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Searching for a Dom
Dear Sirs,

I am an inexperienced sub searching for a serious D/s relationship or a trustworthy Mentor to take care of my lack of experience. Please keep in mind that just because I'm admitting to inexperienced, it does not mean I do not understand what exactly I want or that I am a virgin. What I am merely saying is that I never was in a serious D/s relationship. I do have my preferences and understand what to expect from a D/s relationship.

I want to be taken care of, controlled and have a strong need to satisfy. My upbringing always expected me to be independent and strong; Everything that feels wrong and makes me unhappy. I cannot live just for my own desires, it always felt meaningless and wrong. But to even suggest that I might want/need to depend on someone was always dismissed as a phase. Not to disappoint my peers I went along with it for years and I realize that I cannot even enter any normal relationship without feeling that there is something missing. It does not really help that I am a really shy person and take a long time to warm up to someone. To form enough trust to feel comfortable and be myself; The real me who wants to be devoted to someone who will take care of me, who will help me become a better person, who isn't afraid to put me in my place and who relieves me of my responsibilities.

It does not mean I'm mindless, on the contrary I am a very opinionated person and will not cross any lines I have set for myself. For example; S&M is something that terrifies me. I fear pain and humiliation, so please don't expect me to do something extreme. You might think of me as too vanilla but that would only mean that we are simply not compatible. All I am asking for is some respect for my preferences as I have for yours.

I am really out of my element here with being so honest with strangers; Please be honest with me as well. And for more information please visit my profile first and if you have questions feel free to ask them.

I appreciate your attention and for reading this, and wish you a wonderful life.

Yours sincerely, TheCC.
TheCC​(sub female)06/19/2018

27 F - looking for an older Daddy
I'm a married mom with a white collar career. I recently discovered my interests in dd/lg lifestyle. I'm looking for someone older and more experienced to guide and teach me. I am unable to express myself in my marriage. I need someone who is discreet, yet still has the time to take care of my emotional side. This is not just a sexual desire for me, I desire true connection and trust. Message me for more info.

I am married. I am a mom. I'm 27 and living in the Houston area.
BabyGirl33​(sub female)06/19/2018

I was born submissive. New to lifestyle
If you ask how long I've been submissive? My whole life. Looking for a Dom who can guide me with patience to see and feel the wonders this lifestyle has to offer. Control the mind, the body will follow.
New sub​(sub female)06/19/2018

Need online master y
Want to try and re seduce my master with some online training punish etc some commands to be photoed etc or any advice for a slave to please and attract her Dom I've been bad lately
SLUTRA​(sub female){Yes}06/17/2018

Seeking Online D/s relationship with experienced and intelligent Master.
Hello there, my name is Zoe. I am female submissive/slave. I am seeking an online D/s relationship with a loving, protective but strict Master/Dominant. I am looking for a Dominant that can type well, is experienced and not just interested in the sexual aspects. I am eighteen years old and reside in Detroit, Michigan. If you are interested, send me a message. I look forward to hearing from you.

Online training then meetup for new submissive
I am 34 years old and have always fantasized about being a submissive but never done it. I am searching for a dominant male to train me online/ by phone for about a year. This way I will vbe worthy of my master. Then to meet up for a week or so of fun in one year. We can tease and play online until then. Also help me get ready for my master and give me tasks to complete, and of course punish me when I am bad. I love to please and love older men. I have never had an orgasm but I get most aroused when I like of pleasing my new master. Just typing this makes me wet. I need a master, a daddy so bad. Please choose me. I will spend the next year getting ready for you...exercising and getting into shape, buying clothes to tease and please you, practicing my poses, etc. just tell me what to do.

