finger. I asked him if he would like to kill me. He said no, but I would beg him to do it again. I did.
RefinedLace​(other female)
2 years ago • Jul 31, 2020
RefinedLace​(other female) • Jul 31, 2020
About 10 seen the movie Clarissa was a book from 1748 she was tied to the bed forced in to marriage but Mr love lace capture her it really was classy romance semi nudity . At 16 read the erotica forums of hustler of D/s was in a desk in the basement. Got more in to at 18 mold more in time with training. Grandmother had some erotica love novels I read. Good housekeeping and womanly magazines with dita von teese , Sofia loren being seductive and beautiful of being a women. 1800 colored pictures book of lace lingerie and corsets. Seen the movie the secretary early years and the pet. And Betty pages life movie. Seen the movie stepford wives. CSI had thing on the 1950s wife and thriller movie kept women 2 women are kept in bunker to live 1950s lifestyle the Professor thought they needed better life be protected he was the head of household.
Knightsundere​(sub male)
2 years ago • Aug 1, 2020
Knightsundere​(sub male) • Aug 1, 2020
Age 8 or 9. Grandparent's house had some Hardy Boys books and for some reason I liked to skip ahead to the sections where "the boys" TM would get tied up and then rescued. Really liked the lines that described the struggles against the ropes. "Joe tried to wriggle but the knots were lashed too tight.". Still kinda makes me giddy, ahah.
Master Havok​(dom male)
2 years ago • Aug 1, 2020
Master Havok​(dom male) • Aug 1, 2020
I found and read a John Norman book in my junior high library many many moons ago. It was a confusing style of writing at first but it intrigued me enough to look for more of the series. I have always had a fascination with different cultures and the M/s aspect spoke to a different part of me, even as young and naive as I was at the time.
RefinedLace​(other female)
2 years ago • Aug 1, 2020
The incense of the 90s sexuality was more free in away but not in a sick way but in modest way. Like that movie clarissa movie it was more romance ravished poetry 1800's was about romance and love I did see anything extreme til I was 16-17 but was not a horn dog but only reading the erotica and the art of it. We learned at a young age but was more modest like wonder women being tied up did know the work bondage til 16. Pop music and moves had a lot of sexuality culture. In the 90s you could wear a belly shirt it was not even slutty its not like today what some wear. Times have changed 1997 had some good times and early 2000's. Age of Msn and yahoo chat rooms that how many also got in the lifestyle. Forums and blogs myspace. Just like the song from Britney Spears born to make you happy sounds bit submissive just as her song I am slave for you. Later when on at more mature age over 18 had a trainer build a friendship trained in D/s no sexual intercourse just training respect of that how people were back then. Lifestyle not really all sex yes its a trust and bond with love has to be build with someone with trust someone that respect it with balance.

Any decade someone learned something we live and learn and grow.
Sasa​(dom female)
2 years ago • Aug 1, 2020
Sasa​(dom female) • Aug 1, 2020
Born To Dominate wrote:
Not till my late 30s / early 40s. You guys are all such OGs!

Look back into your childhood, slowly. I did after I read this here. These dreams and ideas about what I wanted to do to others and what I wanted to get started far far earlier. Strange stuff to realize
2 years ago • Aug 1, 2020
Miki • Aug 1, 2020
I figured out I was a masochist about 17 or 18 years old. (35 now)