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Lonely slave seeking. A master
I. Want to be owned.
clowngirl​(switch female)09/09/2017

Inexperienced Submissive 18 year old girl
Hello. I'm a new to this, yet I've always felt that I wanted a dominant man. I will be willing to learn as much as you teach me and I hope that someone will take me up on my offer. I know I'm young, but I just want to find my Dom in this big world :) Please, please, please feel free to message me! Thank you.

I'm a married housewife looking for Online relationship.
I'm a married housewife looking for an online relationship with a dominant man. If it goes good enough, maybe we can meet, but it wouldn't be often.
I'm a very willing submissive, and I'm desperate for this sort of relationship I've been craving.
If you're wondering the things I'm willing to do, and I sound like someone you'd like to chat with, message me.
A little about me: I'm a public alpha female, Translates to: I'm strong, confident, bold, and loud. I'm sure in who I am. So, I'm looking for a man who is as confident, bold, and loud than I am. A powerful man. Intelligence is key. I love a good conversation, and when a man can mentally get into my head.. I'm powerless. Looking for a man that knows I'm married, but likes the idea that I'm secretly his, and I answer to him. If you are what I've been needing, I will make things work around when you want them to work.

I like accountability, and dominance. Demanding men. Men that make me WANT to serve them. Want to do the things they ask me. Of course, my likes are more than a paragraph or two, so go ahead.. message me, I'll be waiting.

May need some training
I am looking for a master to show me the ropes literally. I've dabbled in being a sub off and on through out my life but have never been able to find a true master to serve. I consider my switch because I perfer the dominance of a man but I love dominating females myself...Freak in sheets and lady on the streets completely describes me! I want a relationship that wil lala, built on trust, complete honestly and mutual respect.
BlueRose1121​(switch female){No}08/16/2017

Slutty whore needs new master
NAME: katy
LOCATION:cornwall but willing to relocate
BRA SIZE:unknown
HEIGHT:5ft 7
WEIGHT:12 stone
MARRIED, SINGLE, GF or BF?: single
SMOOTH: shaved
CHASTITY? (Indicate type):
PAST OWNERs?: 4 all ex boyfriends who are not on here
SEXUAL ORIENTATION (Indicate whether Bi, Gay, or straight): bisexual
DOMESTIC SKILLS: cooking , cleaning, gardening,
PERSONAL SERVICE SKILLS: deepthrout, anal, group sex, edging, slave, pole dance/lap dance, swallowing,
SEEKING: in person, master/mistress
LIMITS: none

New sub, looking for a mentor
Looking to find my limits and explore with an experienced Dom. Preferably in person. I am a blank canvas to mold into your perfect sub. Guelph, Ontario Canada

18 y/o sub looking for the perfect dom
I'm a college student in New York. I have some experience with being controlled, but I'm still relatively new to the lifestyle. My last dom showed me some of the ropes, but unfortunately things didn't work out as I had hoped. I'm looking for a strict but caring dom who understands my busy school schedule (and when I find a steady job work schedule) who can still find time and fun ways to fit tasks and play in. Open to long distance or real life interactions once we get closer and i feel comfortable, however that will most likely take me awhile. Take a look at my profile to see if our interests line up!

21 year old Sub looking for a Dominant Male
I am a college educated sub looking to find a man that will allow me to be submissive. I want him to take control in every aspect of my life he seems necessary. I control most areas of my life and wish to let someone guide me where possible.

19 year old woman seeking a dominant and control man
I am a 19 year old intelligent down-to-earth outgoing outspoken spontaneous woman new to this lifestyle but always knew that I had a submissive side to me. I always love to be told what to do, how to do it, and when to do it . I always wanted to be a submissive woman to a dominant man have rules and regulations and be punished for when I disobey and also being rewarded for being good but I always want my dominant man or as I like to call him Sir to be kind loving respectful intelligent down-to-earth outgoing spontaneous romantic person I want to be a submissive 24/7 and I would love for mine dominant man to spoil me when I do good.
Veronica09​(sub female)07/20/2017

Seattle area sub looking for dom
I'm new to BDSM and would like a gentleman to guide me and explore with me.
I love to be spoiled and to be teached too. I can be your baby or your pet.
HoneyVanilla​(sub female)07/17/2017

18yr old looking for online Dom
New to the community want somebody to train me from online though if they live nearby I might meet up, just want to see how it goes.
baileyreckt​(sub female)07/12/2017

Sexy kitten seeking her Sir...
I am looking for a Dom that is strong, intelligent, attractive, witty, domineering, yet also caring and patient. I am independent woman in every aspect of my life. I have to be strong outside the the bedroom I want to yield that to him.

I want to give over control when we're in our "private" world. I wants rules and structure and crave to serve, honor, obey. But, this is my first exploration into this area of submission and I need someone who is going to be patient in my learning my role. In short, I want to belong to someone who treasures me as a sub. A Daddy who will treasure and hold my gift of submission in the highest regard.

Though ive never been a submissive before, I want to feel free and not afraid to explore my boundaries,my edges and my limits,without fear,
knowing that you will not let me fall. I want to build that trust you wrote about , which is so crucially important to me and desire that the trust built will be all encompassing. I am sexy but also intelligent and willing to hold up my end of a conversation. I am more than willing to serve you but don't want to be treated as a doormat. I want to grow and be molded and I want to be his in every way....

Curvy Novice Sub Seeks Firm Dom
I'm new to this and looking for a calm, commanding hand to guide me. I'm 27, blonde, tall and full-figured. Living in London. Interested in following commands, being tied up, covered in oil. Looking for a strict gentleman to guide me.
kindlinglit​(sub female)06/29/2017

Seeking discipline and owner
Basics about me: am a single mom, going back to teaching college and trying to get control of the ensuing chaos. Plus trying to get back to eating healthy. Grew up in a very strict home and have learned to adapt it to adult life as well. But it helps to have someone on the other end of the expectations......

Been in the D/s lifestyle since I was 19, so at this point it's second nature if that makes sense. Since for me a lot of it is mental, I don't mind the online only. Especially as a single least the past ten years has been mainly online.

And that fetish list is just a glimpse, I'm quite hedonistic lol
MysticBum​(sub female)06/28/2017

New in BDSM and would like to experiment
I'm from the Netherlands, but gonna move to Canada. So would like to chat for a while, untill I'm actually in Canada.

Lexington ky Rope bunny
I am 28 unowned sub. I need a dom who is strict and frim when it comes to rules. I need. And yern for the structure. I am a teasure for the right person. I live to please.
Item i like
Rope, bondage, mental bondage, orgasms control, orgasms denial, edging "the longer the better", position, speak restriction, eye contact, violent wand, wax,straight jacket anything new

Looking for a Dom
Hey im 18 years old and im new. I live in Belgium and I would like to be trained. Can be over the internet but it's preferable to be around so we can enjoy more. I'm into being tied up and gang-fucked.
Valentine Z​(sub female)06/19/2017

Discipline needed
If you would like to be a strict disciplinarian/mentor to me by giving new rules and structure in my life please message me Will be nonsexual this is strictly for discipline pics can be provided for proof that punishment was done

I want a new daddy
Im looking for a man who is in control and will have there way eith me. Im down for multiple doms as well. Im your property. You do what you want. My pussy loves to be toyed and my clit loooooves to be tortured.

Sub woman seeking dominant man
I'm looking for a dominant to help me learn and grow as a sub. Looking for in the Minnesota/Wisconsin area.
Kaylangs​(sub female)06/11/2017