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Underneath superficial

Inside my fucked up world
6 years ago. November 7, 2017 at 7:19 AM

 you lost in the stellar green wonders! 

The fig of ignorance

Epitomizes the virgin rocks

The heart of water is pining 

For the reflection of a garden

The everyday apple tastes of illusion in the mouth.

old fear! 

My fingers went numb when you came to me.


My hands know no fear: 

Tonight they pluck fruits

From the branches of myths.


Each tree bears

As many leaves as my fears.

Audacious speech thawed in the burning meeting of eyes

colorful beginnings! 

Protect my eyes from the evil magic: 

I am still 

Dreaming of

Unknown nocturnal blessings.

I am still

Thirsting for

Wavy waters.

My buttons

Look like ancient magic words.

On the meadows 

We had our last carnal feast before words began.

In this feast, the music of stars

Fell upon my ears from inside the potteries.

And my eyes reflected the swarms of migrating magicians.

Oh ancient mirror of narcissus in sorrow! 

Ecstasy carried me away.

To the realm of growth? 


Let us drink water of wisdom when we thirst for speech.

The pure modesty of speech

Flows under the strewn legacy of night: 

Before syllables came into being, 

The living had their resurrection.

From among the rivals

Arrogant speech cracked my jaws.


I, wading knee-high

In pure vegetable silence, 

Bathed my hands and face in the sight of objects.

Then, in another season, 

My shoes got wet 

With the word of dew

Then, I sat down on a rock

And listened to the pebbles migrating past my feet.

Then I perceived

That each branch 

Escaped the season of my hands.

 counterfeit night! 

My kerchief filled with unripe clusters of prudence.

From behind the wall of a deep sleep, 

A bird flew out of intimate darkness

And took my kerchief away.

The first pebble of inspiration echoed under my feet.

My blood tenderly hosted the space.

My pulse swam over the elements.



No, what am I saying? 

The illumination of window warmed up the listener's cold body, 

My fingers traveled in the direction of love.


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