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Punish my misdeeds
I'm seeking an online Dom to help me improve myself.
I'm a fairly experienced sub seeking a strict master who will determine punishments for bad behavior that I wish to improve and rewards when I improve.
I will be honest in reporting my behavior and following your orders.
Apryllrain​(masochist female){No}08/16/2018

19 year old submissive virgin
I am a virgin and sub looking for a daddy dom. I want to be my daddy's only little. Our relationship may be strictly online or if you're in the Cape Town or Stellenbosch area, we could get personal. x
sweet kay​(sub female)08/15/2018

Slave online
I will serve you, whatever you say goes. I have no say in anything, you have full control of me.
I have no experience, I want someone that can teach and discipline me.
ages 19-27
saline​(sub agender)08/15/2018

Seeking master
I am a petite woman, 20 years old. I am inexperienced with bdsm but I would love to have a master to show me the ropes, in RL only. Message for more details.

I a, not into blood, poo, urine, cutting, children or animals.
Baybabe1819​(sub female)08/14/2018

Sav, Georgia, Dom needed
I’m a 25 year old Sub, that’s very happy bubbly and partially bratty, (and dash of sass) fllooking for a Dom to help train, leaning towards the softer side as I am still new and exploring this life style. Patients is welcome as well as experience and age, I have zero tolerance for games and drama. I’m lookin for a more serious possible long term, as I am a one dom person and give everything my all.
Near Sav Georgia, South Carolina area.
MermaidSummer​(sub female)08/13/2018

Raleigh NC area
Female submissive looking for a male Dom.
ArielCK​(sub female)08/13/2018

Hopelessly Romantic Sub seeking Confident Romantic Dom
I am looking to find a strong, confident man with a romantic side that I can trust and fully submit to. A man that I can share my passion of life with both in and outside of the bedroom. I am a independent woman who can do things for myself. However, I have a strong desire to be in a relationship with a Dominate man who will take the lead, taking away my cares and stresses so that I can find solace from the stresses I deal with in my everyday life. I long to be with a Dominate man who will teach me exactly how to please him and make him happy as well as help me grow in all aspects of my life.
ballroombaby​(sub female)08/12/2018

I'm new here
I am only a few days in on this sight but I have always had a submissive side. Message me and we can get to know each other. I don't trust easy so you'll have to gain my trust. Our relationship would-be strictly online.
babygirl1622​(sub female)08/12/2018

Starting my journey through submission
Hi there,

I’m a 20 year old inexperienced submissive looking for a patient, caring yet firm Dominant with a desire to train, educate and foster my growth in submission. I am a plus size black woman with a nerdy side who finds pleasure in obtaining knowledge about things that interest me and exploring topics I don’t know much about. With that being said, a stimulating conversation is always welcomed. Though I am looking for a Dom first and foremost, I also would like a friend, confidant, and adviser. What I lack in experience/knowledge, I make up for with loyalty, honesty, eagerness and a true desire to submit. I am seeking an online/ldr with the potential for real life meet up. If I have appealed to you in anyway then I look forward to hearing from you Sir.
NubianTreat​(sub female)08/11/2018

Daddy Needed
I'm 26 and very new to this lifestyle. Looking for a patient yet stern daddy to train me. Please be located in Michigan.
Ropebunny91​(sub female)08/10/2018

LG looking for her DD
== Results from ==
96% Boy/Girl
85% Ageplayer
76% Voyeur
71% Submissive
68% Degradee
64% Primal (Prey)
49% Experimentalist
44% Pet
42% Vanilla
41% Slave

I'm an LG looking for a DD. I'm 26 and am looking for a daddy who is between 30-38 years old. I'm a good little girl and want to please my daddy. I want to be daddy's ONLY little. Please check my profile and message me if you're interested.
Little Bear​(other female)08/10/2018

Dom needed badly
27yr old single sub needing/craving older (29-39) strict dom
Very submissive.

Tell me what to do
I'm looking for a man in his early to mid thirties who would like to have some fun dominating me in the bedroom, and depending on the relationship maybe outside to.

Preferably looking for someone who is tall, anything from 5'11" +, white, slim or muscular build and willing to be discrete.

I myself and 5'6", white, blonde, blue eyes, slim, average face.

