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Reflections in the dark mirror

Just my musings on 5 decades of the lifestyle
I am here when you are in need
I am here when your mind is freed
I am here if you want to walk
I am here if you want to talk
I cannot write more verse today
My mind like yours is far too frayed
All I can say to you is
I am here

Reginald Miles
1 year ago. January 26, 2023 at 6:40 AM

This is now a time for renewal!
A time to stop breathe and take an assessment of future direction! I’m still breathing in the wonderful air of freedom!

Those of you that actually know me, will know my marital life was toxic ! She was a controlling narcissist!

Well that’s no more, we are officially separated as of last Monday, there will be no reconciliation, it’s been over for years but the book is now closed !

No I’m not heading into Dom frenzy that’s not my style!

But I will be more visible at events etc. so if you want to say hi please do so, but remember I’m pretty deaf so tap me on the shoulder, and make sure I can see your lips lol that way you won’t think I’m ignoring you !!

At this moment I’m staying relatively close to Lincoln, again the ones that know me will know why !

Finding somewhere to live has been a challenge lol Lincoln is bursting with students so accommodation is at a premium!

I may have a room in Lincoln itself in the future but certain circumstances have meant it won’t be ready for a while so I’m moving to the countryside for a month, which will let me take stock and figure stuff out !

For my friends I thank you for your support, without you I wouldn’t have got this far !

So hello world 👋👋👋 it’s nice to meet you
Love, Peace and kink

Stew 💙


MsDove​(sub female){Eternal Pi} - When my husband passed, I went into a deep search within to discover what I wanted my final chapters to look like. That brought me to the Cage. I am happy that you are finally free to create your life, your way! 😘
1 year ago
Aquarius Dom​(dom male) - Thank you it’s going to be a very different life I’ve promised myself that x
1 year ago
MissBonnie​(dom female){oz} - Welcome to your new life. I hope it brings all you want, need and desire
1 year ago
Aquarius Dom​(dom male) - Thank you , all I know is that I already feel better !!
1 year ago
GiannaRay​(sub female) - Good luck
1 year ago
Aquarius Dom​(dom male) - Thank you 💙
1 year ago

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