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Making Her Ass Rosy Red

Tazzie500​(switch male)
2 weeks ago • Mar 11, 2023

Making Her Ass Rosy Red

Tazzie500​(switch male) • Mar 11, 2023
My submissive who i loves loads, keeps reading me about making her ass nice n red,
Which i have nearly done, but have to stop cos of the pain she receives while this is happening

She does like the pain I give her, but everyone has their limits, so it's there a way i can make her ass red so it's warm to the touch, without her having all the pain

I know she be reading this, and she will be getting pernanantly marked by me soon at the lower part of her ass
Any suggestions are heartedly appreciated
1 week ago • Mar 16, 2023
Miki • Mar 16, 2023
Umm, quite simple really--- that redness is due to the paddling/flogging and in order to make it red and warm to the touch she has to go through the pain. Redness, warmth and pain all go together as a result of that particular activity.

But if the pain is crossing the threshold it might be a good idea you two cut back on that. Find another way to give her the pain she likes without going too far. Over time, that can become an impediment to an otherwise fun time with a masochist.

As a masochist myself (though inactive/abstinent for a few years now) I can speak to what happens when pain thresholds are repeatedly crossed. Loss of interest/fear for starters. "It ain't fun no more" kind of shit.

Just because one is a masochist doesn't mean it's wide-open season for administering painful punishments.

A lot of that (for me anyway) lies in both the pain, stimulation of "special places" and some humiliation.

Depending on the masochist the latter is variable or might not even be part of the picture.

That was just what worked for me.

Good luck, have fun, but keep it reasonably safe.
House Talion​(dom male)
1 week ago • Mar 17, 2023
House Talion​(dom male) • Mar 17, 2023
Friction. You have to apply quick strikes all over. I sugest thin strand leather floggers, florentine if you're able