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25 y/o sub seeking Upstate, NY Dom
Please read my profile as I’m new and just filled it out. But to reiterate, I’m looking for a Dom (age limit 40) who lives Upstate, NY or Canada. I am moving out there in just a few months and I’m serious about finding a suitable kinky partner.

I have some experience being a sub, but not enough. I yearn to be properly trained and eventually collared. We must also emotionally and intellectually connect. I am looking for a real D/s relationship; not just sex.

The everyday side of me is complex and a side you should get to know through messaging, not through a couple of paragraphs in my personal. BUT if I had to describe myself in three words I would use: Astute, Creative, Attractive.

Serious inquiries only. Please put some effort into your initial message. Kik is my preference for contact method off of here.
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Hello I’m a new sub and looking for a Dom/Daddy/Master. I’m ready to learn and submit.(maybe not 24/7. But something like that)
Feel free to ask about me.
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New here!
Lonely too! Would love some dom attention...
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Where Quirky and Genteel Collide
Dear Sir,

I thank You for stopping by to read my advertisement! I hope that You like what I have to say and that it's interesting and useful to You.

I am 51, divorced, a single mom (she's 17), and a natural redhead. As the title says, I'm a bit quirky, but more genteel in nature. I love shoes, sci-fi movies and books. I love to dance, and have a fabulous collection of vintage coats. I am probably a closet nerd too. *wink* I love theatre from both sides of the stage, but get a little shy during introductions or first dates. I love cats and chocolate. If there are chocolate kitties out there, I'd eat them. I am very respectful and respectable, but cannot keep myself from standing, jumping, and screaming at football games. I have manners, and I use them too!

As for my Him, I am looking for an alpha Dominant who might have some Daddy in Him. I enjoy impact play, but can't take a lot at one time. I am definitely not a pain slut. This might mean You are more sensual... I'm dying to find out!

I need a firm Hand, but am rarely a bad girl. I love tall men (6' +)... You'll be between the ages of 43 and 57; I won't respond to men outside of these parameters.

You like High Protocol. and are not afraid to correct poor behavior. You are intelligent, kindhearted, magnaminious, and love animals. You enjoy volunteering, and junctique-ing on weekends. You are handsome, and keep yourself fit and healthy by exercising. It would be great to work out together! You are patient and firm. You love kids, but don't want any more; You may even have kids of your own. You are financially stable, and can prove it. I will do the same. You are single and monogamous. Being married or otherwise connected to another woman is a deal breaker for me. You are classy, dress well, and maintain a cleanly appearance.

You have questions, and I will answer the one's that are respectfully proposed. I am a lady; let's keep it that way.

So... if You're interested, please message me, and visit my Bio. I thank You for Your time and energy reading this ad.

Blessings to You!
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Need a Daddy
Im looking for something on going Im very submissive and need a strong Man to help with that
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Looking for a LTR
Hello, my name is Aria and I am a natural submissive who is looking to enter her first serious dom/sub relationship. I am a little who prefers a daddy dom. I can relocate eventually but preferably not until this summer. I am from Northern Idaho and would love to get out. I would like a TPE relationship and need to see how we click as people before really getting into the kinky details, please.
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Middle wants Daddy Online
Hii I'm a 24 yr old middle with a little extra weight looking for a Daddy. I am looking for someone very affectionate and loving for a nonsexual online relationship.
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A lost little girl looking for my daddy
SWF 35 5’5” looking for a SWM 30-45 5’9”+ to be my daddy. Please see my profile for what I want and what I can offer.
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Kitten Needs a Loving and Strict Master
Hello, my name is Lilith and this is my first time making an ad like this, so I'm sorry of it's not very good. Please read everything before responding and know I will not respond to one-liners or bland messages.

I am an inexperienced Sub/Slave looking for someone who has a strong and steady hand, loving heart, gentle and Strict when need be. Yet has zero problems with being able to "toss me around like a ragdoll" in bed, experienced in ropeplay, breath play and DD/LG to name a few.

For descriptions sake I am 21 years old 5'7, 123 pounds, I have long and straight dyed blood red hair, smooth and soft porcelain skin, Green/Gold hazel eyes, slim body with large breasts.

