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Seeking a Daddy Dominant
43 year old BBW Canadian service sub and little, living Down Under, seeking real life Daddy Dominant, preferably local, for service submission and age play exploration.

What I am seeking: Basically if you took Mr. Rogers, Atticus Finch, and Robin Williams and combined them into one man, you would have the type of gentleman I am seeking. My preference is for someone experienced in the lifestyle - I have been in the lifestyle for 20+ years, but I don’t think that means I know everything - and someone who is an experienced Daddy. The qualities I appreciate are kind, caring, loving, patient, understanding, confident but not arrogant, firm when needs be, affectionate, enjoys sex, walks towards the things that are uncomfortable rather than shying away, emotionally mature, sees vulnerability as courage rather than weakness.

I am looking for a Domestic Discipline, D/s relationship - possibly long term, but honestly can’t predict that - that involves cuddles, fun outings, munches, play parties, deep emotional and physical intimacy, trust, and carnal desire experimentation.

Hopefully this individual is 35 years + and has real life experience, not just online.

I am offering a level headed, drama free companion, with clear limits and certain of what I am looking for. I have experience in domestic service, very familiar with events such as formal high protocol dinners, and semi-formal/informal teas. My service skills include: cooking, massage, ablution, laundry, minor home repairs, chauffeuring, and personal assistant - to name a few. As a little, I am loyal, loving, affectionate, with just enough cheekiness to give you a valid reason to apply a hand or belt to my bottom.

I am all for above board, honest, poly type relationships - not interested in cheating or the “don’t ask, don’t tell” variety of relationships. I am equally amenable to mono relationships.

Please take a look at my profile and if you think we might be compatible, I look forward to hearing from you.
UnrulyNerdGirl​(sub female)02/23/2018

Yes Sir
I am a 24 year old in experienced sub but have been interested in the lifestyle for many years. I just haven't found any Doms in my area as of yet. I am seeking an experienced Dom over the age of 24 in the southern Oklahoma/ north Texas area.
K Sub 93​(sub female)02/22/2018

They don't teach this in college..
I'm a young attractive college student and my biggest fantasy is to be submissive to a dom. I need someone strong and experienced to teach me how to be the perfect sub. For now looking for online only.
daenerysdaughter​(sub female)02/22/2018

I'm a sub looking for a dom.
I'm a sub looking for a dom.
D9595​(sub female)02/21/2018

Submissive looking for online Dom
Submissive (sexually only) looking for online experienced , mature Dom for training. I will not share pictures, discuss my personal life or talk on the phone until trust is earned. I'm very willing to explore many things and push my limits. I enjoy humiliation and some pain, but nothing extreme. Not interested in any bathroom or underage play at all.

Sub wanting master
Im looking for a master between 30-40 that is uk based

Where's my daddy
Little looking for her daddy strict but caring of his babygirl
Lil whore​(sub female)02/17/2018

New Sub seeking Dom
Hi i am very new to this and i am seeking a Dom willing to be patient and train me. I am looking for someone around my age between 30-45. I have three kids so he needs to be willing to accept that part of my life. I can be very shy and quiet with new people. so i hope to hear from someone soon
dkshades​(sub female)02/12/2018

Looking for a fetishist Dr or master!
I am in need of a controlling man who will control what I eat and make me lose weight and meet in real life at least once or twice a month if not more to give me forced exams and enemas and much more medical fun!!! If your serious read my profile!!!
Medslut69​(sub female)02/07/2018

Hi my name is honestly whatever you'd like it to be. I'm in search of a new daddy. Someone who could get to know me by emailing and skyping. Maybe if we hit it off I could come visit you in your home state. Basically I have never really been out of Washington State and I have nothing keeping me here. I grew up in a broken home we were poor always. My school clothes shopping when I was a kid was thrift stores and that's if we even had money to get any that year. So I'm going to be blunt and straight forward of what i'm looking for because I demand the same in return. I'am looking for someone with a desire to give me financial security. In exchange I give you what you want as your sub! I love role playing and am very good at it.I just feel like I deserve more then what I'm able to give myself at the present if... If you like what your hear please hit me up I cant wait to hear from you.xoxo

Demon Hunting...Its the family business.
Im a 29 year old BBW Submissive, looking for her HEA. I'm only looking locally (Chicago) or Florida since I'll be moving there soon.
Im a geek looking for a fellow geek. Geek Doms are almost like a Unicorn Dom up here lol.
I should point out that I will not respond to poorly spelled emails (IE hru ) or wanna be dom emails.
Im a human being, you're (Hopefully) a human being. Lets talk to each other like Humans, Please?
Cuvysubmissive​(sub female)02/06/2018

Looking for a patient online Dom
I am new to the community and have no prior experience as a Sub. I'm hoping to find a fairly fit man around my age to train me. Strictly looking for an online Dom for now, but hopefully it will evolve into more.
VenusSub​(sub female)02/04/2018

Looking for a dom, Tampa Bay Area, fl
Looking for a Dom to train and teach me in the Riverview Tampa area.
Ash9​(sub female){In trainin}02/01/2018

Looking for a dom
Hello. I am a 22 year old white female from southern Illinois. I have never been in the Sub/Dom world but have always had a strong pull towards it and am wanting to give into my fantasy of it. I am looking for someone who can be my online master and teach me all that they know. Looking for someone who is kind, but firm.
newgirl​(sub female)01/29/2018

Seeking a Trainer/Mentor
I would like to find someone near me able to train me as a sub. I don't have much experience but I am willing to explore and try new things.
Mydra​(sub female)01/27/2018

Seeking Dominant
I am a 21 year old submissive female seeking a young dominant male. I do not have the most experience, but would like someone who does have some in order to train me. I do prefer a strict dominant. Check out my profile for more.
Sarah2428​(sub female)01/13/2018

Phone and online
Sub seeking dominant for phone calls and online play. I like spanking, bondage, degradation, and light pain. Mostly, i like being used for my dom’s pleasure. DM or inbox me for more info.
Early twenties. White. BBW.
Bailey Hartley01/06/2018

submissive woman seeking Dominant Male
I am searching for a Dominant who i can be myself with, serve, be used & abused by, be controlled by, and ultimately owned by. Having the structure and accountability that stems from serving a Stern hand, makes me at peace.

i aim to please on my knees. There is nothing more statisfying than pleasing my Sir.

i am a submissive but i have slave tendencies, because i crave a collar!

i know it's crazy, but i want a Dom i can serve for the rest of my lIfe.

sub/slave looking for long-term real life Master
43 year old female sub/slave looking for her long-term Master in real life I don't do online period..I have been in the lifestyle for 25 years very obedient and loyal..I love pleasing and completley satisfying my limits are kids, scat,animals and needles except for possiable piercing
wolfgirlslave69​(sub female)12/29/2017

Submissive women looking for the real thing
I am looking for a serious relationship with a dominant male. I am looking for someone around my age between 28-30. I have two kids so he needs to be willing to interact with them and be a part of thier lives as well. I am overweight, so if that bothers you then please don't waste my time. I am submissive in all aspects and like total power exchange. I hope to talk to someone so we can find out if we can match. I'm very shy and quiet, but I will answer anything. Have a good day
Jess0017​(sub female)12/28/2017