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Train Me
I yearn to learn how to be a proper slave. I am an experienced submissive looking to dive further into the lifestyle by learning a real slave dynamic. I crave to be commanded and to serve the right master. I want only to earn my pleasure by pleasing him. Care to train me? Mold me in your perfect image?
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Looking for a Dominant in London
I'm here with the intention of dating a dominant man that lives in London.

I prefer traditional relationships that involve dominance inside and sometimes outside the bedroom.
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Sub female looking for experienced Dom.
Looking for a older Dom in Minnesota not older them 55 not younger then 35. A real Dom please.
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Want to learn
New to BDSM, I am usually in control in my life. I wish to learn how to truly let go.

I am educated with a graduate degree and have a career I am dedicated to; probably too dedicated.

Looking for some in their late 40s or early 50s.
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Very New to all of This
I'm very new I'm 20 years old. I am Looking for a Dom online and possibly in real life in the future. I cannot be anything 24/7 given that I have two little girls who depend on me. Somebody between the ages 20-30. I will do my best to please you as long as you bare with me and help me learn. Also I would prefer for them to live in the US.

My limits include nothing involving children, drugs, feces.
Thank you for reading ☺
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Lonely Sub in Atlanta
I'm technically new to the sub/dom life. I'm looking for a dom preferably close to ATL that I can please and be with. I'm looking for someone to teach me and groom me into the perfect sub.
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Missing my Daddy
hi my name is Bunny, i am sub and i would love to know more about you. i have been out of the lifestyle for about 3 years and i have realized that VANILLA IS A GROSS FLAVOR! I have been in the lifestyle since i was 14 years old only having 1 true Dom and a lot of other fakes. i require that my DOM/DADDY be able to support me , help me grow, open me up to new expirences in the world and in the lifestyle and PATIENCE is key
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New submissive
I’m 32 years old and looking for a dom. I’m new to the DOM/SUB lifestyle therefore would only like to pursue a online relationship first. I have been missing this in a relationship and am ready to explore that part of me. I need a DOM who is willing to be patient and learn my needs and my wants and help me to explore.
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Hello I’m a new sub and looking for a Dom/Daddy/Master. I’m ready to learn and submit.(maybe not 24/7. But something like that)
Feel free to ask about me.
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25 female seeks dominant male near Kent uk
25 looking for an authorititve dominant to guide me in all aspects of life. Have many years experience on the scene both publically and privately. Not interested in online interaction. Not interested in switches.

I don't submit readily and strongly doubt I'll find the right person here of all places but my local scene is swinging more towards sado/maso play than d/s play. I appreciate people knowing what they're doing (actually knowing not just assuming because they did it on a partner once) and therefore appreciate a dom who has been involved in the wider scene as well.

Please see my profile for more information about me
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Looking for an experienced Dom/Daddy
Hi there! I’m somewhat new to this community, but I have some experience with role play and bondage. I’m looking for an experienced Dom age 23-35 that would be into an online relationship to start but could be open to more. I also have recently discovered a breeding fetish so maybe you could help me?
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Seeking 25/35 year old Dom male
I need a dominant male trainer who is sweet enough to put me through the training I need emotinally and physically.

I’m a Capricorn female, 26, rebel.
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Submissive looking for dating and play
Hi. I'm a 45yo Vermonter. Looking for male locals for dating and play in the Brattleboro/Western Mass/Southern NH areas. If you are a rigger, I want to meet you! ;)
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Almost 22 year old sub looking for online contact
Hi all,

First time doing this, so bare with me. I am turning 22 years old rather soon and I am missing something in my life.
First things first, I think I'm not too hard to deal with but don't catch me on a bad day. I'll still be respectful, of course. Just a bit annoying.
I am not looking to be someone's slave. That is just not my thing, I'm looking for someone who I can really connect with but that can also put me in my place if needed.

I absolutely love games. Overwatch, COD, sign me UP! I also enjoy watching horror movies and spending time with my lovely pets. Preferably you share one of these interests with me. Someone older than me would be nice, rather not someone older than 50.

I don't want to waste anyone's time so I'll just mention some things that will be important to know.
- I am too chubby. Don't message me to humiliate me about that, I do that myself more than enough. 177cm tall and I weight 100KG.
- I have PTSD.
- I will not take pictures of my body since I hate doing that.
- English is my second language.
- You can know what I look like, obviously.

Likes: forced submission, punishments, and a whole lot more but just send me a message.
Dislikes: the usuals, piss, scat etc.

I'm not sure what else to say. I hope this is good enough??

Thanks for making it this far and I hope you have a great day/night wherever you are!
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18yr old little looking for full time Daddy dom
hi ! i’m kitty and i’m looking for a full time care giver preferably nobody older than 40 or younger than 28 xD but someone to take care of me and keep me protected give me bubble baths and help me name my stuffies i’m willing to relocate if i feel there’s a connection i don’t really want to make myself public on here bc there’s a lot of creeps but i’ll definitely share some pictures of myself ofc haha i’ve never had my own daddy before and i’ve never been in a dom/sub relationship i know i’ll need a bit of training but the right daddy will be willing ..i’m not sure what else to say i just want a serious daddy i’m not looking for online only relationship they don’t appeal to me that much lol but anyways enough rambling if you wanna message me feel free ☺️
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Control me
I just turned 20 and I need you to take control of me. I want to be used to serve your needs, I want to do everything you ask of me.

I want to be left chained up waiting for you to come home to make me do your bidding. Make me eat out of a bowl on the floor, fuck me however you like, and when you’re done with me have me sleep on the floor or in a cage, or whatever else pleases you.

I would like either a master or mistress to show me how to live to serve them.

If you are in the Pacific Northwest or want to fly me to you, let’s meet up and you can dominate me.
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Seeking You
Hi there, I'm new here and am looking to pursue the lifestyle. I am not completely new to the lifestyle but I do have a lot to learn. I am a submissive looking for my Dom, my Sir, my Master. Take a look at my profile and if you are still interested, I'd love to hear from you. Thanks for reading!
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Aussie sub looking for dom
Hi, I'm 21 and live in Australia. I have a bit of experience but will most likely have to be taught some things. I prefer to find someone in my area and meet but I won't say no to talking online!
I'm not a brat, I'm more of a slave sub. I love making my dom happy and would do anything to do so.
Message me if you want to know more!
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How may I be of service to you?
I am here and I am ready for a master. I'm a virgin, I'm 5'7 (kinda tall haha), I'm eager to learn, and so much more! I absolutely do not do anything online! But anything else i am willing to negotiate. Thank you for reading! Have a nice day!
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Lovely geek wants to be tamed
Good evening/morning, whichever is applicable. I'm a lady who loves to please a worthy man. I'm new but an eager and fast learner. The domination would preferably happen mostly in the bedroom but also a bit outside of it. I think mutual respect is very important. I prefer in person master/slave relationships because a sexual connection is very important to me.
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