Only for those who live in London.

Curious Little One
Hello. I'm new to all of this and I'm looking for someone that is willing to introduce me and bring me into things. I haven't tried anything yet and I'm willing. I'm very open-minded and willing to try new things.
Elitha​(sub agender)08/08/2018

Seeking Dom or Daddy Dom who is willing to educate a new sub. In Polk County Florida area. Online or in real life
if interested message me
Kj1632​(sub female)08/08/2018

New to this
I am looking for a serious dom to take me and train me. I am very new to the lifestyle but have always been drawn to it. I do not know yet what my limits are although I am pretty sure they will have to do with extreme pain and anything to do with bodily functions but I am willing to find out.

Dominate me
I am a woman that wants to be dominated. I am a newbie looking to test my limits. Are there any willing teachers out there.
Asortiz​(sub female)08/05/2018

Looking for a Dominant :)
Hi there! I’m a 19 year old submissive with “little” and “kitten” tendencies. I also have a little bit of a bratty side. So I would need someone that would let me have fun with that. I’m looking to find and link up with an experienced dominant. Someone to train me and mold me into something that is meant for their pleasure. I have little experience but I’m very eager to learn more about the lifestyle. I’m open to do LDR but would need someone who would take time to message me and make time for me as much as I would for them. I love this lifestyle and think it’s such a unique way of being intimate with a trustworthy partner.

I’m looking for a Daddy Dom or just a regular Dom that is patient, has a sense of humor, is confident, and experienced.

Your purpose as a dominant is to push my limits, help me grow, and allow me to become a better version of myself.

If you can do that, then you deserve my submission.

Things I enjoy as a little: (I do not age play)
~Watching Tinkerbell movies
~Being called “Little one, Baby girl, Princess”
~Macaroni and cheese
~Capri Suns
And more...

Things I enjoy as a kitten:
~Laying at my master/Daddy/dominant’s feet
~Drinking/Eating out of bowls
~Being dragged around on a collar and leash
And more...


-Illegal stuff
-Other women
-Being called, “Pig, fat, ugly, worthless”

Feel free to message me :)

Brattymelody98​(sub female)08/04/2018

Windsor Ontario Canada lost babygurl
43 year old babygurl looking for discreet Daddy Dom. So tired of fakes and trolls online. If Your looking for phone sex or perverted photos carry on. I am in need of a true Daddy Dom. Yes I am feisty and have a hard time controlling my tongue, but if You think You can mold me into what You want and need challenge accepted. I am willing to play any age for Daddy. Have known from a very young age that I was born to serve and obey. Will need to be trained and molded by Daddies hand. Can You be loving and strict? Do You want someone who's every need in life is to see You happy and pleased? Willing to offer all her holes and life to You. Well that's the way I feel every woman should be. Talk when spoken to and nothing matters but Daddy!!! If You want more information please feel free to get on contact with me.
Babygurl75​(sub female)08/02/2018

30(F)SUB looking for local DD or DOM for in-person LTR
30(F) Looking for DD or Dom
I am fairly new but have a little experience. I am very much an alpha female and leader in my profession. So I am seeking a dom at home and in-person (don’t knkenthat online would do it for me) that I can relinquish control with (looking for the whole lifestyle though). I like the idea of having such honest and trust in aother person-so much so that I can submit to them in my personal life. I like a daddy I can look up to and know will care and protect me and in return I give him what pleases him and-as said-my submission and trust. Looking for a daddy to indulge in both the kink and the lifestyle. I am very classy out in the world and would appreciate the same from a partner. I am well-educated, kind, energetic and fun. My little side is definitely whimsical. You can occasionally find me coloring or painting pottery. NOT into really young age play (diapers and things). I like my daddy to have input in what I wear and am also looking to explore various aspects of the BDSM side. I enjoy both the psychological and physical aspect of a DD/Sub (with little tendancies) dynamic. I am NOT looking to share-lookin for monogamy and long-term. I like being restrained, spankings, into anal play, giving and receiving oral. Open to many other things. Hard limits would be: scatting, animals, children, humiliation/degradation/ anything illegal. Thank you All and thank you for the kind group connectivity!
DarlingKitten13​(sub female)08/02/2018