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3/16/22 Update

The Nitty Gritty

Id like to think of myself as a fairly well rounded individual, but, I'm a little bizarre, a bit hyper and a smart-assed masochist (or a tad bratty at times, if that's easier to digest).
I'm extremely friendly and approachable as long as you aren't a reprehensible excuse for a human being; pretty straightforward.
Found a lot of likes so far and definitely things I'm curious to try; currently, I'm open minded to most things- you never know if you're into something unless you try it.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask but do not waste my time with nonsense. Make it stand out or at least interesting enough for me to pay attention. Most of the messages I get on here are ridiculous; nothing personal, just give me something decent to work with

Please keep in mind: I'm not here for casual encounters, sex, threesomes, or to be someone's "unicorn". If this is something you're wanting to approach me about, please don't.

Vanilla-y Speaking/IRL:
just a big ol' nerd.
I love gaming, reading, have a penchant for crafty things, languages, and enjoy being a musician (though not a professional one).
Default is playful goofball mode, definitely have a great sense of humour.

BDSM and me
Trust, Honesty and Respect:
Please do not disregard the impact of these three within any dynamic, vanilla and BDSM alike. Respect is paramount, in life and particularly in this lifestyle. You earn it then cultivate it, continually building upon the crucial foundation. Trust is a key element that cannot be left out of any dynamic or relationship. Honesty is an absolute must, regardless of which side of the slash you fall on. Without these things, we lack the very foundation of a healthy dynamic.

What I like: The Primaries
Spanking (bare hands, implements, etc)
Bondage and restraints (ropes, chains, cuffs etc)
Leashes/leads and collars
Violet Wand/electro play
Nipple clamps
Wax play
<3 Hair Pulling!!<3 
Tearing off clothing (on the receiving end)
Light breath play (nothing extreme)
and the list goes ever onward...
Wanna Try:
Sensory deprivation
knife play
Orgasm control/denial (boy, Im gonna fail at that..)

Bdsm Test: The Rule of Averages- 3/16/22 update
This is as accurate as it's going to get, for now. 
*Edit* This test is just for funsies and should not be relied upon for anything more than general knowledge and entertainment value
== Results from == 
98% Rope bunny 
96% Submissive 
94% Masochist 
79% Brat 
76% Experimentalist 
71% Pet 
71% Slave 
68% Voyeur 
64% Non-monogamist 
58% Primal (Prey) 
46% Ageplayer 
24% Vanilla 
23% Boy/Girl 
22% Degradee 
3% Exhibitionist 
0% Switch
Honestly, I know myself well enough to understand this changes fairly often, based on my current "mood". Sometimes "Submissive" is at the top, almost all the time "Rope Bunny". I suppose I'm simply adaptable. 


Scat, urine, kids, animals, all the normal "don't go there" things

No branding, scarification, permanent markings; not into humiliation or degradation

Anal is a hard limit (sorry, not sorry)

What's new

3/16/22 Update
Became co-leader of one of my local bdsm groups and run a discord for our members

Engaging a lot more socially and going to events

Picked up a few play partners and having an *amazing* time

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Jul 4, 2022
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Nov 28, 2017
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