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Favorite Place to Live

Estaria​(sub female)
2 months ago • Nov 8, 2022

Favorite Place to Live

Estaria​(sub female) • Nov 8, 2022
Thought I'd see if I could get opinions since everyone here is from all parts of the country and beyond. Wondering what everyone's favorite place to live is.

I am wondering why you love living there or would love to live there.
Is there some sort of bdsm community present or events nearby?
How's the weather?
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2 months ago • Nov 8, 2022
Miki • Nov 8, 2022
New England. I went to grad school in southern California and it's nice there, but I'm a 4 seasons kind of girl.

There is BDSM activity in several places, usually larger cities like Boston, but that isn't a criterion for deciding where I live. I'm as much a freak as anyone else in here, but that aspect of my personality does not define me.

Weather was crazy warm for November last weekend, now we're getting back to "normal" November weather.

Another quick warm up to 70 next Friday but come Monday... Real November stuff.. 40s by day! Great weather to stay indoors and cuddle up with a good book on my days (nights) off at least.
MissBonnie​(dom female){oz}
2 months ago • Nov 8, 2022
Born and breed Aussie of immigrant stock. Traveled the country and over seas but always ended up back here, funny since no family (apart from offspring) are here in this town. Home is where you make it but this place seems to grab my heart and drag me back. I guess they do all call Australia the lucky country and my State the "happiest", guess it does that for me too! The kink community is alive and well if you look for it and you never need to look far. I have to travel a little for it as I'm just on the outskirts of the city where the City people it "country" ..I just call it home.

the weather, if you asked me six months ago, I'd say what we all say about our coastal major city of Melbourne..Its Melbourne did you grab a coat?remember those four seasons in one day! But this last few weeks we've needed waders and web feet (flooding). Roll on December and summer! The temperature across these three months ranges between 13 and 26 degrees (55 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit), but can sometimes top 40 degrees and higher (104 Fahrenheit).
WhatamIfightingfor​(dom male)
2 months ago • Nov 9, 2022
I just like my home state. You can change your view, almost season without travailing far. From the Sand Dunes, to the mountains, Basin and Range, to some really nice views, without travailing to long. The weather is normally mild with all the seasons, want snow in the winter, just a short car trip away. It is just home to me, problems and all.
2 months ago • Nov 9, 2022
LordofPain56 • Nov 9, 2022
I was born in a small city in the midwest but never cared for it growing up. When I was a kid (in the 1960's), our parents used to drop the kids off in a small rural village about 100 miles from home where our Grandparents lived every summer. Their house was of 1800's vintage, had no running water nor indoor plumbing. There was no telephone and only a few electric outlets and ceiling light bulbs had been retrofitted in. The bathroom was an out-house. If you needed a bath, you had to draw water out of an open well and fill a large tin basin with the water. Grandma would heat up some of the water on an old stove and dump it in in buckets so it wouldn't freeze our tails off.
By day, I would load shotgun shells in the gun-shed and box them up for Grandpa so he could take us hunting. There was a large field used for skeet shooting no far from the house that we would run through and pick up unbroken clay pigeons, collect them in wooden crates and cash them in for money, then we would run down to the only general store in the village and buy maybe a jawbreaker and piece of bubble-gum with the change we made.
There was a fantastic fishing pond across the railroad tracks down the county road. Some days we'd spend the entire day out there fishing, then bring home our catch, clean them and Grandma would fry them up for supper.
There was a cow pasture fenced off with barbed wire behind the back yard. The bulls would come up to the fence to visit us when we played in the back yard and we would stare them down. Grandpa grew a vegetable garden so we would go out to de-weed and pick the harvests. At the end of the season, we would help Grandma can some of the garden produce. Tall prairie grass grew in the field all around and we would run through it like nothing. We picked wild dewberries along the county road and brought them in to Grandma and she would make dewberry pie out of them. Same with fresh picked apples.
It was quiet, no city noises and the air was as clean as could be.
I always said I would get out of the city someday and still planning to. Looking for a quiet, restful place in a small town or village where everything is simple like it was back then.
I don't care about BDSM community so much. There is nothing of that sort here now. I'm hoping for a little better climate as well. There is too many weather extremes here. Southern Oklahoma or Texas might be more my speed.
Dom Pinnacle​(dom male)
2 months ago • Nov 9, 2022
Dom Pinnacle​(dom male) • Nov 9, 2022
I'd say anyplace with great weather (sunny and warm). Year round temps at 75 degrees. All needs of shopping close to home. Not city hustle. But not whisper quiet country either. The best of both. Not sure where this place might be. But if anybody knows, please post it. It'll be top of my retirement list.
2 months ago • Nov 13, 2022
subblueforyou{No} • Nov 13, 2022
Ireland and Italy are my favorites. Ireland because of the green land and blue seas and friendly people. Italy because of the hill towns food wine and friendly people.
Steellover​(sub male)
2 months ago • Nov 15, 2022
Steellover​(sub male) • Nov 15, 2022
I love Idaho for the scenery, the outdoor activities, the recreation, and the nightlife. Snowboarding is only a 40 minute drive away. Mountain biking; from where I live ,you can ride from your house and be on the trails in less than 20 minutes, sometimes less depending on which trailhead. And then ride for hours without crossing a paved road. You got desert hiking, mountain hiking, beautiful mountain lakes, and "The Float" down the river that runs through town.

