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Illinois, United States
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In a monogamous relationship
About me
                                                                          **Under Construction**
 Currently in the midst of "revamping" the profile so this may take some time. Thank you in advance for Y/your patience. (6/4/19)

For Starters:
 I am a pierced, tattooed, fire-cracker of a woman. I'm a little bizarre, a little hyper and a smart-ass. Many would consider me a "BBW" though Im not fond of the term myself. Im typically very friendly but easily annoyed by attention-seeking behaviours on the part of others.
Married to a wonderful man that I've introduced to the lifestyle who is learning just how much he likes it too. =)

The Nitty Gritty

 Generally speaking, I would consider myself a decently well-rounded individual. 
 I have interests in many things, among which gaming, books/reading, and music are closest to my heart. I have a penchant for crafts/diy things, languages, and puns just to name a few.
 I would say that I am pretty open-minded about things in life though far more jaded than I prefer. My tendency is to have scathing wit, dry humour and sarcasm do the talking for me when confronted by the various amount of troglodytic inhabitants of this site as well as "IRL".
 I love a good joke and to make people laugh, whether it just be silly humour or something more in depth and thought provoking.
 It seems from this description so far that I may be a hard-ass of some kind and take myself too seriously which I absolutely do not. I have a low tolerance for ignorance and blatant stupidity but I love to laugh at myself most of all. 
Do I want to talk about profound things in life and enjoy the company of like-minded sapiosexual types? Absolutely! But we cant be serious all the time and I enjoy talking about all the silliness in life as well. 

BDSM and me
Trust, Honesty and Respect:
 Please do not disregard this. Respect is huge, in life and particularly in this lifestyle. You earn it then cultivate it. Trust is a key element that cannot be left out of any dynamic or relationship and honestly rolls hand in hand with it. Without these things, we become predatory, and not in a good way.
What I like: The Primaries
Spanking (with and without implements)
Caning (light-working up a tolerance)
Rope bondage (more experience needed [and wanted!!])
Violet Wand (more experience needed)
Nipple clamps
<3 Hair Pulling!!<3
Wanna Try:
I cant even list all the things I want to try..
varied implements
breath play
sensory deprivation
knife play? (obviously as long as its "safe")
orgasm control/denial (im not very good at it, to be sure)
service submission (want to learn more!)
SUSPENSION (really wanna try!!)
and..well.. a ton more, to be honest.

Bdsm Test: The Rule of Averages
This is as accurate as it's going to get, for now. 
*Edit* This test is just for funsies and should not be relied upon for anything more than general knowledge and entertainment value
== Results from == 
100% Rope bunny 
96% Submissive 
82% Masochist 
75% Boy/Girl 
75% Voyeur 
75% Pet 
72% Slave 
70% Ageplayer 
67% Non-monogamist 
64% Degradee 
58% Experimentalist 
54% Primal (Prey) 
51% Brat 
48% Switch 
37% Exhibitionist 
28% Vanilla 
Honestly, I know myself well enough to understand this changes fairly often, based on my current "mood". Sometimes "Submissive" is at the top, almost all the time "Rope Bunny". I suppose I'm simply adaptable. 

Scat, urine, kids, animals, all the normal "don't go there" things
Not much for humiliation
Anal is a hard limit (sorry, not sorry)
What's new

Trying to get out more and go to events. Last big event was Kinky Kollege which was SUCH a game changer.
Acquired a cane and a flogger
Going to more local events and munches, socializing, networking
Working on communication with my husband and how to ask for things I want.. lol

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Wednesday, June 5, 2019
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Tuesday, November 28, 2017
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