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1 year ago. February 16, 2023 at 8:08 PM

This year my doctor's changed my hormones around. ( Who knew estrogen and progesterone play a vital roll in overall health)


In every metric I am healthier then last year. 🎉


Yet once everything was balanced my body went to places I never knew existed. I had always been an asexual, who would only have sex with someone to please them because I am loving. 🤖


However, with my hormones as they are now that's not the case anymore. 🫣


There are times when i'm near ovulation that I am in tears because I want to be penterated so badly it hurts both physically and emotionally. 😵‍💫💢


I had no idea a female body could desire being fucked and attended to so intensely before. Even crazier is that my body could become this way with some small tweaks to my medicine. 😲


Coming from someone who never really had these feelings before it's agonizingly intense.🥺


I am uncomfortable embracing this emergent aspect. I realize that dealing with my body as it should be is the only healthy path forward. 😇




I got used to how I was, these changes make it difficult to cope. The old me is only a memory, there is a comfort in the familiar and a sense of identity that is now lost. I at times feel hopeless since my world inverted. 🙃




Who am I? 🤔

What does tomorrow bring? ⛅

Will I adapt to the new normal? 🔮


I am anxious about my future, I hope that the people I end up interacting with will leave positive impressions. I have had enough trauma for 2 lifetimes. 💯


I changed more in the last year, then the previous 10. I can use some low drama fun experiences, is that too much to want from the universe. 🌠


Are you willing to explore and adventure with me - as I find bits of myself I never knew? 😳


Love the one and only,


CapnRick​(dom male) - With your new sexual awakening and strong new needs for fucking , You might have to discard your old IceGirl nickname ! Seems it might suddenly be false advertising for the new "HotToTrotGirl"!! Happy for your metamorphing!
1 year ago
IceGirl​(switch female) - That's a really funny way to put it :) maybe I am a little hot to trot but I still wouldn't just fuck for fun.
1 year ago
medgalnyc - very inspiring post!
1 year ago
IceGirl​(switch female) - Really i been freaking the fuck out pretty much :(
1 year ago
Sweet Ginger​(sub female){} - Not sure why your on hormone medication. didn't say in your blog but you may want to discuss with your doctor if the tweaks in your medication are making drastic changes to your moods/personality that are difficult to cope with....or give it a little time see if you'll adjust..Best of luck!
1 year ago

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