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female slave
hi I am a female slave in the Sacramento area and I am searching for an experienced male dominant to use me live.

Daddy wanted.
Im looking for for someone who is or along the lines of a daddy dom. I am not hugely into the age play part though. I can be bratty sometimes, but ultimatly will always submit. I think the D/S dynamic is and should be more than just sexual and you ahould be able to get along and trust eachother and have opinions of your own and be okay with eachother doing so. Im not looking for strictly online, IRL wpuld be ideal.
GG96​(sub female)10/16/2018

NYC sub
Hey, I’m a 24 year old sub with absolutely no experience. I’ve been a sub since high school and I never got a chance to experience it. I’ve tried looking for Doms at some BDSM clubs but I could never find anyone. I’m hoping this post and website would help lol. I’ve been craving this side of my life for awhile now. I’m not interested in an online Dom. If you’re in nyc and you’re interested please let me know.
Twilling93​(sub female)10/16/2018

Looking for modern, altruistic, intelligent Dom ?
25 yo female interested in exploring my submissive side. I'll be honest here. I'm an intelligent, highly self-aware, emotionally mature person who's got a lot of baggage. Basically I'm not happy with the way I'm currently living my life and have an idea of how I'd rather be doing it. I am interested in self-development. I would like to be the best that I can be; physically, emotionally and mentally. I completely lack any routine in my everyday life and would like to change that.
Naturally I'm a very caring and giving person, it's instinctual and gives me pleasure to see the ones I care about thrive. I'll reflexively help if help is needed and if there's work to do and I have the energy, I'll lend you a hand. I like these things about me, but I suffer from then greatly. I've learned to be careful who I choose to give to, otherwise I usually end up being exploited for my kindness.
I'm a proud, strong individual (with a very soft, romantic, open-minded core) who longs to submit to a person who sees me and cares. Someone who can help me explore my sexuallity and productivity. Someone who genuinely wants me to succeed in the same way I want to.
I'm not into the 1950's dynamic. I'm a modern woman who feels that two adult individuals who work equally in time and share a living space have a shared responsibility for the care of it. That said, if I care about you (if you deserve my care) making you happy will give me pleasure. I do enjoy cooking for others and doing things for others to cheer them up. I'm looking for someone to reciprocate that. Like I said, I want to bee seen and for someone to care.
I have no experience of the lifestyle. I suspect I am naturally submissive but I will not submit to anyone not worthy. If you deserve it I can give you as much as I want from you, but only then.
Only interested in an online dynamic for start. Not currently looking for a romantic relationship or life-partner.
Curious Georgina10/15/2018

New sub looking for a teacher.
Looking for a patient Dom, willing to teach a sassy new sub.
Sassybrat8929​(sub female)10/15/2018

Slave seeking Master
Hello everyone,
I am seeking a single Male Master close to my age 31-43 in the continental U.S. who wants a long term/permenant TPE M/s relationship.
My top limits are as follows:
No sex before marriage. My husband/master will own all of me. Including my purity.
No sharing on either side.
No indecent videos or photos.
I will not call anyone Sir, master, Lord of the universe, until we have both talked and agreed to some type for relationship/dynamic.
And for goodness sake be polite, I'm not asking for anyone to be a kiss asset, but a bit of common courtesy goes along way.
Adinesidhe​(sub female)10/14/2018

Looking for a dominant man
I am new to bdsm and I am looking for a online dom to control me in every way possible. I work at home so am always free

New sub seeking Dom
I'm looking for an online Dom ages 27-40 to explore my desires. I can be very opinionated and bratty, Dom must be convincing and experienced, looking for someone to stimulate my mind.

Seeking Seriouse Dom
Seeking Seriouse Dom
Im searching for a experienced dom. I refuse to do online role playing and extreme exchange of messages. I need and perfer face to face. I'm willing to relocate. Im willing, eager and devoted to be guided and mentored. I believe a true Dom/sub relationship should be founded on 100% honesty, communication, no lies ever. This is not a game to me, this is my lifestyle and I do take it seriously and respect it. please check out my profile and be opened minded.
bustybrooklyn69​(masochist female)10/14/2018

Maybe your little slut
32-year-old, single looking for online dom, with potential to meet in person, if we are both feeling the connection. I love being spanked, hair pulled, light bondage, degraded...want to please you and serve you sexually. I’m a lady in the streets please help me be a freak in the sheets!

