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Seeking a dominant man
Female switch seeking a dominant man. Someone that can handle subs attitudes I take punishments and I submit well. Looking for online right now.
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Sub looking for my forever dom.
Hey there! This is my first ever personal ad, haha. My name is Rachel but I go by Rabbit. I'm 27 years old and I live in New Mexico. I'm married, my husband and I are polyamorous. We date separately. I'm also plus size. Hopefully these things weed out the wrong people for me. I was a submissive for a little over a year to my now ex boyfriend/dom. We ended our relationship about four months ago. I've started putting myself out there again in hopes of finding my forever dominant. My interests outside of bdsm include things like movies, witchy things, art, painting, reading, sewing, D&D, videos games, and music. I'm also interested in piercings and tattoos. I'm looking for a dominant that is caring, understanding, passionate, nurturing, frim, and strict. Of course I want something serious, genuine, and long term. Looks don't matter as much to me. I'd like a guy to be at least 27 to 37 in age. I might consider someone older but we have to have a lot in common. I have a preference for things like tattoos and southern accents. Long distance is great in hopes that we can eventually meet in person someday. My hard limits are bodily fluids (saliva and semen are fine), anal and anal play, permanent marks, total orgasm control, and humiliation. I look forward to hearing from you!
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I need someone local in indiana.
I'm in my 20s, in a relationship an craving kink. I'm very much into Rape, anal and creampies. I love getting stretched, enemas and fisting also. If you're interested in meeting send me a message.
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Brat tamer
Looking for a guy who enjoys witty banter, a true intellectual run for his money and in the end no matter where the convo leads us can pin me down and have his way. I want to be taken.

Chatting/setting/online cards? Let’s do it ;)
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Need experienced dom to show me bondage and dom/sub world
I am looking for a man to teach me and explore the bondage and dom/sub world. I would like to be a sub I believe and have tried a few things but haven’t met a man that knows what he is doing. I want to explore toys and try things I am in waseca mn so finding someone close or could drive to their home. The red room of fifty shades of grey turned me on I Am a plus size woman Let me know if ur interested
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New female sub seeking sensual Dominant in NJ area
Thank you for your interest. I decided to post an ad in hopes of finding that monogamous D/s relationship I need. I hope to find a man who would also enjoy a vanilla relationship outside the bedroom. I am very aware of my needs and desires, so, please ask.
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Looking for sir
I am looking for a SIR, I will call you daddy if you like but I need a firm hand. You have to be able to handle the brat in me. I need a dom to help me stay focus on things. I get way to stress out and need someone to clam me down. Giving up my freedom to choose is a big thing for me and it needs to be taking care of.

About me:
Brat and a bunny
I like dressing up, plush toys, baking, rope
I like being called a bitch and a slut only those

I would like to talk if you're free
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I'm a bratty submissive who's looking for a strict daddy Dom, I'm a very shy and sweet person who loves to help others and try to please as best as I can. I'm new to the scene but I'm not new to being a little. I'm not interested in flings or "no strings attached "
I'm looking for a real relationship and I don't like fakes or liars. I hope to meet someone who is very loyal to there submissive, who prefers monogamous relationships and they need to be okay with clingyness.
I would like to get to know you better before anything else. It helps me to assess what kind of person you are and how compatible we are. Sexual compatibility aside, I need to make sure we're compatible In everything
Personality wise, mentally, etc..
I also need to feel physically attracted to you
It's a must for me. I know that some don't care either way but I need to feel attracted to you for anything to work, same goes for my partner when I get one.
Honesty is a must and sincerity is also a must.
Communication is also very important to me and trying to reach an understanding.
Hope to hear from you soon :)
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Let's get to know each other !

I am a 21 year old girl and I have been introduced to Bdsm from a very young age. I have always loved it. I do not have many limits, certainly death and permanent injury are limits though.
I am very much into:
- Asphyxiation, - Slapping / Hitting / Beating, - Bruises and marks on body, - Urination on me, - Abrasion, - Abduction, - Age play, - Biting, - Toys, - Bondage, -Caging, - Wax play, - Chains, - Collars, - Crawling, - Daddy / daughter, - Discipline, - Eye contact restrictions, - Gagging, - Hair pulling, - Knife-play, - Of course many different punishments when needed.
And as well as other things, if you wonder about some certain fetish, feel free to ask :)

Regarding my hobbies and free time, I love makeup and fashion ( I'm very girly ), music, reading about true crime, watching documentaries, learning languages, taking online courses, hanging out with friends and family and such.

I am looking for someone who will be willing to first get to know each other, to see if we like similar things, and if there is that "emotional connection" which I think is very much important in D/s.
I don't think there is need for rushing, so it would be important for me that the person is willing to have some time and proper talk with me first.

I usually use my "kink Instagram" for talking, its separated from my personal instagram which I use for friends and family. But I find instagram to be very easy and good for this use.

