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Gay hung MASTER Seattle area seeks slave
East side of Seattle, seeking slave to serve and worship me. Thick uncut 8.5" cook that needs regular service. Foot worship, massage, maybe light house work.

You be under 50, fit to muscular, tested and ready for service. You will be kneeling and serving me continually in my presence. Not looking for a live in but I might require overnight on occasion. Submit your qualifications and pictures for my review.
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Masculine Dom Daddy in Florida seeking a live-in submissive Bottom Boi, slim 18 - 35, clean shaven, HIV neg., DDF
Masculine Dom Daddy in Florida seeking a live-in submissive Bottom Boi, slim 18 - 35, clean shaven, HIV neg., DDF, that seeks/wants/needs a Top Daddy mentor, provider, to control and guide boi in this life as his dedicated sub (no boi sharing) in all aspects of daily living including serving Daddy's sexual pleasure needs, helping around home, maintaining a trusting relationship. Limits will be mutually agreed and respected. Bondage, watersports, cum swallowing, cum control, etc. will progress over time if boi is new to BDSM. You must be relocatable. Provide your stats & current location when contacting me. My stats are available when contacted.
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Gay Couple Seeks Male Slave-Sub-Son
Mature gay couple seeks total ownership of young, fit, kind, submissive, healthy male who is ready to give up his past and relocate to coastal North Carolina. He will be ready to live life as our naked, collared, cock-caged slave-sub-son. This is a total power exchange where all rights and decision making is surrendered. Slave will live to please us sexually. Sub will be in charge of all housework, assist with yard work, and any chores assigned. A small part-time job may be required to pay for sub’s health insurance. Otherwise we will provide all basic expenses. Sub will become as a son to us.

Candidates will be single, of legal age, with no commitments or obligations (legal or otherwise) to hold them back. No drug problems, no trouble with the law, no fakes/flakes.
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I'm Better Than You!
Naturally dominant, superior man seeking submissive things to humiliate, degrade and punish face to face or online.

Not much else to say, I don't mess about, I have no tolerance for people that do, so read my profile, if you think you need me, contact me...and I'll decide if you're worth my time.
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Looking for online play with a female sub
Still looking for a sub to play with online long term if possible. Older is preferred but anyone will do. Race, size, kinks, doesnt matter to me. Looking to find someone i can learn with, teach, and explore with. Looking for online play with hopes that someday perhaps we can meet up and fulfill whatever fantasies we share.
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Master seeking TPE sub
In search of a totally submissive boy who is between the ages of 18-26 willing to relocate to the Seattle area. Must be drug and STD free (weed okay) and very clean. Be extremely interested in becoming a totally owned sissy slave. This is a total power exchange (TPE) as 247 live in slave possibility. You will become my property. I am a masculine, erotic, and dominant man who will enjoy taking you under my wing (and having you kneel before me) and teaching, training,traning you to be my toy, servant, and ultimately my slave. I am very experienced in the art of trainingtransing a sub. You will experience total submission, bondage and feminization. Your submissive nature should be a big part of who and what you are and should want to explore and experience it in greater depth. This will include such things as bondage and enforced captivity, real servitude, total power exchange, and submitting to a dominant man. You will truly become my property. I am not looking for a one-time thing. I am looking for a long term indenture. Therefore if you think you are a good candidate to be collared do not hesitate to contact me.
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Seeking a younger male slave (18+) for RT
The title says it all, I am looking for a younger (legal!) male slave who wants to be owned and is capable of TPE. I am not looking for a guy that wants to be feminized, just not my thing. I am strict when it is necessary but not unkind. Be in touch.
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Dom Master seeks online slave
Candidates must have few to no limits. Be into arse play, humiliation, self-discipline, to name a few.
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Looking for Sub for online relationship/fun
Hi, I am looking for a muscular or manly good sub willing to have an online Ds relationship.
I especially like the sexual tension rising when I give my orders by mail and the sub proves his accomplishments to me by pics or vids.

