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Got involved into this with a "friend" Helped me find out who I was and what I liked.(Dom male)
Sometimes all it takes is a word from a stranger to make you realise who you are or what you are. I have many fantasies at the ready. I am told my words entice people ever so subtlety until they need more and drowning for more. Depending on the situation at hand I can be slow as I love to examine the person in front of me. Find what makes them tick, how to break and repair. However at times it's as ready to read as simple instructions.
I care for the ones close to me with all my heart. I have to protect them, save them almost. I want to save people and control them so they don't fall into a pit of despair like I did.
No one should feel or go through what I had to do. Those "incidents" made me who I am today. As much as I am grateful for it turning me into this, it also haunts me forever. I am used to rebuilding my heart. May bad "experiences" has lead me to this. I like to type my feelings up in a story at times. I feel a story can speak a thousand more words than telling someone about ones feelings.

I am currently studying Business management and leadership in the UK on my second year. still undecided to stay in England or move abroad. It will depend on future endeavours. I can be rather affectionate at times if things are going right. However I am still learning and this could change over time. Many more years ahead of me.
I have my flaws but that is what makes us human. For example I can be very clingy with my love. Giving to much attention to my loved one making sure she is well cared and looked after. Constantly reassuring her that everything is going to be okay in the end. If you become close with me you will have my full attention and care. However if you abuse this just be ready for what comes.

I like to put my time to something. For example I have put most of a day into putting my profile together.
I like playing video games however when I have a loved one they will be the main focus. I love everything to do with computers and Sci-fi. My favourite TV show is Stargate sg1 I grew up with my grandparents due to not knowing my father and my mother moving away after I was born.
I love to go outside and explore the wildlife and see the country.
I am into all kinds of music. My playlist is frankly everything.
I love snuggling at night holding that special someone tight into me.
Weird but interesting fact I love board games.
Horror movies are the best especially when cuddling.

Some Random stuff.
I used to do ballroom dancing when I was younger.
Most my family have been in the military.
I lost a big brother/sister to a miscarriage.
I love Dota 2.
I love music. (Linkin Park)
Education is important to me. (Uni)
I love to type up my feelings.
Oh I LOVE making a bolognese!
I like to cook.
Likes to exercise, Go outdoors and run or a nice walk.
Oh I am an Philadelphia Eagles fan. Yeah I know you all hate me for that. Hahahaha.
I'm also Satyriasis. Yep I'm one of those. If you want to look it up please go ahead.
BDSM and me
It all started at a young age with Exhibition as I found it while doing "research" which then lead to forced Exhibition. This only wet my lips ever so little. I could tell much more was waiting for me. Over the years I started to explore more into BDSM. Wanting to try it and experience it. However unable to as everyone I was with kept toying with me. Turning me into a monster. Just wanting me for my pleasure giving abilities on a very short term. This then turned me into the Dominate mind. Fed up with the constant usage of my time I now want to take full control of my partners life, I can give them space to grow but they need to be open about it and with me. I now want to nurture them, have someone loyal and faithful to me. I want to be the only world for them. Now I want to explore more at any cost.

I have found my most enjoyment in being dominate in the bedroom and out of it. I like to bite my loved ones. Marking them so they know and everyone else knows that they belong to me and no one else. I find bondage interesting which can lead to many new ideas. However will take this area slow or not at all. Until the special someone is comfortable. I will always respect the wishes of the sub if they do not want to do certain ideas or feel uncomfortable we will work with that to make them feel comfortable to try this or to avoid this area overall. However if the sub needs to be punished for disobeying I won't hesitate to slap and put you in your place. I personally am willing to experience many different ideas. I only want one person to love. I can not share. I have to stress this so much but both the Master and sub need to be open with one another about tolerances and what they will do and not do. They both need to respect each other.

== Results from ==
100% Owner
100% Degrader
100% Rigger
100% Master/Mistress
99% Voyeur
99% Dominant
98% Exhibitionist
97% Sadist
97% Primal (Hunter)
96% Daddy/Mommy
93% Experimentalist
68% Ageplayer
43% Brat tamer
27% Masochist
25% Switch
18% Non-monogamist
5% Boy/Girl
3% Submissive
2% Vanilla
2% Slave
1% Primal (Prey)
1% Brat
1% Degradee
1% Pet
0% Rope bunny
Nothing illegal and fecal
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Living with a roommate for uni. 
Uni is boring to high hell at the moment. 
Assignment and exams are done. 
Now to wait until uni finishes...
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