Recently I read something about D/s relationships which I strongly agreed with and it said " The power is one-sided, but the care is reciprocal. "
So I really think that both the Dominant and the submissive should put in effort and care, and not only one side. Any one-sided relationship is doomed to fail, and my opinion is that it's the same with D/s relationships.

It is really hard to explain, but I hope to meet someone who doesn't look at Bdsm only superficial.

I'm here if you are interested in talking.
Have a nice day !
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W19 Hello!
Looking for a Dom/Owner. I’m a complicated Sub/kitten. Fat and squishy. Ask more. (I’m the type of person that when asked will tell the truth)
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Slave girl seeking dom in Bay Area
I am a 24 year old submissive. I want to find someone irl to make me their slave. I am looking for someone to take complete control over me. I am very shy and inexperienced. I don’t care much about age or appearance if someone is a good fit for me.
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20y New sub looking for her Dom
Hi, I'm Lennie.

I have little to no experience with the D/s community, but I'm excited to learn!

A little about me, I am Canadian currently studying in Australia.
Some of my hobbies include reading, writing, and all things fandom. I love Marvel, Disney, Harry Potter, Chuck and many others. I'm also a foodie at heart :)
I'm honest, attentive, loyal, kind and loving. I have been told I have patience for days and a somewhat motherly disposition, and that is why I want to find someone who can take care of me for once.

I think I want to stick with an online relationship for now, but that doesn't mean forever. I'm also looking for a good connection with someone who can teach me and be a best friend. I don't want to send any photos or anything because my future occupation is the type to check that kind of thing.

Something that is also very near to my heart is my faith. I'm Christian so this is a bit and by a bit, I mean way out of my wheel house. As such I am waiting for marriage and want to converse with some Doms who understand that.

But after marriage... you can imagine the rest ;)

I'm looking for a good connection first and foremost.

Shoot me a message and I would be happy to chat!
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22yo little looking for daddy Dom in area
Hello! My name is bethy and I am looking for a daddy Dom in Texas that can care for me and train me. I am 22 and my little space age is 3-4. I have little experience sub wise and am willing to learn. I am not looking for an online relationship.
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24 y.o. sub seeks male Dom
24 y.o. sub looking for a male Dom. Looking for a man who is confident, capable, controlling, but lets me make my own decisions outside the bedroom. Looking for mutual respect, romantic relationship with a heavy basis in D/s. The rest depends on the Dom.

I'm loyal, cute, eager to please, and love physical contact (cuddling, sex, random touches).
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Little girl needing her Daddy
Once again searching for my Daddy online. Online first, IRL is possible as my business is remote, and I am happy to travel. Please be experienced, filthy, intelligent, a bit sadistic and firm. I am sweet and try my best to be obedient, I hate to disappoint Daddy. I’m highly motivated by pleasing, but easily distracted. I need structure and accountability in my life to become a better version of myself. I want to bring joy and pleasure to Daddy’s life, most importantly I want to make him proud.
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Sub looking for a Dom in LA area
I am new to this and I am looking for a Dom to train me. I am in a relationship so it will have to be hush hush. I am new to the LA area so I hope that I can the right sub for me. I am looking for a Dom who isn't afraid to take control but also know when enough is enough. Send me a message if you are what I am looking for.
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24/F sub/little seeking M Dom/Daddy

As the title says I'm a female sub/little seeking a Dom/Daddy between the ages of 25 and 35.

I'm in S Yorkshire and it would be ideal if any prospective Dom was in this area or surrounding.

I'd like a regular, ongoing arrangement that is mutually beneficial, preferably a relationship as it's imperative to my wellbeing as a little (and as a person, in general) that I have a close connection with my play partner. I would need to build a foundation of understanding and trust before any play begins - I've foolishly had too many bad experiences to risk not doing this again.

This is a summary of my main interests:

Impact Play
Public Play
Anal & Oral Sex specifically
Bathroom Use Control

I do also have a few more interests that I haven't had a chance to explore yet but would like to if they are mutual interests - please feel free to ask about these if you decide to message me!
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Looking for a daddy/dom
Hi! I’m a 23 year old sub, I’m relatively new to BDSM but I know what I like. I’m very submissive in and out of the bedroom. I’m a curvier girl as well. I would love to find a caring but strict daddy/dom to help train me and I hope it could turn into a long term relationship. I’m in Salt Lake City but I’m open to online with eventual meeting in person. Looking for somebody ideally between 25-35 (:
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Looking for a fit and good hearted Dominant
I would like to meet a dominant man, obviously! Someone who is super into fitness and the outdoors. I'm very sarcastic and have an irreverent sense of humor, but I'm always polite to partner. It is important for me to also find someone I can laugh with.

I'm not looking to be a slave. However, I am looking to be a 24/7 submissive and in a monogamous relationship.

Let's get to know each other. :)
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Brat looking for online dom
I am married and we engage in the bdsm sex life, but I am looking for a dom to start an online play relationship with and possibly later meet and dominate me and teach my husband some tricks, no sex.
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