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A little nonsense and my thoughts as well as rants. Basically I put whatever I feel like putting.
1 year ago. April 27, 2021 at 4:45 AM

Part of me feels like I won’t be able to find a domme any time soon so I’m just trying to learn more about the community in the mean time. I have had doms/dommes  in the past but it never really went well. I they usually ended up not being real doms/dommes so I ended up getting used then tossed aside, or they would attempt to blackmail me. It’s hard finding a dom in general but I’m looking for a domme which can make it even harder. I don’t want to end up being tricked by a fake dom/domme or blackmailed again either so I have learned to be more careful. I’m also completely clueless to a lot of things which is probably why I have been blackmailed before but I’m getting better at being less clueless. I don’t want to rush finding a domme I want to make sure I’m the right sub for them and they are they right domme for me to be able to talk about both our limits and what we expect from each other. Yes I’m inexperienced but I don’t just want to blindly rush into something without knowing what I’m getting myself into I have done it before and it never ends well. Hopefully someday I will be able to find a domme I can trust and they can trust me. patience is a virtue as they say.

L a r s​(dom male) - Please never hesitate to ask for advice directly, especially from the more experienced folks here. Subs can give great examples of what practices can safeguard you, and doms can give good perspective on what to look for in someone.
No one here wants you getting hurt.
1 year ago
SageFlame - As you go along enjoying life, define your boundaries with others and hone in to your authentic self. Can never have too much. 😉

I was not planning on engaging with a Dom until a few years out. Well, when I wasn't looking .... it happened.

Define you as you. Make plans for your future. Have fun!

1 year ago

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