Looking for my forever Dom
HI, I am 39 yrs old and not extremely experienced in BDSM, and looking for a patient, caring, strict when he needs to be dom, to train me and shape me into a better me.
I dont mind online or rl, as I am not only looking for training but also a partner to share my life with. I have a mind and do speak it, so he will need to be well put together to handle me.
I do not call every man I meet Sir, I never call anyone Master, I want someone who will know how to introduce me the role of a sub, only once we have gotten to know each other and both agreed that we are a potential good match. Only then will I call him Sir, bc by then he would have earned my trust and respect.
Channa​(sub female)06/16/2018

I am a female submissive that is looking for a new master I don't do needles or blood I am okay with some pain with my pleasure. I love bondage and other stuff as well
animekitty{owned by D}06/15/2018

Submissive silky stocking wearer
Dominate me take control of me own me I'm looking for a Dom rubber or leather master to serve and obey you can constantly fuck me I'm into roleplay bondage sexy langerie message me for quick response xxx
Amathistxd​(sub femme){Collar and}06/15/2018

Submissive woman looking for other submissives
I am a submissive woman in the search of other submissives to join a poly relationship with my dom and I. I am loyal and I wholly submit myself to my dom. Looking for kind, caring, and intelligent submissive women only. Anywhere in the world is fine, have to be willing to relocate eventually. Training will take place online and through the phone first. This is a real life, long term, serious relationship. Not a roleplay. Please message me if you are interested.

Seeking master
I am a petite woman, 20 years old. I am inexperienced with bdsm but I would love to have a master to show me the ropes, in RL only. Message for more details.

I a, not into blood, poo, urine, cutting, children or animals.
Baybabe1819​(sub female)06/14/2018

Submissiv looking for master.
I am 30 years old and very inexperienced and hoping to learn. Looking for a patient and understanding dom. If you're expecting nudes and sex right away, then please do not enquire. I live in CT, I am 5"4, 145 pounds and curvy. My goal is to learn more about my dom and have us earn each others trust.
Seishen7​(sub female)06/14/2018

please teach me
i am 19 years old and have no experience in the realm of bdsm but wish to be taught and truly introduced to the concepts. i am enthrawled by each aspect that i have researched from simple bondage, humiliation and gagging to the more extreme slave training, torture and complete submission. i would be interested in trying any type of bdsm but would prefer to steer clear of scat and age play. however, i have no hard limits. i would like to try an irl relationship but understand if online is the only acceptable form of communication.

New Sub Seeking Experienced Dom
I am 21 years old, slim frame and pretty face. I am trying to find a Dom to teach me to be an obedient Sub. I have fantasized about this for years and finally want it to become a reality. Open to meeting after some messages have been exchanged. If you can respect boundaries and have experience with an untrained sub I think we can have a nice relationship form.

Submissive, Little looking to be trained
29 years old submissive Little. New to the lifestyle. Looking for a male Dom/ or Daddy to train me in person. Please don't assume im yours or that you can boss me around right off the bat. My name is Elizabeth.
Lizzie Love​(sub female){Would like}06/11/2018

Sassy/bratty/witty sub seeking DADDY DOM
Okay let’s get this straight here. I’m only looking for a Daddy Dom. No age play. I need to feel loved, protected, completely safe and taken care of by my daddy. That being said , I need him to be extremely dominate. I’m a brat. I like to say no. I like to do something wrong and see what will happen. I like to tease you. I like to slightly push your buttons. I need to be trained permenatly. I live this life 24/7. I want you to be my 100% focus to please and make happy..but I’m going to test every limit to the max. I’m no stranger to pain. I need a strong emotional connection to flourish completely. I’m a complete whirlwind and your job is to slow me down and teach me. Guide me. Train me. Whatever you would like to call it. I don’t want to be a slave, yet you are completely in charge 24/7. Patience is key — I’m playful so don’t be mad when I poke fun and climb on your lap when you’re busy doing work or something.

Serious only please. I’m looking for long term.
Goodluckhehe​(sub female)06/11/2018

I am a 65 year old woman in Ohio looking for a dominant male to teach me, guide me, discipline me and show me how to please him. I am new to this life but not naive in the world. In return for my Doms structure, routine, guidance and teaching I offer my loyalty, devoted desire to please him obedience and hopefully a relationship that will grow.

23F Sub looking for MDom.
Looking for a Dom to train me online on how to be a good sub.

Wonder Woman subbie looking for her forever Dom
I am a strong, confident, and powerful woman seeking someone who is worthy of my submission. Please be real, honest, and use common sense. Must have your shit together.
Bonnifer​(sub female)06/05/2018

In need of a master
I am look in to meet a dominant master above the age of 25.i am a untrained slave, who is in need of a controlling hand .I am a eager and ready to learn young sub. I love being on my knees and servicing my owner, and the cooking the dinner afterwards. I live in SC so it would be great to meet someone in Greenville.