With that said, I do not like some of the people who live in my state, particularly some of the newcomers. It's reputation as a haven for racism and hate groups is, sadly, well deserved, and seems to be getting worse; there have been people elected to public office in this state, particularly in the last 4-6 years, who openly preach these kind of warped values. And sadly, many of the recent newcomers seem to be the ones who embrace this kind of thing rather than reject it. I could go on, but I won't, only to say that when it comes to sex and kink, well, it is probably much harder for people who are into that thing than in other parts of the country. For example, There are many in my state who believe that consenting adult homosexuals ought to be treated in the same fashion as child rapists- which is disgusting. Needless to say, there isn't much of a BDSM community to speak of. Though there used to be a small group that was almost entirely male dom/female sub oriented, which I was not really part of. I think I contacted them once but it didn't sound that interesting to me.

I stay here though, because I love nature, the hills, the high desert, the mountains and the snow, and because if I lived anywhere else I probably wouldn't be able to afford the things I have, as far as a house and so on.
Curtain Call​(dom male)
2 months ago • Nov 18, 2022
Curtain Call​(dom male) • Nov 18, 2022
I've lived in four different states: Alabama (where I'm from), Kentucky, Florida and Tennessee. Florida is everything that you hear on the news and it's expensive. Orlando and Cocoa Beech were pretty and working for Disney was fun, but everybody there is crazy. Like, for real, methed-out crazy. There is a good Dungeon there called the Woodshed there though. My old charge frequents it. Kentucky and Tennessee need to just merge into a single state and rename themselves Karen-land. Seriously, the entitlement issues there are weapons grade. However, The Mark in Nashville is one of the top rated BDSM clubs in the country. I'm not sure about now, but when I lived in Louisville, KY the dungeon was three blocks from my house and I didn't even know it existed.

That leaves Alabama. Honestly, Birmingham has a good scene and a lot of fun things to do. But, it's also one of the most dangerous cities in the country and it's super dirty. The music, the theater, the art and the BDSM scene are all 100 times better than you'd expect. But, you can still get mugged going to the mailbox. I now live in a place called Montevallo, a super liberal college town with a massive art community. It's tiny, clean, pretty, polite, supportive...and about as far as you can get from the BDSM community. I am THE ONLY community member here and it's mind numbing. But, I can still be open about it and everyone is accepting. So, I'll take it. And Birmingham is less than an hour away.

I've been plenty of other places, including all over the south east of American, Spain, Germany and Austria. But, the place that surprised me the most was Czech. I loved it there. It was cheap, clean, friendly, the food was good and the language was easy to learn. And...they have a torture museum.
Kurai Mori​(dom male)
2 months ago • Nov 26, 2022
Kurai Mori​(dom male) • Nov 26, 2022
I always thought I was a country person - wooded mountainous terrain with seasonal streams and cold mountain run-off creeks. Which parks me either up in the Pacific northwest or somewhere in New England territory. I understand that there is some of that down in Appalachia or the southern reaches, Ozarks and such...

But as I have gotten older - winter has become a hard no, for me. The cold hurts... I'd rather be warm to boiling hot. I can always strip down to nothing and chill in a cold shower. But putting on enough layers, to get warm... much less stay warm... yeah, no.

California and its temperate weather is okay.
The southwestern desert region is closer to fine... and actually the Albuquerque, NM scene is pretty good from what I recall. The groups all interact well with each other. And there is plenty to do socially.
And everything food is either red or green sauce.

If I had to pick a favorite place... Wyoming. Would be it, found the place to be magical and beautiful.