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UK male Brat tamer WANTED!
I mainly have a dominant personality in my home life so for someone else to take the rains is a big thing for me so I need a relationship I can build some trust up properly first off. I want an older man 40+ hopefully tall with abit of strength to him and actually having a brain is essential. I've had some training and know the basics of submission, the yes Sir no Sir three bags full Sir etc but I'm yet to be in any active play. I need someone more lax and who is up for some banter, more like friends with kinky benefits but both of us playing our roles while playing!
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play with me please
what am i looking for? someone to ruin me in the best way possible. why? the feeling of serving and pleasing is better than any drug. i love pain play and humiliation. call me names be rough do as you please. Be strict and demanding. have a dirty mouth and punish me. if any of this interests you message me please. i need you
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Sub looking for my forever dom.
Hey there! This is my first ever personal ad, haha. My name is Rachel but I go by Rabbit. I'm 27 years old and I live in New Mexico. I'm married, my husband and I are polyamorous. We date separately. I'm also plus size. Hopefully these things weed out the wrong people for me. I was a submissive for a little over a year to my now ex boyfriend/dom. We ended our relationship about four months ago. I've started putting myself out there again in hopes of finding my forever dominant. My interests outside of bdsm include things like movies, witchy things, art, painting, reading, sewing, D&D, videos games, and music. I'm also interested in piercings and tattoos. I'm looking for a dominant that is caring, understanding, passionate, nurturing, frim, and strict. Of course I want something serious, genuine, and long term. Looks don't matter as much to me. I'd like a guy to be at least 27 to 37 in age. I might consider someone older but we have to have a lot in common. I have a preference for things like tattoos and southern accents. Long distance is great in hopes that we can eventually meet in person someday. My hard limits are bodily fluids (saliva and semen are fine), anal and anal play, permanent marks, total orgasm control, and humiliation. I look forward to hearing from you!
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Taking the first step
I am a submissive/little who is looking to start their journey into this lifestyle. I am in search of a caring and thoughtful as well as supportive and protective Daddy Dom who appreciates the finesse of what it means to have a submissive who has some little tendencies. I believe there is a fine line between willing submission and forced control, between excitement and fear and between being protective and possessive. I hope to find a Daddy who understands how it all fits together, has the time to devote to building a relationship and who knows how to communicate well.  

I am a single, professional, intelligent woman with curves. As a submissive, I am very sweet and caring with my Daddy. I enjoy learning ways that make him happy and being close to him. For me, the bond with my Daddy is all about sharing my mind as well as my body.

Despite taking this first step, I am still shy about myself as well as starting this new role in my life. So I am looking to start slow by developing a real connection and building trust. While being fairly new to this, I'm not completely unknowledgeable and inexperienced. I am willing to learn from the right Daddy Dom.
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Looking for a Dom
Am new here and am in search of a dom patient enough to train me
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Young submissive looking for stern dom Hello, I am an attractive 5’5 female looking for a dom the ages of 35-55. I am looking for a dom that is encouraging and helps me achieve. comforting and romantic, but also strict. I’m looking for a stable & attractive dom.
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looking for an online role play bud!

sub f -> dom m? either lol

(casual) max 1 hour once a week of online rp
(online roleplay) student/teacher, worker/boss, fantasy rape scenes, etc.
- examples: pin sub against a wall, hand slowly up skirt, handcuffs, hair pulls, idk
(no age preference)

if you're interested, msg me w these answers!
what is important to you in an online relationship?
what do you do to uphold those things that are important to you?

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I’m so sweet : own me in metro Detroit
Someone have the balks to tackle me , please
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Sub looking for forever Dom to bimbofy me and love me
I was raised to be a sub by my grandfather. It is how women were created to be for men. Women were made to please and to serve. Nowhere in the Bible does it say I need to think. That is your job as my owner. However, it does say you need to love me. I will love you and will not obey a man who cannot love me in return. I get to make one choice in my life and that is not something I take lightly. I get to choose who I allow to own my mind, body, and spirit.

I am 45 years old. I was married and owned by my college sweetheart until 2016 when he passed away. Were there things about him I wish were different? Absolutely! For that reason, I am being extremely picky. I was younger and dumber when I got with him.

Do I want to be in a poly relationship? Absolutely not. However, I don't mind an audience.

Those men who have mastered or have a good grasp on hypnosis will move to the front of the line. For a masochist, physical punishment is not effective. Psychological punishment is key in training me.

I am desiring someone who is my best friend, the love of my life, my owner, and my sadist. I will not settle.

What do I look like? I have red long curly hair, 5'4", 38DD, bubble butt, pale skin, and freckles.