I respect taboos and your private life.
I am here to have a good time and will discuss my sub likes and dislikes before beginning the Ds relationship.

I will be waiting for your mails guys, don't forget the pics!
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Blindfolded Milking Session
I am going to take my online slut to next level. I will take him to a hotel room , give him a Viagra pill, strip him, blindfold him & bind him & then let strangers milk him multiple times.. Any interest?
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Looking for slaves online or in real
Master from China, yes I’m a Chinese
Working as a surgeon
I’m 25yo, 5’8” , little muscular
Looking for a slave who worship me and serve me. It’s a must to relocate in my city and I can accommodate but serious talks are required to make sure whether we match or not before the real thing happens
Warning: I’m sick when being asked about “castration”. I don’t have a dungeon and I’m not too much into bondage.
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Daddy looking for muscle sub/slave
Flex for and serve me. Let me push you to get big. 44yo daddy here. Stable/sane/ddf
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Online sub
I’m looking for a dedicated online slave to serve me. Experience is not required, only commitment and effort. Message me to discuss further preferably younger than 30 years old
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online dom/sub relation
Im looking for a sub to join me in a internet relationship.

Im a strict dom 25yo that expects his sub to listen and follow commands. Commands can vary between working out and masturbating till edging. Punishment will involve the witholding of orgasms or inflicting pain to yourself on camera. Embarrassment may be used if the sub is comfortable.
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Hi looking for a slave
I don't like playing games I can be an ass hole master I do like to see my slave cry so if you're interested drop me a line
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Latino Alpha Dominant man in NY seeks submissive piggy
Alpha Puerto Rican 35 yo beefy furry leather bondage DOM single seeks to find a single submissive to make mine
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Beginner 30 male sub looking to be put into uniform and disciplined
I imagine I'm looking for something a bit different to many - I'm a beginner male student sub looking for a non-sexual domination by a dom who would be willing to provide domination in terms of enforcing a daily uniform, good behaviour, fitness and productivity.

I would like for you to work with me to develop and enforce a daily uniform of clothing (including uniform sets for work, home and public). Such a uniform helps encourage productive working without distractions, ensures no escaping, provides humiliation and keeps me in my place and provides control for the enforcer.

I respond best to punishment and training in forms of humiliation and being put in my place. I have various items of incredibly humiliating clothing which can be used as punishment or a deterrent. I have various levels of strict self-bondage equipment (from shackles up to full-body harnesses) which again are used as punishment or deterrents or restraints.

I like to think I'm a friendly person and I hope there might be someone out there keen to take on a challenge in me, but to clarify I'm not interested in sex. But if you're looking to control and enforce with someone and would gain a lot from that at the same time as helping me gain what I can't achieve for myself in life, then I'd love to hear from you!
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Looking for slave to train and own
Looking for slave to own. T.p.e. do as master says. Between ages of 18 and 35 . Punishments include. Spanking , cage time, extra work. Eventually place collar around you. Must be willing to relocate. You will be employed and donate to house fund. You will address me as sir.
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WANTED: Straight Male, 24/7 Slave
I am actively searching for a submissive STRAIGHT man who wishes to pursue a LTR Dom/slave dynamic.
I am healthy, athletic and attractive DOM Bi guy searching for a livein slave.
send me a message if interested. be between the ages of 21-40 attractive, healthy, no STD's, HIV negative fit and STRAIGHT.
Rednecks, Ex-Military step to the head of the line.
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big blond giant wants a boy to come and be mine.
I’m 6’8",Blonde/White, 250# and 40 years old. Its been 8 months since i’ve last had a long-term boy. I’ve begun the search for my next one.
I want young gay boy slaves,pretrained a plus.
I love long-haired boys.
I want boys under 5'11" and between 18 and 27
i want a boy to be 100% mine for TPE.
relocation required, expenses paid.
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