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Priest of Sanguine

Tales of what helped create me, out of order, and no animals were hurt in the creating of this blog!
Most Tales are based on my real life with Fantasy and/or Fiction included to protect identities as well as enjoyment for
those reading. Names like "Bunny, Rabbit, Squirrel" or variation thereof, are not referencing actual Cage member names.
Its how I view my Prey from the stand point of a Primal and Hunter.
If Cage member names are use: 1) it's with their consent. 2) will have ^ before & after the name.

All Stories told are unique and your comments are greatly enjoyed so please do comment.

For those who play Skyrim: Priest of Sanguine is not a reference to the game its a reference to my life style choice ^,..,^
Go grab a drink, maybe a snack, sit back and enjoy the Tales that I delight in telling... even the hard ones.
10 months ago. October 16, 2021 at 2:49 PM

G'morning you lovely bunch of kinksters!  It's been forever & a day since I last blogged and that's mainly due to my amount of busyness, life changes & lack of desire to continue to share.  Ever feel like you're only talking in a lecture hall where nobody ever ask questions or makes statements? It's so uninspiring... I have plenty of audience in my own head that will gladly speak up and I don't even have to proofread the damn statement's a hundred times! 😂😂 

Today however I feel like giving y'all an update to help promote the hope in what you're looking for.

My ^AngelBunny^ & I have had many ups & downs over the past year... some REALLY bad, however when two people.. hmm... two people & a beast?  Fine!  One good woman, and a multitude of umm... whatever the fuk I am, AND a beast (everybody happy now? Yes? Can we continue? Esh...) put the first thing first and gage everything off that... well... the results are quite amazing.  We've meet both sides of our RL family's without bumping heads with them.  My youngest daughter (21yr) unwittingly discovered our lifestyle while living with us... someone said Master... another said slave... damn amazon Alexa!!  We'll just blame that 😂😂. Ok so the sex toys accidentally left on the sink... couch... bed... due to exhaustion!!  may have been the gove away too...  Damn Tybalt (dog) & Monti (cat) need to learn how to clean up after scenes! Anyways, she's a flubber di gidditt so I'm pretty sure the rest of my imps now know also. 😅 o'well.  We've got an inkling that Bunny's mom may know also but she seems fine with the decision and didn't make it a big deal. Like... it would have mattered but all the same, keeping peace in the family is wonderful when its possible. 

I've gotten out from under some debts, consolidated the rest to save a significant amount of out going finances, replaced the central heat & air so Bunny could have a happier life (yes I know it needed done but having someone to do it for is far more inspiring to me).  Went on a week long vacation to Florida wherein we had a great time. (I'll post pics at the bottom) & all of this is because I learned a valuable lesson... Choose to do the opposite. 

What do I mean by this?

Trembling Rabbit taught my to stop judging people by what they appear to be on the inside, off one or two discussion & take a chance, even if I feel its doomed or a waste of time.  If you find that person you are willing to give your heart to... check the depth of the waters to make sure it's safe to dive into, but don't wait months on end... you've messaged, talked, vid chat, meet up a few times, spent a week together... you was open, they was open, no major flags... wtf are you waiting on? DIVE DIVE DIVE!! Not from the waters edge, but from the top of that wall you've built.  Yes. You may get hurt. But... maybe not. Maybe what you find is everything you thought you required to have a wonderful relationship, was the real things caging you up in the head, holding back the feeling of being alive and experiencing this weird ass emotion called love.

If you dive... don't half ass it.  Go all the way in. Embrace it. Swim in the lake that you dove into and remember that this lake... requires maintenance.  Keep the first thing, first.  Do the big things, do the little things, swat her ass, pull her hair, use toys, DO those things that she likes... while doing things you like.  When storms come, big or small, keep you eye on the lake, remember first thing comes first!  Suck up your pride & swallow that comment of pain induced retaliation.  Hurting people hurt people... why are you here?  Do you wish to have a lake or stomp in shoe sucking mire?  First things first... not just when its convenient or during good times, but every minute of every day. Learn them. Communicate always but do so in a fashion that reflects First thing will always come first... so long as they choose it also, there's very little that the two of you can't do!  Before long you'll find that the beachfront home at the lake you dove into has been hidden beneath the wall you dove from.  You just couldn't see it for the walls.

Life isn't your job, though your job is very important.

Life isn't your kids or spouse/partner, though they are more important than your job.

Life is living.  When you have the first thing first, all the above benefits from it... finds stability in it... even if your first thing first starts with you being in love with who you are... what's this mysterious first thing?  True love.  (Thank you Princess Bride for that cheesey line!) 