What do I mean by bimbofy me? Turn me into your perfect doll. If that means plastic, I am down. Dress me however you want your doll to look. I was raised in a stepford type household with physical reinforcements for training. I married someone who ran a stepford house with a mental reinforcement.
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33F Sub seeks 31-43 M Dom
Good evening everyone, thank you for taking the time to read this ad.
I am looking for someone to start a Long term TPE relationship with a Master/slave dynamic. I am seeking to surrender total control to the right man he would have control over anything he wished. So long as my hard limits were respected. I do have quite a few limits.
No intercourse before marriage. If your not seeking a sub /slave wife we wont be compatible sorry.
No blood, urine or fecal matter.
No needles or broken skin
No indecent videos or photos
No sharing on either side
Nothing illegal
No permanent or long-term harm
Most other things I am willing to try or compromise on. I am also willing to help come up with Ideas for my master to gain more control over me.
Those who are practicing Christian, Conservative, enjoy prepping or homesteading, being outdoors please move to the head of the line.
If this sounds like something you would be interested in please take a look at my profile and send me a message.
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Submissive woman seeking for a master
I'm 29yo submissive woman, and I'm still new in live contact bdsm. I seeking for male dom who is willing to be my online master. I'm willing to obey and to learn.
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Looking for fun
Single female independent hard workING submissive Bratt looking for a Dom that is true real not fake or on any bullshit.. one that knows the true meaning of what being a dom is and that it's who you are not just something u doing the bedroom sometimes.. I am from Missouri here in miami on work.. Woukd so enjoy a true Dom taking control and reminding me of the pleasures
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Looking for my perfect fit
I've been submissive for as long as I can remember, before I ever realized that all women don't act this way. However, I didn't have my first real life relationship with a Dominant until last year. Once I had a taste of what that can be like, I know it's what I truly need. I've been out of that relationship for about six months now. But the hurt is still there, so I'm not looking to rush into anything. I want to be sure that I can give my all when I'm with someone.
So for now, I'm looking for someone who is ok with starting out online and taking things slowly. I just miss the closeness of a relationship with a Dom. I am also curious about having a relationship with someone who is more of a Daddy. I've never been with someone like that, but it's definitely something I'm open to.
Please feel free to send me a message and ask anything you would like to know.
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Bratty sub needs strict daddy
I have recently been looking for a strict sadist daddy. I don’t want you to hurt me just for my pleasure, I want you to enjoy my agony too.
I have no issues sending pictures of me I just don’t want to post them directly on here.
There’s a little bit more details on my profile but you can ask me anything. I’m an open book and won’t get offended.
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crave that in person connection (Burlington County)
47, married female,...sshhhhh, hubby doesn't know about my extracurricular needs....if this is an issue for're welcome for saving you time...stop reading...if you are continuing to read, I will not take the blame....hehehe....would love to find someone near me for something ongoing yet discreet...I have a wonderful online Dom but now want someone in person and he cant do that, but knows I am looking here.... sooooooo here I am. In all of my enthusiasm and sarcasm, which has gotten me into trouble more than once, I am still learning so in need of more training too...he should preferably be married as well and definitely have facial hair!.....I expect this could be a wonderfully fun and kinky time with the right person

P.S. I don't have KIK, or InstaSnapChatOGram
I'm 5'4", dirty blonde hair, green eyes glasses, little curvy

very new, but the idea of being tied up and the idea of giving over control to that trusted person has interested me for quite some time....finally acting on it....

extreme pain or humiliation, bathroom antics/mess, anything illegal...and yes that includes dogs for chrissakes! as for pain ...I'm still exploring what those limits might be...

may have been unclear about my online Dom....I am Not looking to leave him or replace him, so do not ask me to, I won't. I want something in person. He is gracious enough and so very good to me, that I can seek the physical.
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Hello I’m a new sub and looking for a Dom/Daddy/Master. I’m ready to learn and submit.(maybe not 24/7. But something like that)
Feel free to ask about me.
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Looking for an experienced Dom/sir/daddy
First, thank you for reading this as I haven't had the greatest luck in the past. Secondly, I am new to this and will need someone who is willing to work with me and teach me what a real Dom/sub or ddlg relationship is. Eventually I'd love to give up full control or most control to my Dom. If that sounds like something you'd like head to my profile and if you're still interested shoot me a message please. Thank you kindly.
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Train this naughty sub
Hello, Im looking for a master to train me to be a good submissive, via voice calls
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48 year old sub looking for ....
I am 48 years old and newly exposed to this world. I am an alpha in my life and searching for that 1 man I can give all my power to. I would prefer someone close ( California). Someone who is a true dominant male, looking for LTR with patience and understanding. I prefer someone around my age, not to young, not to old, clean cut professional. Please be someone that will start slow.
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Slave looking master to retrain
Hello, thanks for reading my ad.
My circumstance is quite odd as I am living with my ex currently and am still in love with him therefore I am not seeking a relationship.
I am specifically looking for a master who will take the role of re-training me again as I have not been trained in two years and I need a refresher.
I am studying in university currently too so please understand that my schedule is tight.
I have been in the BDSM community for 4 years, nearly 5 and I love being completely submissive.
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