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hi, my name is Latoya or Toya for short. Currently in nursing school working to get my BSN in nursing.. when I am given an inch I usually take a mile. every outspoken at times and mostly when needed. I speak my mind on how I feel and if that's a problem love I think you are on the wrong page. I hate liars and dishonest persons who make up lies to make themselves look good.
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I am fairly new to the BDSM world but to be honest, I have been interested in this lifestyle from the age of 16. I'm a sub and most importantly I am a brat. A crazy-ass one to add. I've never been in a D/S relationship and I'm hoping to explore that someday. Somewhere out there I know there are good doms and I hope to find one where we can not only love but grow together but most importantly create a great bond that is unbreakable. In order for me to be able to submit to a dom trust, communication and honesty have to be established.
I enjoyed showing off what I have and most of all being the enter of attention. Being a brat is just the tip of the iceberg. Can be a brat at times and most times when I am my mouth seems to get me into trouble. love getting attention. i know a lot since being here and most times what i have known isn't pleasant
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