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Am I being scammed

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CezarDom​(dom male)
3 weeks ago • 04/23/2021 11:11 am

Am I being scammed

CezarDom​(dom male) • 04/23/2021 11:11 am
I recently ran into a mistress on a bdsm sub Reddit for people in London, she made a post asking for people to explore kinks and dark secrets with, I felt lonley and was curious to see where this go so I messaged her, she asked for my email and now we are talking through emails, she seems like a genuine mistress who cares alot about consent and me feeling comfortable and everything, she says before I can become her official slave I must pass her training/tests, her first one is to sign a "submission profile or deceleration of ownership" I know contracts exist in BDSM and I'm happy to sign one but she's telling me that I need to upload it to a site she chooses with a singular payment because she wants to keep her identity and privacy safe as well as mine, does this sound legit to you guys or am I being strung along? The payment is £26 so it's not alot but I don't want to input my card details on a dodgy site, she seemed to send the message about it being £26 suspiciously quickly as if it was copy and pasted as all of her other replies have a 5 minute gap or so but the one about the payment only had a 1 minute gap between the next email. When I raise my concerns about it being a scam she says it's because shes been burned alot by other Reddit guys who just want to get laid which I can understand, I asked her for the link and she sent me link that directs me to a cam website called cam soda, she said that even though it looks like a cam website there's more then meets the eye, I'm pretty convinced this is a scam, she gave me a username to use when signing up and wants to get to 250 tokens then, message her on email saying "I love you mistress" and then she will ask me to update my about me page to say I dedicate myself to her and etc, this is definitely a scam right? I believe it is but at the same time I want it to not be, please let me know
CezarDom​(dom male)
3 weeks ago • 04/23/2021 12:35 pm

Thank you

CezarDom​(dom male) • 04/23/2021 12:35 pm
acquiesced wrote:
yeah I probably should've realised sooner, thank you for confirming though I appreciate it, I further confirmed they were a scammer when they started trying to gaslight me into paying, I didn't end up paying so no harms been done but I did tell the scammer that I knew they were scamming me from the beginning and I just wanted to waste their time, disclaimer: I didn't know they were a scammer and thought they loved me XD. Now I just need to figure out how to delete this post to avoid future embarrassment from people who check my profile XD thanks again
3 weeks ago • 04/23/2021 12:55 pm
Bunnie • 04/23/2021 12:55 pm
Nothing to be embarrassed about... you asked a question about something you were unsure of... to me that is very wise, and something you should honour about yourself. And it’s great information for someone else who may find themselves in a similar situation.
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3 weeks ago • 04/23/2021 1:50 pm
dollMaker{SaViDa} • 04/23/2021 1:50 pm
Yup definitely a scam
Miki​(masochist female)
2 weeks ago • 04/24/2021 6:02 am
Miki​(masochist female) • 04/24/2021 6:02 am
As soon as you see anything even remotely referring to money or "gifts" run your ass the hell out of there.
Laylamini​(dom female)
2 weeks ago • 04/24/2021 7:46 am
Laylamini​(dom female) • 04/24/2021 7:46 am
Unless you have specifically agreed to findom (financial domination), your Domme should NOT be asking for any money from you, especially so early on in the supposed dynamic. Never feel embarrassed for asking a question, there's a lot to navigate when it comes to BDSM (especially online!) Stay safe icon_smile.gif
2 weeks ago • 04/24/2021 10:15 am
Villanelle​(staff) • 04/24/2021 10:15 am
It is indeed another scamming technique. If you ever see it here please report it via the user's profile page
SubtleHush​(sub female)
2 weeks ago • 04/26/2021 7:22 pm
SubtleHush​(sub female) • 04/26/2021 7:22 pm
CezarDom​(dom male) "I didn't know they were a scammer and thought they loved me XD"

When little Adam Walsh was murdered his father John launched into a career of educating people about predators. In one interview he said something like, "We teach our children to respect all people and be civilized. But predators are NOT people. They are animals. We do no one a service but those animals when we raise civilized children for them to take advantage of." (I'm sure I got some of that wrong.)

Scammers aren't people. They are sociopathic types who see you as someone to feed off. It doesn't matter how or why. It makes no difference to them. There are no morals or emotions involved on their end. When you say no they are on to the next 12 people. It's all a numbers game like any other sales tactic.

I'm troubled a little that you thought she/he loved you. I can only say that love worth having is going to take time. I hope for your sake that it includes face-to-face time, good and bad times, screwups, and apologies. THEN if you are loved, it's love. The speed of the Internet fucks us up sometimes when we become intimate in our minds before we can be intimate in all the ways in the same room.

I suggest that your love is worth more than that. And it will be every time something too good to be true comes knocking.

Don't be embarrassed by the post, you won't ever know how many it helps. But it will.