In person only please.
I am a 21 year old submissive woman. I am married and have a child, however, the relationship with my husband is an open one. I am looking for a true dominant to help me further explore my submissive nature. I would only like to do in person training. I would love to have something long term, but would also settle for a short period of devoted training. I am very open to exploring many things, and if you send me a message, I will gladly explain my limits and situation to you.
Thank you so much for your time.
X, Jade.
Missjade1997​(sub female)10/13/2018

34 Single Straight Stepford babygirl Illinois. Looking for Older Single HOH/Daddy Dom for a serous relationship long term meet in real.
34 Single Straight Stepford babygirl Illinois. Looking for Older Single HOH/Daddy Dom for a serous relationship long term meet in real.
by StepfordBride 34 minutes ago

?Single stepford STD free Illinois 34 straight girly well groomed curvy intelligent beauty with no kids or baggage allergic to smoke only drinks wine on holiday Reserved for the one.? I am looking for Older Gentlemen that can take this lifestyle seriously long term you know go on dates meet in real be one for one forever. I am good women I have no time for hookup and one night stands i have been in the lifestyle 17 years. I have good education behind me in many things. I like to be under a man be stay at home be in frilly dresses and waiting for man to enter for him to come home to greet him. Lady by day vixen by night. Well groomed clean cut classy Stable Daddy Dom Head of household 38 to 49 that can understand a women that loves to dress up and fall in love we both can look dressed up together. I have a lot of passion and romance but only goes to one. I don't really just let anyone in but if you can read my profile and we are on the same page their is a attraction and connection it will work. I really don't need collector's I want only one be done with this maybe its rare but I rather be rare for one. I may be in to the universe and yoga I am not really religious not in to politics I just want someone normal not in to foolish games that wants to settle. You been in the lifestyle for years did not wake up to 50 shades of stay. You keep your clothes on save it for the right time I am not here for sex you gotta get in someone mind and connection be grown. I don't go by sweet words I need the effect.?

Everyone is here for something Their freewill but these are just my wants needs desires that can be shared with someone that has the same desires.
Stepfordbride​(sub female)10/13/2018

Phone and online
Sub seeking dominant for phone calls and online play. I like spanking, bondage, degradation, and light pain. Mostly, i like being used for my dom’s pleasure. DM or inbox me for more info.
Early twenties. White. BBW.
Bailey Hartley​(sub female)10/13/2018

Submissive looking for online Dom
Submissive (sexually only) looking for online experienced , mature Dom for training. I will not share pictures, discuss my personal life or talk on the phone until trust is earned. I'm very willing to explore many things and push my limits. I enjoy humiliation and some pain, but nothing extreme. Not interested in any bathroom or underage play at all.

Little or Sub looking for long term IRL Dom soon
Hello to who ever took the time to read this.
My names Ashanti i'm 19 and i'm looking for a DOM and soon. If you have any questions please free to ask. I wish only serious men would respond. currently in Texas so the closer the better. Hope to hear from you soon.
Shawny11223​(sub female)10/11/2018

Young Submissive Woman.
Hello there, my name is Zoe. I am female submissive/slave. I am seeking an online D/s relationship with a loving, protective but strict Master/Dominant. I am looking for a Dominant that can type well, is experienced and not just interested in the sexual aspects. I am eighteen years old and reside in the Midwest. If you are interested, send me a message. I look forward to hearing from you.

Young Submissive looking for stern dominate
I am a a attractive 5’5 18 year old looking for a dom the ages of 18-24.
I am looking for a dom that will be strict, set rules, and distribute punishments when needed.
But he will also be comforting and romantic at times.
I’m looking for a strong and attractive male dom.
Thanks daddy.

Im an 18 year old girl in South Polk county Florida looking for a Daddy Dom. I'm looking for a in person relationship . I identify as a younger little (3-5). I'm looking for someone to guide and care for me. I’m looking for someone around the ages (21-28). And understands that my age and inexperience mean there are some limitations on what I can do right now. I have an idea of what I'm comfortable with, but am willing to listen to offers. Expect to talk to me a lot before we meet. Understand you won't be getting explicit pictures until after we've met if at all. If this interests you at all, send me a message.
Kj1632​(sub female)10/11/2018

Angry and aggressive dominant men wanted
I want to be tied up and really fucked hard. I love it rough, I will obey you and pleasure you whenever you’d like. I want to be spanked, surprise fucked, choked, whatever you can think of, I’m open. I am bigger, so I need someone who doesn’t mind a stomache ona woman. I want my tits tied, squeezed, hung, I just a dominant man who can take his anger out on me. I want my hair pulled, I can be slapped, pinned, tied.

Princess looking for Dominant lover
I live in Los Angeles and Married with kids. I am searching for a dominant man to be my lover as my husband is not into bdsm. I am a little bit of experience in the field but I’m no expert. I need training from a real man who can show me how to be good. I love to please and take care of you. Need someone discreet and caring yet harsh if needed.