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Making Her Ass Rosy Red

Tazzie500​(switch male)
1 year ago • Mar 11, 2023

Making Her Ass Rosy Red

Tazzie500​(switch male) • Mar 11, 2023
My submissive who i loves loads, keeps reading me about making her ass nice n red,
Which i have nearly done, but have to stop cos of the pain she receives while this is happening

She does like the pain I give her, but everyone has their limits, so it's there a way i can make her ass red so it's warm to the touch, without her having all the pain

I know she be reading this, and she will be getting pernanantly marked by me soon at the lower part of her ass
Any suggestions are heartedly appreciated
1 year ago • Mar 16, 2023
Miki • Mar 16, 2023
Umm, quite simple really--- that redness is due to the paddling/flogging and in order to make it red and warm to the touch she has to go through the pain. Redness, warmth and pain all go together as a result of that particular activity.

But if the pain is crossing the threshold it might be a good idea you two cut back on that. Find another way to give her the pain she likes without going too far. Over time, that can become an impediment to an otherwise fun time with a masochist.

As a masochist myself (though inactive/abstinent for a few years now) I can speak to what happens when pain thresholds are repeatedly crossed. Loss of interest/fear for starters. "It ain't fun no more" kind of shit.

Just because one is a masochist doesn't mean it's wide-open season for administering painful punishments.

A lot of that (for me anyway) lies in both the pain, stimulation of "special places" and some humiliation.

Depending on the masochist the latter is variable or might not even be part of the picture.

That was just what worked for me.

Good luck, have fun, but keep it reasonably safe.
House Talion​(dom male)
1 year ago • Mar 17, 2023
House Talion​(dom male) • Mar 17, 2023
Friction. You have to apply quick strikes all over. I sugest thin strand leather floggers, florentine if you're able
RiverWolf​(masochist female)
11 months ago • Jun 14, 2023
Sounds more like the Dom is backing off before the limit is reached. My advice is talk to Your sub. She has the best insight into herself. Now You might be just focusing on the pain part. If this is the case and her mind is telling her enough without it really being enough for her body. Do like 10 quick ones then switch to like 5 minutes of pleasure no release for her trust me. Then 10 more and keep switching between the pain which will be shorter to the pleasure until her mind adapts to the new feeling.
dollMaker​(dom male)
11 months ago • Jun 15, 2023
dollMaker​(dom male) • Jun 15, 2023
Warm up is key here, with slow initially gentle build up to warm the skin up before getting harder and faster.

There are a number of ways of warming the skin up but one of the easiest is hand spanking, and to avoid you getting a sore hand and stopping before full warm up is achieved I would suggest wearing leather gloves either real leather or faux if there are any issues regarding the use of leather. You can build in smell, touch and other sensations while doing this warm up, making it a sensual experience.

Start by running the gloved hands over the skin, body (limits permitting) let her smell the leather, see, hear you putting them on, maybe bend her over a chair, or kneel on a sofa, bed, or bent, lying across, over your legs while you sit. Keep in mind that the amount of tension on the flesh, different positions create will directly effect the ease of warm up, pain and comfort levels. If they are confortable that will help create a good headspace to process the experience.

Begin by working all over the fleshy part of the buttocks mixing gentle caressing, strokes, finger tip touching with gentle impacts, spanking closer to the inner parts of the fleshy buttocks whether the bottom is male or female, non binary will deliver sensation to the sex organs, causing stimulation, thereby mixing in more pleasure than if you stay fixed on the sides and top of the buttocks. Work over the skin mixing light and heavier blows, and build the speed and force to help slowly increase the sensation, avoiding lots of pain right from the start than a more heavy fast pain focused only attack would cause.

Your hand will spread the force, any wider softer toy will too, thus feeling more like a deep massage thud. Thinner harder surfaces will deliver pain and sting which at this stage, I feel are best avoided as warm up is your goal. As you work the buttocks the flesh will go red and warm up, as blood is brought to the surface of the flesh. Once the skin feels warmish, and is a dull red you can move to using harder much faster blows either delivered by hand or using a paddle, tawse, even a short cane. Much here depends on what you can tolerate, as hand spanking alone, even wearing gloves, for some will cause pain in the hand, thus ending the scene before the goal is reached. To avoid this using toys, as well as the hand, can spread the load on the hand, and introduce different more intense sensations to the bottom.

If you want to keep to more thud sensations and keep the bottom in a nice gentle build up, avoiding sudden pain then softer broader heavier toys should be used. This keeps things feeling similar to your hand, but takes the strain off the hands. The bottoms headspace, relaxation, subspace, sexual arousal, even orgasm (some can cum via targetted deep thud) can be maintained by not introducing anything that might drag them suddenly out of the relaxation state. In saying that some bottoms like, enjoy, need a transition to more sting, or a mix of thud and sting to reach that state - this all needs kept in mind as you work their flesh, mind, pain, sexual sensation levels.

