Lil Red Wolf​{Bishop}
sub female

United States
About me
I am a fun loving, free-spirited person.  I am very nurturing, and caring.  But I must be clear I do not and I will not fix anyone.
I love to laugh and be silly.  Yet can have deep thoughtful conversations.  

I am cherished and I give my all to my Dom Bishop.  He is my everything and I answer to him and him alone. If any Dom wishes to chat with me you must go through him  first.  Let it also be known that I will not engage in any sexual conversation and all conversations will be conducted through Cage.
BDSM and me
Still rather new and learning.  I have learned so much in the short while I’ve been here.  I have learned what true Doms are like and so greatful to know them.  I have learned much from them. 

All aubs have a voice and have every right to say no.  One should never be forced or manipulated, ever.
No cutting,no blood.
No bathroom play
No rape scenarios 
no age play
no asshole wanna be Doms!
What's new
== Results from == 

100% Exhibitionist 

100% Voyeur 

84% Non-monogamist 

83% Primal (Prey) 

78% Experimentalist 

63% Boy/Girl 

55% Masochist 

55% Vanilla 

55% Slave 

54% Submissive 

39% Brat 

38% Rope bunny 

36% Degradee 

36% Pet 

11% Ageplayer 

7% Switch 


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Friday, July 5, 2019
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Tuesday, June 5, 2018
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