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Sub searching for online training
I am 18 looking for a particularly younger dom to teach me and possibly be my master forever

I’ll keep this short and sweet. I’m 26 years old and I do have a kid so if that’s a dealbreaker, I’m going ahead and getting that out of the way. I’m new to this lifestyle and really want to explore it. I do not like being ignored though, so if you’re one of the Doms that doesn’t like to talk to their sub on a regular basis, don’t waste my time. I’m looking for a long term relationship and it must be monogamous. I can tend to get jealous so I’m not even interested in trying anything with more than me and my future Dom. I may come across in this as kind of mean, but I know what I want and there’s no point in beating around the bush. Anyways, have a great day and maybe I’ll hear from you!

Submissive Relationship
I am 18 yrs old as of this month. I have been in a long distance, long term online relationship as a sub/slave before, but I do have limited experience. I am an extreme submissive/slave. I want to be told what to do. I want to serve. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. I do my best to follow orders, but I'm not perfect. I have very few limits. I always say "I'll ty anything once." I have a high respect for pleasing my dom/master.

I have ambitions to be a permanent sub/slave one day, but I am okay with temporary. Whether it is online or in person, I want the experience because one day, hopefully, I want to be in an in person sub/dom - slave/master Relationship. Let me know your thoughts. Thank you.
CumAddictSub​(sub female){Owned-Arcu}11/19/2017

Dominant and Submissive Mentors Out There?
Dominant and Submissive Mentors Out There?
Hey all! I am very new to this scene and before I really seriously get involved in choosing a Dom, I was hoping if anyone would have the time to spare for questions about the lifestyle and advice or information. This would be online only and would be 100% non sexual in intention and 100% non play. Ever. I am here to learn and develop. This is a serious journey for me so don't insult that, please. I will not take it kindly. I would especially love if any submissives would be interested since that is kind of what I am! Thank you so much!!! I look forward to hearing from you!
ObviousEnigma​(sub female)11/18/2017

Looking for Dom
Hi i am new to bdsm but read about few stuff about it.

Looking for a DOM online,or from the philippines or can go here.

Willing to test all my limit. Liking it soooo rough
SunnyOrangeLemon​(sub female)11/17/2017

Seeking Dom in USA
Hello! I'm looking for a Dom to establish a long-term relationship with. I have some experience, but not so much that I cannot be guided into learning what my Sir wants. I am 26 would like to find a Dom younger than 38. If in the US, location does not matter, I can relocate easily. Thank you for considering my add.
Olive3489​(sub female)11/17/2017

new and looking for a dom
very new to the BDSM community, interested in having a dom. Online only (to start out with), preferably no older than 30. i am a brat, just fyi
clark4812​(sub female)11/16/2017

Seeking local San Francisco Bay Area dom as possible secondary
Hello there! My name is Ev, and I'm looking for an experienced, local, polyamorous dom to date in real life.

About Me: I'm 38 years old. I've been in the lifestyle for about 23 years now, 20 in the community. I enjoy a lot of kinds of play. Power exchange is my passion and my joy. I recognize that doms, like subs and switches, are whole people, with needs, vulnerabilities, desires and thoughts of their own. I hang out at Wicked Grounds at least once most weeks, and occasionally can be found at Black Thorn, Citadel, or Catalyst. I occasionally will attend a munch as well. I'm a strong person, but I am very much a sub. I'm not looking to switch or domme.

Outside of kink, I am a martial artist (when my joints allow) training in a full contact knockdown style called Kyokushin. I also train in Sado, the Way of the Japanese tea ceremony. I enjoy being out in nature, nature photography, horses and other creatures, computer games, (especially a good RPG,) reading, writing, cooking, trying new foods (though I'm low carbing it at the moment) and getting to know all different kinds of people.

What I'm looking for: Someone who is ok with us taking our time getting to know one another. Someone who isn't looking for a secret relationship, but instead is ok with any partners they have knowing, as well as friends, at least in the kink community. Identifies male, is into D/s. I am looking for a dom who builds his partners up instead of breaking them down. I prefer doms who are older than I am, but it is not an absolute hard and fast rule. Must be willing to meet and keep up a bit of communication with my Master. Must be willing to let me meet your other serious partners at least once. I want to know you as a person, not just your list of kinks, but who you are, and I want to see how we get along. It would be really awesome to find someone who gets along with both my Master and I, and is looking for something like a leather family. Seeks consent, respects boundaries. Confident, rather than arrogant. Intelligent and compassionate. Is ok with having a partner who is large and has some physical issues. Takes personal responsibility, is consistent, is passionate.

If you want to know more about me and the way I think, please feel free to check out my profile and my blog. I'd love to have a nice, coherent, interesting conversation. Please do message me and tell me a bit about yourself.
evergrey​(sub female){Ashigeru}11/16/2017

Female Sub seeking strict Male Dom

I think this search will be a work in progress.

