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5 months ago. Mon 13 May 2019 03:50:14 AM IDT

I have written this blog probably three times now. . . (A part of me wonders why am I writing if no one cares to read that damn thing. . . sighs)

I will do something most people do not do. . . admit my real age. I am 36. I am NOT a baby boomer, and I am NOT a millennial. I think my generation was closer to generation X if I look up things.

Anyway, age should equal experiences and self-discovering. . .

If you are 21, you have not seen much of real world. . . a high school relationship is not one like living together where you both work and have to find time for each other. (My suggestion travel, go to college, experiment with the same and opposite sexes. . . figure out who you are and what you want . . . what really makes you happy. For example, writing, cooking, cats, cuddling makes me happier than the best sexual experience ever did.)

I did not know who I was until I was at least 30. I had a handful of boyfriends (not all of them I was naughty with either, some I just dated. However I figured out who I wanted through the experiences, and yes not all of the experiences were good. . . I have been cheated on, lied to, and unsupported. I have also been praised, cuddled with, and loved.)

As for those who are over 50 who keep hitting on me (most when playing words with friends). I am NOT seeking older men! They want a younger woman because they instantly think they are instantly horny or they would have energy to take care of their kids. (or they are using a fake “catfish” romance to scam money out of the desperate lonely women. I have no extra money, if I did I would have a cat, not a man and for those who are scamming, may your computers get a virus.)
I cannot have kids and I do NOT want kids. I am NOT a kid person. My friends, with kids, and I barely talk, and I even take off kids type ads off my computer. (I’m burnt out and got no credit for kids I did help raise when I lost my teenage years.)
As for the romance and marriage thing, I really do NOT think it’s for me. No one within my age limit (30-39, maybe 25-30 or 40-45 if truly connected) wants to take the time and work on a genuine connection, then we work at things one day at a time.
 Most people my age are too busy working because there is very little job security. (but I’m stopping the politics)


I tried dating a few guys in their late 40’s and they were stuck in their ways and cranky. We also hardly ever agreed on anything. We never saw eye to eye.

I also get the older guys who treat me like a daughter . . . damn it I’m a dominant, and I do NOT need to your weird old-guy wisdom. (Do not tell me I need to clean your house or cook you food as you are the man. . . or that I am writing too much.)
I have three parents that are alive and if I want them chew me out, I would start a fight with them. I do NOT need a man my parents’ age in my life.  (Most of them have been married and are usually divorced or widowed with kids. . . by the way with divorce, who divorced who and why? And again I am NOT into kids!)
On my naughty pages, I am here for blogging and erotica stories (which I think I am going to collect and get publisher).  I do not mind a chat, but I don’t even writing about too young of men or older men.
On words with friends, I am just there to simply play a word game of scrabble to keep my brain fresh. They say that words games help vocabulary and writing skills. (I am not there to make friends my parents age. However I wish to have a few my own age that see things similar to me.)


Age may be a just a number to random people, but it’s more than just that too me.  (At least respect that when I say I am not interested.)

rosethorn​(sub female) - Nice to know im not the only who thinks that way about kids or house stuff especially when it comes from an older man
5 months ago
hisgoodbunny​(sub female){Taken} - Love this, you are not alone. My ex was 12 years older than me, pretty much ruined my idea of older men. And don't get me started on my dads age or my child's age. Not happening. As for kids good for you I fully support any person who does not want children. My daughter more than likely will never have any and my step son eliminated that option because of genetics. I think they are way more responsible than I ever was. Sometimes its just deleting those who do not read and message.
5 months ago
BelladonnaLove{Owned/skyb} - I understand the age part. It does get frustrating when i have guys who are twice my age wanting me to submit to them. I dont understand how that isnt creepy in some way. I can also respect people who dont want kids. Being a parent isn't for everyone. It's better to know that then think "oh i should just give it a try". Thats not how it works.
5 months ago
MasterBrads painpet​(sub female){OWNED} - It's hard for me when 18-43 yr old guys message me. The younger ones saying I can treat you better than an old Dom. Men my grandsons age to my son in-laws age is creepy in ways. I guess I'm different.
5 months ago
Christian S​(sub male){Mistress B} - I don't think someone of my age has had time to develop enough to have a real defined interest. Its blurry when you rethink about futures at my age. A lot can be lost in translation with a properly develop mind. And I won't mention maturity, as I believe age and maturity are not the same. But biologically I can see that your interests have acquired an answer. And some people dont have the mentality or maturity to handle your simple requests. I mean I read through them for context. And it's pretty blatant.

Some people can read something and think they can bend the expectations.

Some people should learn to meet expectations.

Also, out of satire, I find it funny these individuals wish to be submissive. But they can't even pass you expectations of age. That's one bad start to a conversation.
5 months ago
Christian S​(sub male){Mistress B} - Comment deleted by poster.
5 months ago

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