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Want to talk
Anyone want to chat message me. Eventually looking for a 24/7 Master but friends are good too. Life has been crazy busy lately so haven’t been on much could use people to talk to lol.
Eab198917​(sub female)04/24/2018

Ready to train
Hello I am a sub looking for a dom that’s interested and likes the idea of eventually doing it all the time not just in the bedroom. I am new to this but have been practicing some but not had a good trainer. I like to be told what to do and I can be a good girl.
Yes sir right away04/23/2018

Brand new submissive
New submissive ( sexually only I think ) searching for at least moderately experienced dom in the Denver Colorado area between the ages of 25 and 40. I like intense pain and always had a very hard time finding partners who enjoy or will even consider doing what I ask. I also enjoy hair pulling, ropes, toys, face fucking, and orgasm torture. Would like to try suspension, getting my feet / body hit with switch, whipped, gagged, or anything else painful / degrading that turns on my partner. Getting my partner off is the most important thing to me. As well as good communication and some cuddling after all the pain.
Lookin for the real deal, not an online scenario. I’m picky and like tall attractive assertive men.

im looking for my master
im very skiiled and im looking for a older master 45 to 60 near missouri
pinkgirl​(sub female)04/21/2018

Submissive looking for online Dom
Submissive (sexually only) looking for online experienced , mature Dom for training. I will not share pictures, discuss my personal life or talk on the phone until trust is earned. I'm very willing to explore many things and push my limits. I enjoy humiliation and some pain, but nothing extreme. Not interested in any bathroom or underage play at all.

New submissive looking for dominant male
Hi, my name is Molly im a new submissive looking for a dom to show and teach me about bdsm. Im 24 and in shape I would like someone close to my age and in shaoe as well. If your a little older thats fine with me. Im am very new to this so someone understanding amd caring would be ideal.

Submissive woman seeks dominant man
I want a gentle but strong dom who listens and cares
JessNM97​(sub female)04/17/2018

Sub female seeking Dom male
I am very new to this...I am seeking someone to teach me. Looking for someone in Delaware or Pa.

New Submissive Seeking Dominant Men
Hi, I am a new submissive (21 f) seeing a dominant man. I am looking for something online and am willing to be trained to fit your needs.
savannahxo​(sub female)04/15/2018

Submissive Seeking Dom In The UK
Im planning on relocating to the UK though I currently I live in Virginia,USA. Im 20 years old and have been in the kink community for about a year so I'm still fairly new. I'm looking for a serious live in situation where I will be trained. I have had one dom before so I have some experience, but still lack. You can live anywhere in the UK but I prefer that you be single and no older than 40. I have a photo of myself on my profile and can send more if requested. Please only message me if you also seek a similar situation.
Katieb97​(sub female)04/07/2018

Sub looking for her Dom
I'm 26 and I'm a little new to this whole thing. I am looking for a dom who will teach me and understand me. I keep getting Doms who will talk to me for a little and then want me to come visit, but they don't try to get to you me. I'm shy until I get to know someone, I really just want a dom that is going to take his time and work with me and build a relationship.
Shybutterfly23​(sub female){I would lo}04/04/2018

May need some training
I am looking for a master to show me the ropes literally. I've dabbled in being a sub off and on through out my life but have never been able to find a true master to serve. I consider my switch because I perfer the dominance of a man but I love dominating females myself...Freak in sheets and lady on the streets completely describes me! I want a relationship that wil lala, built on trust, complete honestly and mutual respect.
BlueRose1121​(switch female){No}04/03/2018

Lovely geek wants to be tamed
Good evening/morning, whichever is applicable. I'm a lady who loves to please a worthy man. I'm new but an eager and fast learner. The domination would preferably happen mostly in the bedroom but also a bit outside of it. I think mutual respect is very important. I prefer in person master/slave relationships because a sexual connection is very important to me.
AnkiPan​(sub female)03/27/2018

Phone and online
Sub seeking dominant for phone calls and online play. I like spanking, bondage, degradation, and light pain. Mostly, i like being used for my dom’s pleasure. DM or inbox me for more info.
Early twenties. White. BBW.
Bailey Hartley​(sub female)03/13/2018

NYC sub
Hey, I’m a 24 year old sub with absolutely no experience. I’ve been a sub since high school and I never got a chance to experience it. I’ve tried looking for Doms at some BDSM clubs but I could never find anyone. I’m hoping this post and website would help lol. I’ve been craving this side of my life for awhile now. I’m not interested in an online Dom. If you’re in nyc and you’re interested please let me know.
Twilling93​(sub female)03/13/2018

Are you my Daddy?
Looking for a kind yet forceful Man to role play my Daddy
I'm into gang bangs where I'm blindfolded
Public sharing.. golden showers.. message me if you think you could be..
Naughty​(sub female)03/09/2018

Yes Sir
I am a 24 year old in experienced sub but have been interested in the lifestyle for many years. I just haven't found any Doms in my area as of yet. I am seeking an experienced Dom over the age of 24 in the southern Oklahoma/ north Texas area.
K Sub 93​(sub female)02/28/2018

I'm a sub looking for a dom.
I'm a sub looking for a dom.
D9595​(sub female)02/21/2018

Sub wanting master
Im looking for a master between 30-40 that is uk based

Where's my daddy
Little looking for her daddy strict but caring of his babygirl
Lil whore​(sub female)02/17/2018