I've been searching for years, for that Dom.

I am looking for someone that is close to Northamptonshire, can accommodate and meet during the week days.

I need training, discipline and so badly want to adore and worship.

However, I am not willing to meet anybody, and I will need to see a photo first, we need attraction and connection.

I have been messed about so much, that I am heavily guarded and will only respond to those that are able to show that they tick some of the criteria.

Quiet_sub01​(sub female)11/13/2017

Submissive girl
I’m 19 , wild an crazy .. I absolutely love pain and humiliation & looking for a daddy to give that to me

Black slave for aggressive white dom
Wishing to fullfill my dark kinky fantasy, to be used choked and tied by a superior man
HornyBlackBitch​(sub female)11/13/2017

Sub looking for a master
I have black hair and brown eyes with glasses. I am 5ft and 8 inches tall and weigh 233 pounds. I have 44 d breasts and unshaven pussy and a tight asshole. I am still a virgin. I can't drive. I have add, autism, bipolar disorder, depression, developmental delay, verbal apraxia. I want a master from the Sterling Colorado area please. I need lots of training.
Princessmandy​(sub female){Chaperoned}11/12/2017

Restless Housewife
I am a housewife who feels restless and uninspired physically. I'm 5'5" 130, slim to athletic build. I enjoy exercise and physical activity, I'm creative, artistic and intellectual. I'm very curious about online relationships with a dominant man. More than just sexual.

Submissive looking for Dominant Man or Men
Over the past four years I haven't felt the touch of a man. I tell myself it was to protect my daughter. No. I was to protect my own self. I love sex, and a little too much. If a came into this world at fifteen my parents would look at me like I was crazy. Right now I need the help. I need the domination so that my life can fall back in line before it can go to hell. They have to be local, which is in Hattiesburg Mississippi.
Gabriella​(sub female){Yes}11/09/2017

Little Bratty Girl/Pet looking for friends
I am a sub looking for friends

I want to be trainned
I've always been interested in the BDSM but recently brought it truly into my life. I tried to learn the most I could on my own but I need more. So, if you think you can train me, ONLINE both sexually and mentally I love to hear from you. I am 21 and beautiful.

Painslut Seeking Sadist in Northern Alabama
I want a sadisic Dom to have regular painplay sessions with.
25 5'11" 140lbs
Stillaberrant​(masochist female)11/03/2017

Want the real thing.
Well there's afew things. I'm looking for my Dom. A real relationship not online. Iv been on here awhile now and am sick of the creeps. I'm serious when I say I'm looking for my soulmate so if your just ganna message me to get off,.. don't, please..... I'm looking for a man that's between 28-38 yrs old. Decent build, cut or muscular but not to much, it's gross, kind, loveing, funny, and an animal in bed lol. I'm new to the bdsm world and am looking for my Dom to teach me and guide me to new heights. Message me if interested in talking. I will not Skype or kik or anything till I get to know you and see your picture. My pics on my profile.

Looking for dominant in SouthYorkshire
Hello, I am looking for a dominant who is willing to guide me into this lifestyle. I am new to this so I haven't really learned anything. I am very shy and would probably like to spend time chatting for a few weeks before meeting up. I am 18 so a dominant who is below 30 would be ideal.
newtothis​(sub female)11/02/2017

I'm a little
*must be willing to talk on the phone a lot!*

I'm 19 years old been in foster care from age 2 been abused in all types of ways thrown from house to house. When I turned 17 I got placed in the house that I'm in now this is the first house that Iv ever been in that I have not been. Abused in however the people I live with almost 80 years old so we fuss and fight everyday they don't understand me and I don't understand them.

Because of everything I been through I have turned in to just a mean person. I know I shouldn't be mean but I just am my bad habits are being mean, throwing temper tantrums, fighting, cursing, hitting and throwing things when I'm mad, not eating everyday, Cutting, being very insecure about my self, not listening to anyone, talking back, having a bad attitude, having a smart and sarcastic mouth and many more. I think I'm like this because I'm allowed to get away with this. I don't ever have consequences or punishments for the things I do this is why I'm looking for a very strict person that will control me give me rules and be very strict also someone who will talk on the phone with me. I need more struture in my life because at this point I have none and I'm going down the wrong path I guess so someone needs to straighten me out just all nonsexual

So basically I'm just looking for someone that can just be there for me be very strict when needed give me rules and consequences but also have reward with like sticker charts or something I need some one who loves to talk on the phone a lot someone who wants to get to know every little thing about me someone who learns what work and what don't work on me someone who knows exactly when I'm sad or upset with out me having to say. Jus someone who kno me.