If my ad intrigues you, then I will be patiently awaiting your message...
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Seeking hardcore only
I have been a slave for more then 30 years.
I'm seeking someone that is hardcore.
I would prefer someone that's at least 40 and white and from the USA.
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Taking the first step
I am a submissive/little who is looking to start their journey into this lifestyle. I am in search of a caring and thoughtful as well as supportive and protective Daddy Dom who appreciates the finesse of what it means to have a submissive who has some little tendencies. I believe there is a fine line between willing submission and forced control, between excitement and fear and between being protective and possessive. I hope to find a Daddy who understands how it all fits together, has the time to devote to building a relationship and who knows how to communicate well.  

I am a single, professional, intelligent woman with curves. As a submissive, I am very sweet and caring with my Daddy. I enjoy learning ways that make him happy and being close to him. For me, the bond with my Daddy is all about sharing my mind as well as my body.

Despite taking this first step, I am still shy about myself as well as starting this new role in my life. So I am looking to start slow by developing a real connection and building trust. While being fairly new to this, I'm not completely unknowledgeable and inexperienced. I am willing to learn from the right Daddy Dom.
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Looking for my sweet Daddy life partner
Hi I am 37, w PTSD so my little space a flashback not a kink read that again. I don't go little often when I do am bout 14ish. Looking for a committed relationship with a daddy Dom who knows the difference between domination and control/ abuse. I am sweet loyal and honest as a good little should be. I want to be protected and at the very top of your list #1 outside of kids if you gotta em. I ask for what I need and expect it, but I also give my all. If any of this sounds good to you hit me up. I am serious so no games, don't want to waste anyone's time especially mine.
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Pet looking for a Master
Looking for a Master. Very into being dominated and being a pet to please my master.
30 years old had 2 kids so have a mommy belly im working on.
Looking for online right now.
New to the bdsm but wants to be desperately trained. By a master
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33F Sub seeks 31-43 M Dom
Good evening everyone, thank you for taking the time to read this ad.
I am looking for someone to start a Long term TPE relationship with a Master/slave dynamic. I am seeking to surrender total control to the right man he would have control over anything he wished. So long as my hard limits were respected. I do have quite a few limits.
No intercourse before marriage. If your not seeking a sub /slave wife we wont be compatible sorry.
No blood, urine or fecal matter.
No needles or broken skin
No indecent videos or photos
No sharing on either side
Nothing illegal
No permanent or long-term harm
Most other things I am willing to try or compromise on. I am also willing to help come up with Ideas for my master to gain more control over me.
Those who are practicing Christian, Conservative, enjoy prepping or homesteading, being outdoors please move to the head of the line.
If this sounds like something you would be interested in please take a look at my profile and send me a message.
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Sub Seeks Dom
Hello! I'm a 26 year old submissive in search of the "perfect" Dominant for me!

I've had a rough go of it recently and I'm trying to get my life back on track! I have about six years of experience in BDSM and I'm always eager to expand my horizons! If you're looking for a happy-go-lucky and eager sub, please send me a message!

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Little girl needing her Daddy
Once again searching for my Daddy online. Online first, IRL is possible as my business is remote, and I am happy to travel. Please be experienced, filthy, intelligent, a bit sadistic and firm. I am sweet and try my best to be obedient, I hate to disappoint Daddy. I’m highly motivated by pleasing, but easily distracted. I need structure and accountability in my life to become a better version of myself. I want to bring joy and pleasure to Daddy’s life, most importantly I want to make him proud.
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New BDSM looking for Dom male
I'm looking for a man, age up to 50, who would teach me to be a good sub. I am new but have experience rough playtime and would like to push those limits further. I am open to sharing with other men or women as well.
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24/7 slave looking for a sadistic master
good morning master.

my ideal situation is where i can be nude 24/7 wearing just your collar. i am an erotic author who works from home. i am willing to relocate for the right sir. i would like a 24/7 slave relationship where i give up all control and live according to your rules. i would like a situation where there are no children or distractions from my commitment to you. i would like to work a couple hours during the day while i serve all your needs at night. i like extreme sad/masc. i am looking for a situation where i can completely give up control to submit to a dominant. preferably 35+, has financial means to support this lifestyle, athletic (high libido), no tattoos or intense piercing, race doesn't matter, has own playroom/dungeon/equipment, discrete property where nudity would be fine -- prefer also involved in local bdsm clubs or community so we can share our lifestyle. no hard limits other than scat, breath play, wax, needles.
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Sub looking for an online only dom
Looking for someone to task me
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Well trained Kajara
Hi, I'm looking for a Master who is understanding, but strict at the same time, and if is willing to stretch my limits in some areas. And im looking for a very experienced Dom as well.
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