In every build up of an argument, I've had to remind myself to keep the first thing first.  I've had to remind my Bunny also... when we both focus on it, it seems the argument just doesn't matter and we talk easier about the issues.  Find a resolution or remind each other of what/when/where because for fuks sake... we are all human... (sigh) ok Beast isn't, but the rest of us are!  We are all faluable, make mistakes, & forget... first thing says, I love her.. maybe she needs a reminder. Maybe she needs her ass swatted.  I'll not know if I give into rage, placing myself first. If I don't communicate in words she understands it's not going to be recieved and she'll just fire back.  The wall will add a block or ten, to start building again... what was the reason you tore that down?  Oh... that's right... the lake.  Its vast, deep, wonderful and this is just a storm troubling the waters.  Did you know that the raging waves are only surface deep?  Dive in... look up... all is quiet here in the depths and the waves take on a different beauty while the lightening flashes above.  I hold it my hand and feel her take it... I look and she's right there.  I don't know when we grew gills but gawd does she look so beautiful with them... 

If you're like me & things seem to fuk up every relationship you get in... Choose the opposite. 

Then make first thing... really first.


(Ga'damn I'm living the happy!)



Sasa​(dom female) - This is an awesome reminder about what is important in our life. Just needed that. Thank you and your pictures are beautiful. 💕
10 months ago
Max Heathen​(dom male){AngelBunny} - I'm glad you enjoyed the read & ty for the comment, Sasa.😊
10 months ago
CSI​(sub female) - You both look so happy!! It's amazing!!
10 months ago
Max Heathen​(dom male){AngelBunny} - Ty CSI! I'm enjoying not having to renew my happy over n over like I use to in past relationships... now, it ebbs but its constant.
10 months ago
Grey Eyes​(sub female) - Yes I agree Max, give it your all, your everything. You two look wonderfully happy.
10 months ago
Max Heathen​(dom male){AngelBunny} - Ty ty ty, Grey Eyes. Not always easy for me to choose to do the opposite of what I normally would but... I can't deny the effects. 😁
10 months ago
AngelBunny​(sub female){MaxHeathen} - Wonderful blog Master! I'm proud of how far we have come! Love you 😘
10 months ago
Max Heathen​(dom male){AngelBunny} - 😘🐇 Love you my Bunny. Ty for the encouragement... content... proof reading my shit... pix of that fine ass body...😈
10 months ago
SweetSirRendering​(sub female) - wonderful blog and could you two be any cuter!?
10 months ago
Max Heathen​(dom male){AngelBunny} - Lol, you flatter us! Keep it up, highly encouraged 😂😂😂😊
Ty SweetSirRendering
10 months ago
Sir Don​(dom male){Not availa} - Great blog...... now that I stopped drooling along with the one in consideration... oh and A B isn't bad either.
10 months ago
Max Heathen​(dom male){AngelBunny} - Well hell Don, if I'd thought about ppl looking at me, I'd flashed some calf muscle or something... blinded ya with my moon tan of permafrost white 😂😂😂
Oh, and the one in consideration is no more. Went to meet her & poof... into thin air🤔🙄... such a waste of time. O'well... not the first time I've been ghosted. Their loss... NEEEXT! Lol
10 months ago
AngelBunny​(sub female){MaxHeathen} - I know! He makes me drool too!
10 months ago
Max Heathen​(dom male){AngelBunny} - That's called lube my love... 😈😘
10 months ago
AngelBunny​(sub female){MaxHeathen} - Whatever works 😉
10 months ago
AngelBunny​(sub female){MaxHeathen} - Don't let him fool you! He has some sexy legs 😍
10 months ago
Sir Don​(dom male){Not availa} - Drool , lube all kinda of the same thing. Whatever hits the spot first..
10 months ago
Sweet Ginger​(sub female){⚓} - Dang Alexa! 🤣 Always blurring things out in the most inappropriate time. :)

But in all seriousness, you two look soo happy! Wishing you both continuous happiness.
10 months ago
Max Heathen​(dom male){AngelBunny} - I know, Right? Fukn Alexa... she should know better than respond "Slave, your master needs you." In the middle of the house, just cuz I programmed her to say it when I say. "Alexa, Get Bunny"🤬😆😂😂
Ty for the well wishes Ginger!
10 months ago
rebeltoya​(sub female) - Love it for you guys . You two look amazing together and always remember communication is key for any relationship to work out
9 months ago
Literate Lycan​(dom male) - Concur with all the comments above. You two look great. Love the smiles. And great lessons in life to be shared.

Have an awesome, primal day!
9 months ago
FlitterFly​(sub female){Not Lookin} - Beautiful Written
You Two Are Truly Made For One Another

I absolutely love this piece
9 months ago

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