Imagine you are painting a sensation picture on their flesh and have a goal and idea of what you want to achieve, for the bottom, and what type of sensations each act creates on the flesh. Warm up will help facilitate you doing that, and the bottom feeling less pain from the start of the scene, allowing harder and faster impacts to be delivered later on in the scene. This warm up will help minimise pain (though different people process this differently, some needing more warm up or less to reach this state, and some feel pain even with warm up) reduce severe marking (though again different flesh reacts differently some marking easily, and others not at all, the teflon ass types) and allow you to move onto heavier or stingy impacts.

I would keep things simple and only use maybe two toys as well as your hand, maybe starting hand spanking with the bare hand before adding the gloves. I feel less is more here and its particularly useful to keep it simple if you are new to spanking, impact sensation play and learning what your bottom likes, needs, enjoys. Use of hands I feel from the start of the scene can act like a lovely grounding, linking, intimacy, emotion, connection thing, linking bottom and top in away that toys from the start, at least for some, and depending on intimacy limits, often doesn’t. Imagine how someone might feel if its flesh touching, or a cold non flesh material, two very different feeling things, each creating a different reaction, physically and emotionally.

I would look for wooden paddle toys (avoid thin handled ones as those can snap) flat surface to start with, though holes, or textured surfaces can add to the sensation. Keep in mind that thinner, less broad paddles will sting more, than heavier, broader ones. Heavy leather paddles are another option and depending on design, construction, type of leather, surface texture can be thud deliverers or stingers. Its possible to use both wood and leather mixing sensations, though early on maybe sticking to wood or leather would be better, as you learn, than mixing the two types.

It’s possible to blend in other toy types, with paddles and hands, such as crops, again broader, wider, heavier slappers thud more than stingy lighter, thinner slappers, heavier canes (used like a drum stick, holding the cane along the length and delivering lighter, more gentle blows and building up via this than normal cane technique) which thud more than sting, though that is relative as canes and crops sting more than blows from the hand or a paddle.

Attending a spanking, paddle, crop, cane impact workshop would be very useful, maybe one in which one on one teaching is possible, helping you learn the skills needed to create lovely sensation. It’s possible to learn a lot from books and videos, but, and I found this, once you have basic skills, a workshop taught but by an experienced practitioner will take your play to awhole deeper level.

All of the above will help you deliever the warm buttocks your bottom would like, manage pain levels, but getting there will take skill and knowing how they react to stimulus, sensation from various toys, mix of sensation delivery methods and techniques. I hope the above info, and I know there is a lot here will help you both have an enjoyable scene.
DeepEmbrace​(dom female)
11 months ago • Jun 15, 2023
DeepEmbrace​(dom female) • Jun 15, 2023
I just want to say this as a PSA...

Everyone does not turn red or bruise. A lot of people have oh turned red!/oh bruised! as a gold standard. It isn't. Chasing that can take both D/M and s-type from focusing on what is actually happening. And D/M can go overboard if they are trying to make an s-type turn red or bruise if that s-type doesnt turn red or bruise.

This is true for anyone but, particularly of note, if you are playing with someone of a darker skin tone, you often cannot rely on oh they are red or they are bruised as your indicators. For example, I am dark skinned and the amount of force required to bruise me or make me "red" is very, very high and it's usually not at all necessary for either D/M or s. So let's keep this in mind especially those of us who play with a wide range of people who dont all look the same.

Now if you just have to have the red or the bruising then I think you can take (dont quote me on this!) aspirin or one of those types of things that make bruising and redness easier. You're also giving a painkiller so that is a womp womp in my book. Heating pad can bring more blood to surface too.

Also as discussed above, get your technique right and you'll be more likely to get redness and bruising. You need to warm up. Dont just be wailing on someone straight off the bat.
11 months ago • Jun 16, 2023
I'mME • Jun 16, 2023

I'm a (fill in whatever word works best) .People shouldn't take aspirin so that they bruise. Two people who have been together forever, they would probably be over the need to SEE the bruises.
Aspirin could potentially cause a problem, it's mechanism of action of through platelets. They could be taking something else that could potentiate the effects of aspirin or could go in the opposite direction , and someone thinking well not bruised yet I can keep going. (both sides) ..

Cautionary, how about that?

Some may would use worry wart, old, stick in the mud.

I'm just sharing.
11 months ago • Jun 18, 2023

Re: Making Her Ass Rosy Red

LordofPain56 • Jun 18, 2023
Tazzie500 wrote:
she will be getting pernanantly marked by me soon at the lower part of her ass

I would be careful not to cause permanent damage/scars/markings unless it has been agreed upon by her to inflict them. Even then I would try to avoid causing permanent scars. It might be weeks before she could sit down.